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Requirements for a visa are one of the crucial steps that need to be followed carefully. Even if one of the documents is found missing while submitting an application form, it will automatically lead to the rejection of a visa. Now, this is something that none of you would want to happen. For this let’s take a look at the Armenia visa requirements which will give you a fully-fledged idea about the dos and don’ts while applying for a visa.

It is found that a visa is important no matter where the foreigner is coming from and if the foreigner is a part of the visa exempt countries then that means he or she might not need one at least for 180 days of stay a year. It is also found to be quite easy to apply for a visa as long as you know the right documents which are to be attached with each type of visa. So knowing the right documents and the application method will help you get through this visa processing easily. 

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Document requirements for an Armenia tourist visa:

1. Passport:

Considered as one of the documents that are a must carry no matter where you go! This passport of the foreigner must have some of the conditions fulfilled while applying for an Armenia tourist visa and these conditions can be given as follows:

  1. Must have a validity of six months or more and must have all the details
  2. Should be original and valid
  3. At least two pages which are left blank so that the visa can be stamped on
  4. No kind of damage acceptable

2. A passport-sized image:

This image which is to be attached must have some conditions that have to be followed and they can be listed as below:

  1. Giving an old picture will not be acceptable
  2. No sort of masks or any other glasses will be allowed.
  3. Women who have long hair must tuck their hair behind the ears so that the face is clearly visible.
  4. Should not have a glossy finish
  5. It should have a length of 45 mm and a breadth of 35 mm.

3. Flight tickets:

The foreigner must send proof of the flight tickets that have been confirmed for a round trip or one that has a return ticket accompanied by the original ticket.

4. Bank proof of finances:

Any sort of finance proof is supposed to be attached along with the application which will prove the financial condition and will also show the bank account statement.

5. An authority letter:

An authority letter is to be submitted by the foreigner and should be directed to the agency that will be providing the visa.

Requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to get an Armenia business visa:

All of the above-stated documents will also be applicable to an Armenia business visa. But apart from the given list, it is also necessary to provide a business invitation letter that will be issued to the foreigner by the company and must be produced in front of the agency while submitting the documents to get a business visa.

Armenia visa can also be applied through tourist visa online. For this purpose, you can take a look at the Armenia visa application and the procedure given along with it. This will help you in the application process. It is also important that you follow all of the guidelines given in the article for a successful Armenia visa application.

There are some basic requirements that every person as a tourist must follow and this can be given as below:

  • Have the intention of your travel clear.
  • You must have a reason as to why you won’t stay in a foreign area for a long time and will leave soon.
  • Having good health is of utmost importance while traveling
  • Must have all the necessary financial aids prepared.

Following these guidelines, one can easily apply for a visa.


Q. Will the requirement for a diplomatic visa be the same?

Yes, the requirements remain the same and will include a passport, an application that is complete, among the other mentioned documents. When applying for a diplomatic visa one must also give the proof that pertains to the identity of the person belonging to the diplomatic condition.

Q. Will I be able to apply for an Armenia visa with the above-given requirements?

Once you follow the Armenia visa requirements given in this article carefully, you can easily apply for one!

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