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If you want to travel to Armenia as a tourist or attend an event in the country by invitation from a local entity or individual you will need a visa invitation letter from the Republic of Armenia. To get these document requirements, you can apply to us by filling out our online form. The cost might vary accordingly and one can also easily pay through PayPal or credit card.  the service provider also prepares the documents personally for you at no extra cost. Check the article to know more about visa invitations for Armenia. 


Do you want to visit Armenia?

Many tourist services provide visa invitation services, this fast and easy way to get visa invitation letters for Armenia, helps various travellers. The service providers also provide a full range of services from visa invitations, hotel booking, travel planning and many more.  They give their est hospitality through their staff who has been living in Armenia for over 10 years and also build connections with most of the hotels, restaurants and tour operators in Armenia. This country will let you enjoy the trip without any trouble. With that, they also offer a variety of tours in Armenia with our partners (travel guides), so you can plan a trip that is just what you want it to be, from adventure trips to history-focused travels or family vacations.

What is a visa invitation letter? 

A Visa invitation is an official document that will be required when applying for any Schengen visa. It is an invitation letter, in which the host in your country or any other Schengen country will provide you all the information about themselves and assure the visa authorities about their hosting capacity. The main purpose of a visa invitation letter can vary depending on the circumstances and purpose of your trip. The host of the traveller must provide their data and contact information in this document too. For example, a visa invitation for a tourist who wants to visit Armenia can contain all necessary information about the person issuing (host), and also some general information about Armenia, which means its size, population density, currency, main cities etc.


How to get a visa invitation from Armenia?

To get a visa invitation from Armenia, one needs to submit a letter of invitation from the host party. The letter should contain the name and address of the host party, information about its contact person and phone number. The letter should also state that the applicant has been invited by the host party for a certain period and will be accommodated in a specified residence or housing unit. It should also state that during his/her stay in Armenia, the applicant will not engage in any form of paid work activities without permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Armenia as a country 

Armenia is a small country in the Middle East. It offers many visa opportunities for people from most countries, but not all of them are eligible to apply for an Armenian visa invitation letter. To find out if you can get an Armenia visa invitation letter, go to tourist visa online or contact the embassy. 

 When should you apply for a visa invitation? 

Make a reservation online to get a travel guide from the Republic of Armenia.

Keep your visa letter, travel guide, additional documents ready and attach them to your application form. A consular officer will contact you to review your visa application. If you haven’t been previously issued a visa invitation letter, there is a chance that you will need to apply the visa rules.

If you are applying as a group we recommend coordinating with each other to avoid rejection and prepare a dossier for your group. All documents that you need to apply to the Armenian Embassy must be submitted in english unless you have submitted your application in another language.


How does a visa invitation work?

You can submit the following documents for a visa invitation (please note that the date you entered Armenia is different from the date of the invitation).

You must be an Armenian citizen. You can enter Armenia by the following means. One way is with a visit visa. The other way is for a stay visa which you get through tourism or business.

  • Visa application letter
  • passport size photos
  • Visa exemption certificate
  • A big passport size photo

The deadline for submitting all the documents is 3 months before your travel date and one can also submit it online.

This service will cost you very flexible, but if you register on our website it will be included in the price of the visa application letter and will be done on the same date as the invitation letter.


Armenia visa invitation service, we can do all for you for a visa. The cost of the process is very equivalent, per person and takes up to 3 days. We also offer a variety of tours in Armenia with our partners, so you can plan a trip that is just what you want it to be, from adventure trips to history-focused travels or family vacations. We provide a full range of services from visa invitations, hotel booking, travel planning and many more.

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