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Azerbaijan Visa Fee | Apply Azerbaijan Visa Online

Apply Azerbaijan Tourist Visa Application Online.
Type of Visa Visa Category No. of Entry Visa Validity Stay Validity Processing Time Visa Fee
30 Days Visa Tourist Visa Single Entry 90 Days 30 Days 4 - 5 Days 45.0 USD
30 Days Urgent Visa Tourist Visa Single Entry 90 Days 30 Days 2 - 3 Days 48.0 USD

About Azerbaijan Visa

Are you tired of the conventional tourist spots? Want to visit a place which has everything ranging from folk traditions to an aesthetically appealing terrain to fine caviar? Azerbaijan, or the “Land of fire” is the place to be. Its marvelous Islamic architecture, as well as the mesmerizing Caspian sea, make its place in the must-visit places of travelers from every part of the world. Its capital, Baku, is most known for its medieval era Inner city. Maiden Tower, which is a 12th-century tower with a rich past, is something without which your trip to Azerbaijan would be incomplete whereas the Palace of the Shirvanshahs is a historic palace complex, which also has a museum. There are many National parks in the country and all of them possess rare species of animals and birds alike. A haven for wildlife enthusiasts, the country has made the process of getting the visa even easier with the advent of a new online visa system, which now gives 30-day e-visas to citizens of 95 countries.

Citizens of the following countries can get an e-visa.
Albania Algeria Andorra Argentina Australia Austria
Bahamas Bahrain Barbados Belgium Bolivia Bosnia & Herzegovina
Brazil Brunei Bulgaria Canada Chile China
Colombia Costa Rica Croatia Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Djibouti Ecuador Estonia Finland France
Germany Greece Guatemala Honduras Hungary Iceland
India Indonesia Iran Ireland Israel Italy
Jamaica Japan Jordan Kuwait Latvia Liechtenstien
Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Maldives Malta Mauritius
Mexico Monaco Mongolia Montenegro Morocco Nepal
Netherlands New Zealand North Macedonia Norway Oman Pakistan
Panama Paraguay Peru Poland Portugal Qatar
Romania San Marino Saudi Arabia Serbia Seychelles Singapore
Slovakia Slovenia South Africa South Korea Spain Sri Lanka
Sweden Switzerland Thailand Trinidad & Tobago Turkey Turkmenistan
United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States of America Vatican City Vietnam  
Mostly Visited Countries to Azerbaijan.
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Azerbaijan visa for Saudi Arabia Azerbaijan visa for United Kingdom Azerbaijan visa for Germany
Azerbaijan visa for United States Azerbaijan visa for Israel Azerbaijan visa for Italy
Azerbaijan visa for Turkmenistan    

Azerbaijan Visa Types

Types of Azerbaijan Visa

Tourist Visa

People looking to go to Azerbaijan for non-business purposes and tourism can apply for the tourist visa. Its validity can range from 3 months to 1 year. For the 3 month-visa, the application can be either for single entry or double entry and on the other hand, the multiple-entry visa is possible for 1 year.

Business Visa

For anybody looking to go to Azerbaijan for conduction of his/her business, Business Visa is required. The Azeri embassy requires a company letter addressed to it stating the purpose and nature of the visit and all the business organizations you need to cover there.

Documents required for Azerbaijan visa

Azerbaijan Visa Document Requirements.

  • An invitation letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan (the letter is valid only for one month. Invitations are processed in the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan)
  • Application form
  • Passport or other travel documents (a validity period of a passport or other travel document should exceed a validity period of an expected visa at least by 3 months, the passport should have at least one unused page for the visa) and copies of their main pages
  • Two color photographs (3x4cm, white background) matching with biometric identification requirements
  • HIV test certificate (to be obtained from any competent hospital, in English and with a validity of 1 month. The Embassy has not authorized any hospital for the certificate. The certificate should cover at least duration of validity of visa)
  • A copy of travel ticket
  • A copy of medical insurance certificate (if a host does not undertake to pay for medical services)
  • Document (receipt) certifying payment of state duty for visa issuance
  • Application submitted by a party inviting a foreigner and a stateless person to the Republic of Azerbaijan which is approved by an appropriate authority of the executive power
  • A document proving the purpose of an invitation (purpose of visit, duration of stay, category (single entry, multiple entry or transit), permanent address and residence address of the applicant in Azerbaijan)
  • A notarized copy of a birth certificate, the permission of parents or a legitimate representative and copies of identification documents are required for issuance of visa to foreigners and stateless persons under 18 holders of a passport traveling without his/her parent or a legitimate representative.

