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Armenia is a renowned country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia that is landlocked between Europe and Asia and is known for its tourism that has all sorts of adventures, religion, skydiving, cultural heritage, resorts, historic avenues, monasteries, etc. If you are planning to make a trip to Armenia, you must apply for an Armenian visa. However, before deciding to set a foot in Armenia and traveling out of your comfort zone in the world that has now been engulfed by a pandemic at large, this must be a reason making you ask the most question: Is Armenia safe to visit? Well, lucky for you, we will answer this question for you and clear all of your doubts regarding its safety.

Why is Armenia safe to visit?

To begin with, Armenia is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world. Overall, the country is safe due to its low crime rate and hospitality of locals that allows the tourists to enjoy their time spent there and make sure to socialize with the residents in Armenia. The street is mostly filled with most of the families around and keeps it buzzing with many more people even at night time. You won’t have to hesitate before stepping out in the dark as the nightlife in Yerevan is known to be highly extravagant and active.

This country is listed as the safest for Americans to travel even amongst the list of US states as deemed by the US State Department System. Armenia is listed and labeled as level 1 which stands for “exercise normal precautions” meanwhile, the neighboring countries were listed under level 2 or 3.

Armenia has many police officers patrolling around the streets in case of an unforeseen accident or any mishappening that occurs. These policemen and other officers have first-aid kits attached to their belts, the buzzing streets of Armenia are well guarded by the police force known to the public as Angel Squad. So, is Armenia safe to live? Yes, it certainly is quite safe to live. One of the most prestigious examples that they take pride in is by maintaining peaceful protests in agreement with the officers to stay loyal to the peaceful spirit of the ‘velvet revolution’ protests that were carried out in the past.

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Is Armenia safe to visit: Precautions –

However, despite the history, around the recent times, Armenia travel ban is in effect around Nagorno-Karabakh as the territory is under dispute and the border areas are not safe. Even though a cease-fire order has been passed around 1994 but there have been many incidents reporting violations of that order. Therefore, the Armenia travel restrictions banned it for tourists due to military patrols, border conflicts, and unforeseen shootings. These casualties in this no-zone region keep taking place due to intermittent gun fires, landmines, mortars, etc. due to which the Armenia borders open rarely for the militants only.

You must be aware of your belongings while you are traveling in cars, public transportations, or walking by the street as petty thefts are common in these places. Avoid the political rifts and tensions around the places that you are visiting as after the 2008 political rallies for presidential elections turned violent leaving a few people dead and others injured. Therefore, it would be in the best of your interests to stay out of the political demonstrations in the over-crowded places as the mob tends to get violent if not supervised.

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Is Armenia safe to visit: Is Armenia safe to travel 2020?

During the pandemic, there have been many questions about whether Armenia travel COVID is safe. However, it has been advised by the Armenia travel restrictions COVID that you must reconsider your travel to Armenia due to COVID-19. You must ensure that you read up the State Department COVID-19 precaution page before setting on any international destination to adhere to the protocols and safety guidelines.

It has been reported that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued the Level 4 Travel Health Notice for the county of Armenia due to the rising risk of COVID-19 cases.

Armenia has only been able to lift stay-at-home orders and has eventually resumed public transportation options that still remain limited. It allows conducting all the business operations virtually.

These precautions and vital information is highly important for you to gain clarity on your persisting question: is Armenia safe to visit? Seemingly, it does seem safe to visit but precautions are always mandatory!

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