How to Apply Armenia business visa for Indian

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If you are an Indian who has business interests in Armenia, then you will have to apply for an Armenia business visa for Indian citizens beforehand. 

This article will also tell you how you can make informed decisions with the help of travel agencies like tourist visa online. As well as, the services they offer to make your travel experience smooth.

In the highlands of western Asia, is this country of Armenia. It was formed after the former Soviet Republic broke up after the cold war. 

Now, the country is a great place for visitors for tourism, business, and education purposes. It has a history dating back thousands of years from the original Christina civilizations. 

There are several religious sites that people visit, including the Greek-Roman temples, Cathedrals of the 4th Century as well as the headquarters of the Armenian churches. 

The country also shares a border with Turkey wherein lies a dormant volcano which provides a great spectacle for the tourists. If you come to the country due to business reasons, then you can also enjoy the local cuisines, museums, art and architecture on the weekends. 

Its capital is Yerevan and the currency used by everyone, is the Armenian dram. 

Continue reading the article below to find out how to apply for Armenia visa for an Indian.


Business Opportunities

In the post-pandemic world of dwindling economies, all the countries in the world have been trying to bring the businesses back to thriving.

To remain at par with its contemporaries, Armenia has also launched several business opportunities that will draw applications to get an Armenia business visa for Indian. 

Fortunately, the country has not imposed any such restrictions on the assets or the property ownership by foreign nationals conducting business there.

Furthermore, the Armenia business visa also applies to those who are seeking jobs, volunteers, interns, researchers and people working for a company. 


There are several different kinds of Armenia business visas, depending on the specific need of the applicant. You can discuss with your travel agency and decide which option works best for you. 

  • Employment visa
  • Business visa
  • Project visa
  • X/Entry visa



Follow these steps below and find out how to get Armenia visa from India online:

  • Visit the application website and complete the form, with the details mentioned on your passport and identification papers.
  • Attach the passport-sized photograph.
  • Upload the scanned documents in the form of a pdf.
  • Make the online payment using net banking or a debit or credit card.
  • Submit the application and wait for it to get processed.
  • The best thing about the Armenia business e-visa is that you will get it mailed to your email in a few days.
  • The applicant has no need to visit the embassy office at all.
  • Finally, print a hard copy of your visa and carry it to the airport.

Visit the official website of tourist visa online to check out your eligibility to get an Armenia business e-visa as an Indian.



Lastly, the documents required for an Armenia business visa for Indian varies quite a lot from the normal visa requirements. 

Here is a list of papers that you should collect and present to your travel agency or consulate official, so they can give you a green light before submission:

  • Invitation or an offer letter from the company/organisation that is inviting you to visit Armenia on Business.
  • Passport, valid for the next six months.
  • Two passport-sized photographs.
  • Bank account statements that show that you have enough funds to last the time of your stay.
  • Accommodation details.
  • Complete travel itinerary.
  • Details of your return flight tickets.

Apply Armenia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

With a single entry visa, a visitor can remain in the country for up to 90 days.

If your business requires you to extend the length of the trip, then you can submit an application at the consulate before your visa expires and get a 30 days extension.

The Armenia business visa for Indians is the first step to work. However, after you reach the country, you will have to apply for a work permit at the airport and pick it up at the closest embassy.

You can use the visa tracking service provided on the website of tourist visa online. You will just need to type in the acknowledgement number provided to you at the time of submission.

You will have to pay $50 for a 30 day Armenia business visa for an Indian.

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