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Visa is required in order to visit Azerbaijan but Under the policy of Azerbaijan visa free countries, Citizens of the Following Countries can enter Azerbaijan without a visa for up to 90 days. The lesser-known Azerbaijan is now slowly opening up its doors to tourism and business. While a lot of people are still new to this place a lot of other people are living in this area. For foreigners to access this place a visa is necessary. However, not all countries need a visa. For those lucky nationals who are from Azerbaijan visa-free countries do not require a visa can stay in for a long period of time! 

Azerbaijan with the literal mean of “Azer” also called fire and “Baijan” called the guardian has its capital in Baku. This place is located in the Eurasian area which is between Eastern Europe and western Asia. It has a whopping majority of Islam communities living in this area. With about 96.9 percent of Muslims and about 3 percent of Christian people and about 0.1 percent of other religions. The people who live in this country are also called as Azerbaijanis. Azerbaijan runs under a semi-presidential rule and has its democratic republic established on 28 May 1918. With this amazing background, a lot of people are still getting ready to go to Azerbaijan.

Let’s take a look at which countries need not have a visa to go to Azerbaijan and how they can enter the place without one!


  • Visa exemption
  • Countries that do not need a visa
  • Passport for those without a visa
  • Obeying the rules
  • Regulations that need to be followed

Visa exemption:

The following categories need not have a visa to travel to Azerbaijan. The list can be given as below:

  • People who hold citizenship of Azerbaijan.
  • People who hold citizenship of the People’s Republic of China who has passports that are endorsed for public affairs. However, they can stay in Azerbaijan for only for a period of three months.
  • Citizen of the republic of china who stays in Azerbaijan for no more than three months and have diplomatic or service passports issued to them.
  • Travelers who have a residence card or return permit which has been issued to them by the government of Azerbaijan. 

Apart from this, the citizens of turkey can also avail the facility provided that the following conditions are fulfilled:

    • They are visiting Azerbaijan for an official business purpose.
    • They come to Azerbaijan as a tourist. If this is the case then the stay will be less than three months only.

Countries that do not need a visa:

As mentioned before there are countries that need not require a visa to enter Azerbaijan. There are in total 10 countries whose nationals can stay in Azerbaijan without a visa. They can be given as follows:

Belarus Georgia Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Moldova Russia
Tajikistan Turkey Ukraine Uzbekistan    

All these 10 countries’ nationals can stay in Azerbaijan for a total stay period of 90 days after which they will have to exit the country and will have to re-enter for this visa-free stay to be valid. Apart from these 10 countries, there is Iran whose nationals can enter Azerbaijan without a visa but will get a stay period of only 15 days. 

Passport for those without a visa:

Those without a visa must also follow all the conditions which have been placed for the passport according to the Azerbaijan visa policies. The conditions can be listed as follows:

  • The passport must have validity for at least three months and if the validity extends this period then the person needs not renew the passport and if the validity is lesser than three months the passport renewal becomes necessary. 
  • The foreigners can also travel to Azerbaijan if they show the required travel documents at the checkpoint along with the passport which might include the residence card or the work permit.

Obeying the rules:

If the foreigners who enter Azerbaijan and fail to follow any of the rules will be fined as per the act.

Regulations that need to be followed:

Apart from those visa policies which have been mentioned, a tourist regardless of with or without a visa must follow the regulations:

  • There are some prohibited materials that a tourist cannot take with him or her and includes things like a picture of the living animals or those that target Azerbaijan, or military arms and ammunitions, narcotics and vegetables, and fruits.
  • A video camera can be brought into the country provided that the person declares the camera at the customs section. There will be a declaration that needs to be filled once a tourist reaches Azerbaijan and this will have to be hand over once the travel is over.

Hence Azerbaijan visa-free countries whose nationals have got this opportunity can avail it without having to go through long and hard procedures!

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