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A visa is an official document issued by the government department of the various countries, which permits the required person to enter or leave a country for a temporary stay or certain jobs. Without the visa, the traveller cannot enter an Armenian airport or pass through customs. Armenia work visas also play a similar role. The republic country of  Armenia is a very beautiful and eye-catching country in Asia. In this country, travellers are required to show their passports, visa documents, and entry documents at the border.


Armenia visa - process and requirements 

The Armenian visa is a document that is required for entering the country. To obtain the Armenia visa, you need to obtain a form from the Consular Service of the Republic of Armenia first and fill it out later. Then, you need to fill out an invitation from the host in Armenia or from an organization in Armenia that will further provide a letter of confirmation. Similarly, A worker's visa for Armenia is also known as a work permit which can be obtained after completing all requirements and following appropriate protocol which has been set by the government. To work in Armenia, an individual needs a work visa from the Armenian government. The process for this varies between countries but should not be too difficult if your country is on their list of recognized partners or partners in progress.

Many people are looking for work in Armenia for its diversity and excellence. However, it is not easy to find a job because of the requirements for a work visa. A skilled or trained worker must have an Armenian visa to work legally in the country. However, a visa is an official document issued by a governmental department that permits a person to enter or leave a country for a temporary stay or certain jobs. Without the visa, the traveller cannot enter an Armenian airport or pass through customs.

There are many areas where migrant workers can find employment in Armenia. There are also specific visas that allow them to enter the country and work legally. However, not all jobs require an Armenian visa so it is important to be aware of what kind of job you want before applying for an Armenian visa.



The following documents are required when applying for a visa in Armenia to enter or transit in the territory of the Republic of Armenia: the travellers, travelling to other countries here, must submit required documents to the MLSA (ministry of labour and social affairs) to get a work permit for travelling to the country, including the following:

  • An application form which is completed and duly signed of the visa
  • The traveller’s passport, which is valid for 6 months.
  • A diploma certification  which  shows all the educational qualifications and background  for the job
  • Two photos 3x4 cm
  • Proof as the  payment slip of the government’s fess
  • Return ticket or itinerary, plus financial resources.


  • Official visa of Armenia:  in this worker visa, the service is subdivided by different types which are only valid for 3 years + 1 year, respectively. But, depending on the applicant's needs and requirements the visas are available for two subtypes -   single-entry and multiple-entry.
  • Transit visa for Armenia: This transit visa service is available only for single- or multiple-entry visas and is valid for 1 year and further which allows the individuals to stay in Armenia for particularly 3 days. This is also ideal for the people who wish to travel through Armenia and another destination.
  • Diplomatic visa Armenia: this visa type is for two categories. A diplomatic passport or status can only be eligible to apply for the visa types, however, any one of these.


Armenia for tourists 

Armenia is a beautiful country that has been thrown into various other conflicts and fights in the past. But, it has always been a very peaceful and welcoming country for tourists and visitors alike. In the Republic of Armenia, the people are so warm and hospitable that it makes the visitors feel at home. If anyone is planning to take a trip or visit for business purposes there, be sure to check out the natural landscapes,  its mountains and mountain valleys. However, Armenia’s weather and climate play a big role in making the place more interesting and good. Won’t deny mentioning that it’s not just climate that varies from region to region. The scenic view of the country is gorgeous,  surrounded by large as well as small dry areas and lush forests at the top of mountain ridges. One of the most interesting and fun facts about this country is that – the country is as high as 5% of the other  Armenia’s territory which surprisingly consists of Lake 7 also known as (Sevana Lich), which is the largest lake in the Lesser Caucasus mountain range. 


However, the Republic of  Armenia has strict document requirements for work visa applicants. Without following the rules, you may not be granted a visa to the country. You will need to provide many of the same documents as other countries, but there are also some unique requirements unique to Armenia.

There is a list of required documents for each type of visa that you may need to apply for. You will need to submit these documents with your work visa application form at your nearest Armenian Embassy or Consulate before your interview. Tourist visa online services currently do not provide a visa service to Armenia. However, we would love to get a response if this blog helps you out. 

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