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Myanmar nationals visiting Armenia have to acquire an entry permit first. A valid entry permit or Armenia visa will only allow them to enter the country. Sometimes, even if the applicant from a foreign country carrying a valid Armenia visa does not confirm the entry. The immigration officer of Armenia may cancel or deny the entry of foreign citizens due to certain reasons. Myanmar nationals making plans to go into the overseas territory of Armenia for tourism can apply for Armenia e-Visa.

Armenia e-Visa for Myanmar Nationals

Armenia visa for Myanmar nationals is needed for tourism. Myanmar nationals can also apply for a tourist visa to Armenia after reaching the destination. The most preferred option for Myanmar nationals is applying for Armenia e-Visa. The Armenia tourist visa or e-Visa for Myanmar passport holders are available online and is the short-time visit visa for reasons or motives associated with tourism. Citizens of Myanmar should acquire a pre-permitted online entry permit. Tourists or Visitors holding Myanmar passports can also apply for an Embassy visa. 

ValidityArmenia e-Visa stay validity for Myanmar nationals is allowed up to three weeks or 120 days. Single Entry is acceptable on 120 or 21 days e-visa for Armenia.


Documents for e-Visa to Armenia

  • Myanmar passport
  • Photograph
  • Email ID
  • Mode of payment to complete online transaction
  • Proper internet connection

Steps to apply for Armenia e-Visa

  • Applicants from Myanmar can obtain an e-visa for Armenia by visiting the official government portal. 
  • Myanmar nationals should select the relevant Armenia visa type. And they must fill and the Armenia online visa application cautiously. Applicants should avoid common spelling mistakes and provide correct information so they do not have to face problems in the future. 
  • Documents submission is an important step to obtain Armenia e-Visa.
  • Additionally, applicants from Myanmar should also complete the next crucial step that is online payment. The e-Visa fee to Armenia for Myanmar is $6 for 21 days and $31 according to the Armenia government.
  • The Armenia electronic permit will be sent on the E-mail ID of Myanmar nationals.


Armenia visa on arrival for Myanmar Nationals

Armenia visa on arrival is the alternative option which is also available for Myanmar nationals. It means Myanmar nationals are eligible to obtain visas after reaching the Republic of Armenia from airports or border checkpoints. Myanmar nationals can only obtain an Armenia visa on arrival from a few airports only. Shirak Airport in Armenia provides visas after arrival for Myanmar citizens. The second option Myanmar nationals can visit to obtain a visa after arriving is Zvartnots International Airport in Armenia.

The process to obtain Armenia visa on arrival for Myanmar nationals

  • Collect the relevant Armenia visa type application form after arriving at one of the above two airports.
  • Myanmar nationals need to submit an Armenia visa application form with documents. 
  • Cash will be required for fee submission to complete the process.
  • Myanmar nationals can collect valid tourist visas or relevant visas from the immigration points.


  • Passport
  • Armenia visa on arrival form
  • Fees 

Validity- The validity of the Armenia visa on arrival obtained by Myanmar nationals will be short. Myanmar nationals can stay for 21 days in the Republic of Armenia.

Armenia visa on arrival fee for Myanmar nationals

Fee- It is approximately 31.0 USD. It may change according to the relevant visa type Myanmar nationals will apply for.

* Due to COVID 19 the service or facility of obtaining an Armenia visa after arrival is temporarily removed. Therefore a pre-approved Armenia visa should be obtained by Myanmar nationals.


Obtaining an Armenia tourist visa from the embassy

Myanmar nationals applying for an Armenian tourist visa from the embassy will need to visit the nearest Armenian embassy. Myanmar nationals have to collect forms and submit the Armenia tourist visa form with supportive documents. The steps for obtaining a tourist visa from an Armenia visa are almost similar to the visa on arrival procedure. Generally, Myanmar nationals do not opt for an Armenian tourist visa from the embassy to save their time. 


Armenia visas for Myanmar nationals should be acquired by tourists and travelers holding Myanmar passports. Myanmar nationals should use valid documents and an Armenia visa at the entry points.

Apply Armenia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Working in Armenia with a tourist visa will be considered an illegal act you should apply for a work permit to legally work in the Republic of Armenia.

According to Armenia visa immigration rules, Myanmar nationals are not eligible for visa-free entry. 

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