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If you are a Fijian planning a trip to the Middle East, then this article on Armenia visa for Fiji nationals is for you.

There are travel agency websites like tourist visa online, that offer special discounted prices for applying for your visa through them. Along with this, you can also book tour services as well as hotels to stay at during the trip.

This country which is now in Asia was once a part of the Soviet Republic has a lot of history to offer. It is a hub for many religious congregations due to the presence of churches, monasteries etc.

There is an abundance of natural formations in the form of mountains, dormant volcanoes etc. It has a very different lifestyle and culture than that of Fiji, which can be a very enriching experience for those who like to absorb new energies.

Visitors can have some of the most amazing cuisines passed down through generations. The country is also known for its Spas and resorts near the mountains; these are great places to enjoy after a spiritual cleansing at the monasteries.

It has one of the most beautiful libraries in the form of the Republic square and the Matenadaran library. On its border with Turkey, you can also find beautiful lakes, 4th-century Cathedrals and a dormant volcano. Continue reading the article below to find out more about the Armenia visa requirements for Fiji nationals.

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E-visa eligibility

An e visa has recently been a very convenient method of visa applications. It allows the traveller to get their Armenia visa for Fiji nationals easily without even having to contact the embassy.

Mainly there are two kinds of packages that visitors can apply for:

  • A short term e visa which lasts for 21 days.
  • A long term e visa that has an eligibility of 120 days.

You can visit the official tourist visa online website to check if a Fiji national is allowed to get the e-visa. Enter the country of citizenship and the destination country, hit enter and you can check the eligibility.

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If you are going to apply for the e visa then, check out the list of documents mentioned below. The applicant must fulfil all the Armenia visa requirements for Fiji nationals accordingly:

  • The application form filled with your personal, travel, medical, insurance details etc.
  • A passport that proves your Fiji citizenship.
  • Two passport-sized coloured pictures taken recently.
  • Details of the return flight tickets.
  • The applicant will also have to provide a proof of their financial stability. A bank statement from the past three months.
  • A complete travel itinerary of the accommodations booked and the places you plan on visiting during the trip.
  • Visa fee to be paid online or through MasterCard etc.

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E-visa Application

This is an electronic version of the Armenia visa for Fiji citizens, sent directly to the applicant’s email without any third party in between.

The online visa application can be done through either the official immigration website or tourist visa online’s site. Follow

  • Fill the form on the website.
  • Attach the documents by scanning them and converting into a digital PDF.
  • Submit the online cost and your application will be ready to get submitted.
  • The Armenia visa cost for Fiji Nationals is also considerably lower than a regular tourist or business visa.

The processing time of such a visa is far less than what is taken by an embassy. It will be emailed to your ID after which you can make a hard copy of the same and bring it to the Armenia International airport.

Apply Armenia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two kinds of Armenia visa cost for Fiji Nationals, depending on the number of days they stay - $56 and $100.

Yes, according to the international travel authorities visitors must have administered both the vaccine doses and then they can travel after 14 days.

the maximum period of time, you can get an Armenia visa for Fiji citizens is 120 days. It can be further extended for 60 days but only if you submit an application to the local embassy at least a month before the original visa expires.

After you have submitted the application, check your email for an acknowledgement number. You can then visit this page on tourist visa online to track the processing status.

For an Armenia visa application for Fiji citizens, it can take anywhere from 5 days to a week for processing. However, if you have applied through an embassy directly, it may take longer.

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