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Armenia with a vast majority of Christians is the world's first country that declared Christianity a state religion. Churches, historical places, and Mount Ararat in the capital of Armenia it's a must-visit place for tourists. Foreign nationals traveling to Armenia for vacation will love to enjoy recreational activities like paragliding and can ride on the longest ropeway which will lead to Tatev Monestry. Tourists and visitors can also taste the delicious food and Armenian cuisine. To increase tourism and make the process of obtaining an Armenia visa, the government has imposed the Armenia electronic visa. The Armenia e visa can be used and issued for certain purposes like tourism, medical treatment, studies, business, meetings, conferences, and events.


Armenia e visa processing time

The Armenia e visa processing time is less than other visas which are obtained from the embassy or consulate. The Armenia e visa processing time means the duration individuals Armenian visa will take time to process for approval. The applicants who are eligible countries for an Armenian electronic visa need to wait for five to seven days. Applicants will also have to pay Armenia visa processing fee that is 26.0 USD. Fee can be paid online and the form can be submitted online by visiting the site Tourist visa online. The Armenia e visa will be issued shortly after application. Applicants will not have to wait for weeks or months to gain entry. 

If the applicants forgot to submit important documents or have invalid passports then their Armenia electronic visa will be denied. And tourists will have to wait and the Armenia e visa processing time will be delayed. To receive an Armenia visa on time follow the instructions carefully and provide details accurately.

Armenia e Visa fees and Stay Validity

The Armenia electronic visa or Armenia e visa can be obtained for 21 days stay validity. The cost of 21 days e visa to Armenia will be 56.0 USD. The Armenia e visa can also be obtained for 120 days which will cost 100.0 USD. Both the single entry visa to Armenia are available on Tourist Visa Online website. 

 Armenia e visa documents demands

To obtain an Armenia visa online with easy application and in a secure way, you must have:

  • Applicants must fulfill the need for the important document that is a passport. A passport is needed because the electronic visa to Armenia will be connected with your passport. The passport also must have to be:
  • Validity (six months)
  • Original
  • In good condition
  • No fake information
  • One blank page


Applicants will also have photographs that should be

  • New and recent
  • Passport size photograph
  • With no head accessories like a cap 
  • The background should be light

Mode of online transaction or payment which can be

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Pay Pal account
  • Bank account
  • And most importantly the Email ID should be active.
  • Flight tickets of the individual to enter Armenia and obtain a visa online without visiting the embassy.
  • Hotel room bookings and relative's address or invitation letter. If an applicant is traveling to Armenia to attend business work or to visit a relative.
  • Bank statements will prove the financial status of the applicant applying for an Armenian electronic visa.

Armenia e visa application form

  • The Armenia e visa application form can be obtained from Tourist Visa Online.
  • Electronic visa for Armenia can be filled by entering:
  • Personal details
  • Passport details
  • Martial status
  • E-mail ID
  • Contact details
  • Academic qualifications
  • Arrival date to Armenia
  • and departure date from Armenia
  • Address
  • Documents 
  • The online payment of Armenian electronic visa with a suitable mode of payment. 
  • The Armenian electronic visa status can be checked on Tourist Visa Online website. The time for any Armenian visa online to be processed is a maximum of one week. 
  • The approved Armenia e visa will be sent to an E-mail address. 



Applicants can easily and apply for Armenia e Visa by just giving their few minutes. There will be no need to contact the Armenia embassy and opt for a long process. For the eligible countries, Tourists and visitors Armenia e visa processing time are 5 to 7 days.

Apply Armenia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

The visa rules of Armenia stated that tourists from the nations can apply for Armenia electronic visa. Can obtain the visa to Armenia before their journey.

If the visitors are not staying in the country for a longer period have the best option to apply for 21 days tourist visa. Yes, applicants who are restricted to obtain an Armenian visa must apply for a visa even for a short visit.

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