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Armenia is one of the popular destinations for many citizens of Canada who are traveling abroad. This is the most popular tourist destination for Canadians.

However, preparing for an Armenian visa for Canadian nationals is not complicated. Armenia is not part of the Schengen Agreement, which is an agreement between 26 European countries to make it easier to travel around Europe without getting a visa

However, if you are a Canadian citizen and want to go to Armenia, then you do need to get an Armenian visa to travel there. Also, many Armenians are living in Canada. There are different options for getting a visa. This blog discusses what you need to get an Armenian visa for Canada.


Why do Canadians need an Armenian visa?

Armenia is recognized for its landscape as well as its rich cultural heritage. This country has it all: mountains, charming lakes, rivers, natural springs, valleys, gorges, glaciers, etc. If you are planning to visit Armenia or if you are an Armenian national who wants to visit other nations but doesn't want to surrender his/her Armenian passport, you can easily apply for an Armenia visa for Canadian nationals.

There are many countries where you can enter without a visa for a short period, but Armenia is not one of them. You will need to get an Armenian visa, which is usually issued electronically and sent to your e-mail. All you need to do is print it and present it together with your passport when you arrive in the country. The good news is that the procedure is basic and relatively simple.

If you are a Canadian citizen, you might be wondering why you need to get an Armenian visa before traveling to this country. 

How to apply for an Armenian visa

Canada is one of the most popular countries in the world for tourism and is also a popular destination for migrants. However, an Armenian visa for citizens of Canada is a long process that takes a lot of time and patience. If you have decided to visit Armenia and you are a Canadian, you will need to learn about the Armenia visa for citizens of Canada. The visa process is quite complicated and can be time-consuming because it is not the easiest country to get into.

You can now apply for your online visa application for Armenia. This application is available for nationals of all countries except for people of Armenian descent. You will get an email with the status of your visa application once you have completed the registration.


What are the different options for getting a visa?

You're not alone unless you want to visit Armenia. It is the world's most famous destination, with a lot of other things to visit there.

When someone comes to holiday planning, you may be wondering what you should do considering your visa.

And if you are a citizen of Canada, you have a few different options available to choose from when it comes to applying for a visa to Armenia. 

A tourist visa, a multi-entry visa, a business visa, a visa for a citizen, a visa for a student, and a visa for a family are some of the options available for Canadian citizens to apply for a visa to Armenia.

Instead, if you're a resident of a country that has a visa-free agreement with Armenia, you can enter with a passport and a government-issued ID card. And, if you have a valid Canadian passport, you can enter Armenia without a visa for up to 180 days. 

What are the prerequisites for obtaining an Armenian visa?

Having a Canadian passport doesn’t guarantee you entry into Armenia. Canadians may need a visa to enter Armenia if they are traveling from a country that isn’t a visa-exempt country. Canadians don’t need a visa to enter Armenia from a visa-exempt country as long as they have a valid passport. Before entering Armenia from a visa-free country, Canadians must have a passport kept for at least six months from the date of arrival.

  • The Armenia Visa Application for Canadian Citizens process must be provided to go to Armenia. Since many countries can be visited visa-free or with visas on arrival, Armenia is not one of them
  • The online application for an Armenian visa is the same for all Canadian citizens, regardless of age, gender, nationality, or other aspects
  • It is important to make sure that the passport has enough pages to allow for the entry stamp of Armenia.
  • two copies of passport-size photographs
  • Your original passport
  • You have to submit the completed visa application form
  • A photocopy of your passport’s photo page
  • A receipt of the visa application 
  • Return Ticket Proof
  • Proof of your financial status



Armenia is a country in the South Caucasus region. Although this is a small country, it has a lot to offer. Armenia has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and tourism. But unfortunately, some of the countries don’t allow their citizens to travel to the country of Armenia. The most significant element is the visa policy.

Many countries have a confusing visa policy for Armenia. One of them is Canada. Canada is a beautiful country, but a little confusing when it comes to travel visas. 

Here in this section, we have tried to describe the requirements of an Armenian Visa for citizens of Canada, and if you have any doubts, you can also take the guide from here.

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