how to apply australia visa online

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Applying for an Australia visa can seem tough initially, but it is not the case when you apply for one through Tourist visa online. We here try to make your application for a visa in a way that not only you but also your children can apply for themselves without any help. Doesn't that sound quite easy! Well, yes then your how to apply Australian visa online questions also seems to be solved! But don't worry even if there are more questions lingering in your mind along with this question, we will have them all solved out for you and get your application look all ready while submitting it!


Q. Will an application for an Australian visa take more than 4 hours?

Well here's the good thing about the online application, forget about four hours you might not even need one full hour to get your visa application completed. Well, this will only be possible if you have a strong internet connection. With just some clicks and presses you can finish your entire application within just twenty minutes of time frame. This means that not only is the application easy but it will also not need much time to be completed. 

Q. What are the steps that I need to follow while applying for an Australian visa through Tourist visa online?

You can follow the steps which are given below to get your Australian visa applied easily:

  1. Enter nationality when you enter the initial web page. Then you will be directed to a new page where you can select the Australian visa types that you want to apply for.
  2. Give the details asked for in the application form, also do keep some points in mind while filling in of the form which includes, not leaving any area blank in the form, having all the documents for the visa ready with you and other such points. 
  3. Once you finish filling in of the details you can attach all the documents which are related to your particular type of visa. Once you upload the scans you can also recheck them for any problems or whether the upload has not been successful. Once you finish scrutinizing the document thoroughly, submit the application form.
  4.  You can then pay with various means of payment which have been made available for you through our website. You can also contact the customer care through email, phone number, or even through the dialogue box which is present at the bottom of your screen if you face any issues. Do the payment for the visa successfully.
  5. Once you complete all of the above steps you will get a mail claiming the registration of your application being successful and you will also be notified with each step of the progress of the visa being completed. 

You can also individually track your Australian visa application with either the application number or the passport number which has been specified on your passport. This will complete the entire procedure. 

Q. Is it possible to get an ETA through Tourist visa online?

No, you won't be able to apply for an ETA through Tourist Visa Online but you will be able to apply for a visa type if you are eligible to apply for one. 

Q. Who all can apply for an Australian visa?

All those who do not have access to the eVisitor document or an ETA document and also those who do not come under the visa exemptions can get the visa through an online method. 

Q. Is there another method than an online method to apply for an Australian visa?

Yes apart from the online method you can also apply through the following ways:

  • Applying through an embassy of Australia near you
  • Applying through a SmartGate option.

Q. What is a SmartGate option?

A SmartGate is a service that will allow people to get the visa once they arrive at the border. This however can only be available for some of the countries and for those who are above 16 years of age from these countries. 

Q. Is a SmartGate option better than an online application?

An online application is much better as you can get the visa more easily and you will also get help from our side when you apply through Tourist visa online while when you apply through a SmartGate option you will probably have to carry all the documents to get the visa issued to you. 

Q. Does tourist visa online gives a lot of visa options to choose from?

You can get an online application form filled in for any of the two types of Australian visas you want to apply for. You can get a tourist visa option and a business visa option. 


With this, you are now clear of how to apply Australian visa online through Tourist visa online!

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