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Armenia, nation of Transcaucasia, lying only south of the extraordinary mountain scope of the Caucasus and fronting the northwestern limit of Asia. Current Armenia involves just a little part of before Armenia, one of the world's most seasoned focuses of progress. Old Armenia was exposed to steady unfamiliar invasions, at long last losing its self-rule in the fourteenth century CE. Here we are going to tell you about Types of Armenia visa

The very long term rule of Ottoman and Persian vanquishers invades the very presence of the Armenian public. Eastern Armenia was added by Russia during the nineteenth century, while western Armenia stayed under the Ottoman principle, and in 1894–96 and 1915, the Ottoman government executed orderly slaughters and constrained deporting of Armenians. 

On account of Armenia's situation in the profound inside of the northern piece of the subtropical zone, closed by elevated ranges, its atmosphere is dry and mainland. Provincial climatic variety is by the by impressive. Exceptional daylight happens on numerous days of the year.  You can find more about Armenia visa policy on our website. Below is the list of Types of Armenia visa

Types of Armenian Visas

There are many types of visa that you can apply for in Armenia. While different countries may provide different types of visas depending upon certain factors of the country. You can find more about  armenia visa online on our website. Armenia also provide certain types of visa that are as follows-

  • Tourist visa
  • Business visa
  • Visitor visa
  • Official visa
  • Diplomatic visa
  • Transit Visa

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Tourist visa

This kind of visa is for unfamiliar nationals who will go out to Armenia for different purposes, for example, the travel industry, to see family members or companions, for business, clinical treatment, and so forth It very well may be substantial for single section or various passages.

Business Visa

These kinds of visas are given to outside nationals who will remain in Armenia for a drawn out period, for example, for: work

Visitor Visa

A guest visa is given when an outsider plans to enter the Republic of Armenia for the reasons for the travel industry, seeing family members or different people, business, transportation and other expert interest, clinical treatment or other momentary remain. Guest visa is given for a solitary passage or for different sections with legitimacy of one year. You can find more about armenia visa cost on our website.

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Official Visa

for holders of Official or Service Passports 

  • various visiting visas for non-strategic representatives of unfamiliar political image or global associations and their families with legitimacy of 3 years 
  • single section visa or different passages visa with legitimacy of 1 year for unfamiliar authorities who show up to endless supply of Armenian specialists or unfamiliar strategic image or global associations 
  • single passage visa or numerous sections visa with legitimacy of 1 year for individuals from legitimate designations holding common travel papers.

Diplomatic visa

for holders of diplomatic international IDs and for the people with political status 

  • numerous sections visas for workers of unfamiliar diplomatic images or global associations and their families with legitimacy of 3 years 
  • single passage visa or numerous sections visa with legitimacy of 1 year for individuals from authentic assignments, their families just as different authorities 
  • single passage visa for 120 days if showing up to Armenia for non-official purposes.

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Transit visa

  • single passage visa or numerous sections visa with legitimacy of 1 year with remain in Armenia for close to 3 days and with probability to broaden most extreme for 4 days 
  • Armenian visas are given for most extreme 120 days with probability to reach out for an additional 60 days if no other term is characterized by peaceful accords of the Republic of Armenia. You can find more about armenia visa on arrival on our website.

Above were all the Types of Armenia visa

Travel Restrictions for Armenia

Due to the pandemic that is going on, following several rules and regulations has become important so that everyone remains safe from the risk of this deadly virus. Limitations are forced on section to the domain of the Republic of Armenia for unfamiliar nationals going from Covid pandemic high danger nations or visiting them 14 days preceding travel to Armenia .

  • Residents of the Republic of Armenia, their relatives and legitimate residency status holders are allowed to enter the region of the Republic of Armenia without limitations. 
  • Residents of the Republic of Armenia won't have the option to leave the region of the Republic of Armenia via land, aside from load transport drivers. 
  • Residents of Armenia and unfamiliar nationals heading out to Armenia will go through concentrated checking strategies at Armenian made checkpoints. On the off chance that pertinent manifestations are distinguished, hospitalization, confinement as well as other prohibitive actions will be done. 
  • All people going from Covid episode high danger nations will be moved to extraordinarily assigned isolate areas or might be exposed to obligatory isolation for atleast 2 weeks that is 14 days. You can find more about armenia visa-free countries on our website.

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Armenia visa Requirements

There are some important documents that need to be submitted while filling the Armenia visa application form. Following are the armenia visa requirements –

  • Candidate Photo – The photo must be of passport size and there are some important things to keep in mind while clicking a photo like- Should have a white background, eyes should be clearly visible, face should be covering 80% of the photo and avoid wearing glasses.
  • Identification Personal Details Scan- Can give a information of the passport that is scanned copy of your page of passport which shows your information along with your picture and name on it. Remember to provide only scanned copy of the passport otherwise it will not be accepted.
  • Carrier Confirmation – This means that you have to submit an Airline confirmation ticket so that the Armenian embassy has a proof of your visit with them so it easies the things.
  • Ticket of returning – A return airline ticket is compulsory to submit because this provides as a proof for when you are returning home so that least fraud cases occur in the country.
  • Evidence of Accommodation - Must match the dates of appearance and takeoff from the nation. This is a necessity requested by the Government to give the movement archive. 
  • Travel Itinerary -  A movement agenda is a timetable of occasions identifying with arranged travel, for the most part including objections to be visited at determined occasions and methods for transportation to move between those countries.
  • Latest 3 months bank articulations (if appropriate) – Your bank details or statements are necessary to know so that we know that you have enough funds to travel the country.

This was all the information on Types of Armenia visa.

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