Azerbaijan Visa Faq?

The service fee is 26 U.S.Dollars while the price of the visa is 45 U.S.Dollars so that makes it a total of $71.

No, you need to apply for an e-visa at least 3 days before you reach the country.

If you can not apply in person you can either delegate someone to submit the documents on your behalf or you can send them by post.

No, your UK residence permit must be valid for no less than 3 months after the expiry date of your Azerbaijani visa.

If your family is more than 10 persons, you may create 2 or more family applications.

No. You do not have to get a visa if you are not going to leave the international transit area.

The validity period of the passport or other travel documents should be at least 3 months more than the validity period of the electronic visa planned to be issued.

No. The e-visa should not be attached in the passport. The e-visa should be printed by the applicant and presented together with the passport at the border checkpoint of the republic of Azerbaijan.

Foreigners and stateless persons temporarily staying in the republic of Azerbaijan for more than 10 days (including cases when they change residence within the country) should apply to the State Migration Service of the republic of Azerbaijan online (by entering "registration upon place of stay" section placed under the "E-service" window of the official website of the service) or by directly applying to regional migration departments within 10 days after arriving in the country. No fee will be charged for the registration. By the law foreigners and stateless persons are held liable for staying in the country after the expiration of the time fixed in the electronic visa and without being registered (when they stay for more than 10 days)

Yes, the current e-visa for Azerbaijan is not valid for multiple entries or longer than 30 days at a time, therefore, it is necessary to apply for a second e-visa before traveling back to Azerbaijan.

If the applicant has two passports due to dual-nationality, he/she must select the passport they will use to travel and introduce the information from this passport. There must not be any inconsistencies between the official travel document and the information provided on the e-Visa application.

No, you can get visa-on-arrival if you are resident of UAE.

Yes. Enter data of your child/children registered in your passport and other required information into the e-visa application.

Foreigners and stateless persons can apply for a new electronic visa only after leaving the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

No. E-visa related payments are not refunded.

If your Azerbaijan e-Visa application is rejected, you may re-apply at a relevant diplomatic representation (embassy/consulate) of the Azerbaijani government.

Yes, US citizens are required to have an Azerbaijan visa for visiting the country legally. To apply for an Azerbaijan tourist visa the only thing one has to do is to fill out the application form. Visa can be applied via Azerbaijan Visa Org. US nationals will have the freedom to stay in Azerbaijan for 30 days. Fill out the form, attest the documents including your passport, pay the visa fee and get your visa within 5 days.

Yes, Australian citizens are required to have an Azerbaijan visa for visiting the country legally. You can apply for a tourist visa online at the Azerbaijan Visa org website. Australian citizens can stay in Azerbaijan straightly for 30 days after the issuance of a visa.

Steps for attaining the visa :

  • Step 1 – One must select their place of residence and nationality.
  • Step 2 – Choose the visa type and the visa that you are willing to get for yourself.
  • Step 3 – Fill out the application form.
  • Step 4 – Pay the visa fees for the further processing of the application.
  • Step 5 – Check the status of the visa for further information. And receive your visa.

Yes, Indian citizens are required to have an Azerbaijan visa for visiting the country legally. You can choose from different types of visas. The process is straightforward to apply for the visa and get the visa through the help of Azerbaijan Visa org which makes your task easy.

