What to do after Armenia visa rejection

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If you have ever faced the rejection of Armenia visa application, then this article, is what you should read before applying once again. Once a visa application is rejected, the applicant will lose their fee but they still have a chance to apply many more times.

Visa reapplications are very common in such situations. However, in this article we are also going to tell you how you can completely avoid getting rejected as well as getting a good travel agency like tourist visa online.

Armenia is a former soviet country, which is now part of the Asian continent. It has great history due to its many religious affiliations over the course of thousands of years.

Its rich heritage comes from its 4th-century cathedral which also serves as headquarter for the Armenian Church. It also has Greek-Roman temples as well as monasteries. Furthermore, along its Turkish border is a volcano considered to be a site for pilgrimage for tourists.

The country does not just boast of spirituality and culture, but also of delicious food, local markets, modern-contemporarily designed restaurants, among other things.

On the nature front, the country has several mountains, rivers etc. that present scenic locations for its visitors. There are also opportunities for extreme sports for adrenaline junkies.

Continue reading the article below to find out how not to let your Armenia visa rejected.



There can be a variety of Armenia visa rejection reasons, and we have listed all of those here. In a majority of the rejection cases, the issue lies in the documents submitted. 

This is why; we always recommend getting a travel agent to speak to, before submitting the application. There are many experts at tourist visa online, who will go through the documents before 

Read some of the most common reasons below:

  • If you selected the wrong kind of visa while applying then the immigration office can reject it. 
  • If you do not have sufficient finances, required for a standard trip to Armenia.
  • If the applicant has an undisclosed criminal record, serious enough that it might require some background investigation then that could be the reason for your rejection.
  • If the applicant has visited the country before, and was involved in some offensive act then it can be an Armenia visa rejection reason.
  • At the time of application, the applicant’s passport should be valid for the next six months after the trip. If that is not the case, then the visa stands to get rejected.
  • If you have provided incorrect, ambiguous, false information then it can be considered as fraud and you might have to even face legal repercussions on top of the visa getting rejected.
  • If there are priors on your international travel history and records.


Travel Agencies

To save yourself in such situations where your Armenia visa is rejected, it is advisable that you get in touch with a travel agency.

There are good and helpful agencies like tourist visa online, that offer many different services for their customers. We have listed some benefits below:

  • They usually have a high rate of acceptance for the applications filed by them.
  • They will always come up with the best deals for you thus helping their customers with saving money.
  • They provide several other unique services like travel, health insurance, legal help etc.
  • Travel agencies have experts who know how embassies work, so they can go through your documents before submissions thus avoiding the situation of an Armenia visa rejection.

Apply Armenia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

That is not the case generally if the reason for your rejection is a minor paperwork issue. However, if your rejection of Armenia visa application was due to fraud, forgery etc. then it might reflect on your international records.

Yes, there is no such time window for an applicant in such a case. They are free to start the re-application process as soon as they would like.

An Armenian visa rejection simply implies that your application is rejected, but there is a possibility of reapplication. However in the case of a refusal, the individual does not stand any chance of gaining entry into the said country.

After the final rejection, you will be mailed the same. But, additionally, you can also go to the tracking service provided by tourist visa online and check the status there. 

After an Armenia visa rejection, you will have to pay the same amount of fee as for the previous application. Depending on the kind of visa you are applying for.

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