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If you are always on an adventure search and if Australia is your next destination then you definitely got the right choice! then why to compromise when it comes to the Australia visa options. You can choose one that is right for you and get it applied really easily with just the right documents in your hand. However, this will only be possible if you get to know about the Australian visa document requirements and how to get the right documents for your visa type. And this is now possible with our help at Tourist visa online, where you will get the entire list of all the documents you probably need to produce in order to get the visa issued to you. You also need not worry about any of the difficulties that arise as we will surely take care of all the problems no matter how big or small! 

Australia visa:

So what is this Australia visa and why do you even need to take one? Well yes, this is quite a common question that people tend to ask about. This Australian visa as you know is a travel document and is really important when you travel to Australia. Without the help of this document, it is almost impossible for you to enter the country legally. This is exactly why you need to take one. So now let’s take a look at what you need to have before you go to apply for a visa!

Basic document requirements for any type of Australia visa:

There is always a basic document requirement list which will have to be fulfilled before you get into the specific documents for each type of visas and this can be given as follows:

1.A passport:

No matter which country you are planning to go for your next destination, this document will always have to be in your hand and must also have to follow the validity requirements in order to be able to access the visa. This also means that you need to get your original passport to Australia and not just the copy even if the scan is what goes to the application form attachments. 

2. An application form:

This comes around as the second most important document when you apply for a visa. Without this, an application can never be completed. You also need to give all of the required details on the application form which will then be updated on your visa. This will act as proof of your entry into the country. 

3. A photograph:

A visa application is never complete without the attachment of a photograph on the visa application. This photograph must also be able to all the document requirements. This means the height width and other properties must be as mentioned in the guidelines for a passport-sized picture. 

4. Finance proofs:

You need to provide some financial statement proofs which have to be attached along with the application form while submitting for a visa. This will include two documents under the financial proofs and can be given as follows:

  • A bank statement for over the past six months which proves you have the financial strength to stay in Australia
  • An income tax payment proof which was from the past three years. 

5. Travel related documents:

This can include all the travel-related documents such as the hotel bookings which have been done for your stay in Australia or accommodation proof which will be provided to prove your means to stay in Australia. This travel document will also include having a confirmed flight ticket to Australia and from Australia back to your hometown as well. 

These above-given ones will become the base for your online visa application. Now getting to the specific visa requirements the list can be given as follows:

1.An employment visa:

This visa will require two documents along with the already mentioned ones and are as follows:

  • A leaving certificate from your company 
  • A work permit to work in Australia

2. A retirement visa:

For this visa you will have to produce two documents which can be given as follows:

  • A pension certificate
  • If the applicant has retired form an office other than the government sector can also show the past six months’ worth of bank statement details. 

3. A student visa:

For this, the student will have to show proof of the ID card which has been issued by the educational institution or an acceptance letter from the college or school in Australia. Apart from this, you will also have to get your parents’ grant to get the visa issued

4. A visiting visa:

This will be issued when you get an invitation letter from your friend who resides in Australia along with the ID proof of the person who is a resident and the address proof as well.

5. Business visa:

If you plan on going to Australia on a business purpose then a sponsor letter if you have been sponsored or an authorization letter must be submitted. 


Q. Is there a possibility that the document list can vary?

Yes, there is a possibility that there will be variations in the document list which will be dependent upon the country you belong to. 

Q. What if one of my document does not meet the validity?

If one of the documents does not meet the required validity then you will probably need to apply for the re-issuing of the document or apply for the extension of the validity without this the document cannot be attached to the application.

Q. What are the documents that I need to produce at the border of Australia?

You will be required to show the following documents at the border of Australia during entry:

  • An original passport
  • The visa
  • Flight tickets
  • Your travel plans

This completes the entire Australian visa document requirement list you need to know about!

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