Steps for attaining the visa :

  • Step 1 – One must select their place of residence and nationality
  • Step 2 – Choose the visa type and access you are willing to get for yourself.
  • Step 3 – Fill out the application form
  • Step 4 – Pay the visa fees for the further processing of the application
  • Step 5 – Check the status of the visa for details.

Yes, Syrian citizens are required to have an Azerbaijan visa for visiting the country legally. And they need to go through the visa application process for attaining the E visa for themselves. The process is very easy. You apply for a visa through the help of Azerbaijan Visa org site which makes your task easy and effortless.

Steps for attaining the visa :

  • Step 1 – One must select their place of residence and nationality
  • Step 2 – Choose the visa type and the visa that you are willing to get for yourself.
  • Step 3 – Fill out the application form
  • Step 4 – Pay the visa fees for the further processing of the application
  • Step 5 – Check the status of the visa for further information.


If you are a citizen of Saudi Arabia, then you can definitely apply for a visa for Azerbaijan. However,  after gathering all the records and paperwork, step up to the next stage of the application process. It is to apply for an e-Visa for Saudi citizens through our website, Azerbaijan visa org.

Filipinos definitely need a Visa to visit the Republic of Azerbaijan but are not eligible for E visa services. To access the Visa, you need to provide some of the required documents and visit your nearest embassy. 

Azerbaijan Visa could be acquired by Afghans through online mode via our platform Azerbaijan visa org:

  1. Afghan citizens must first choose a type of Visa and then proceed to apply.
  2. The page will navigate to the application form which must be filled with essential details.
  3. Upload the mentioned documents.
  4. Pay the required amount.
  5. Check the status of the Visa through the portal. 


 Egyptians can now apply for Azerbaijan Visa at the nearest embassy.The general requirements for Azerbaijan Visa for Egyptians include: 

  1. A copy of the Egypt Passport bio page with a validity of at least 6 months.
  2. 1 clear and colored photograph of the applicant.
  3. Hotel booking details
  4. Flight booking on both sides. 


Indian citizens can easily apply for an Azerbaijan E-Visa by visiting our portal Azerbaijan visa org:

  1. Select the citizenship and the living country like India and then choose the type of visa based on the purpose of your visit.
  2. This will navigate you to the next page that requires filling up personal and itinerary details and uploading documents.
  3. Proceed to payment and Visa will be processed within 3-4 business days. 


Nigerian citizens are eligible to apply for an Azerbaijan Visa through our website Azerbaijan visa org by following easy and simple steps.

  1. Gather the documents that include; the original passport, duly filled application form, color photograph, itinerary details et cetera.
  2. And then upload it to the site to proceed with payment.
  3. The Visa will be delivered in the mentioned e-mail within 3-4 working days. 


UAE travelers can lodge their request for an Azerbaijan E-Visa from the comfort of their homes. Visit our portal Azerbaijan visa org and get the Visa after completing 3 simple steps, that include: 

  1. Fill out an online Azerbaijan Visa application form and upload the required documents.
  2. Pay the visa processing fee. 
  3. Check the status and you will receive the E-Visa in your email. 


Azerbaijan Visa is a prerequisite for Bangladesh Citizens and can be applied at Azerbaijan Visa Org. Once you gather all your documents, visit the portal and proceed towards the application process. After the payment process, check the Visa status on the portal. 


Irish citizens require a Visa to enter the Republic of Azerbaijan. You will be surprised to learn that you can access an e-Visa at Azerbaijan Visa Org just by performing three simple steps.

  1. Proceed to the application form once you enter the citizenship and living country as Ireland and fill it with your personal and itinerary details.
  2. After uploading the required documents, proceed to the payment.
  3. You'll get the e-Visa via mail within 3-4 business days. 


Get Azerbaijan Visa for Pakistan citizens at our portal Azerbaijan visa org just by carrying out three simple and easy steps. Once you gather documents that includes : 

  1. Copy of Pakistan Passport bio page.
  2. 1 clear and coloured photograph of the applicant.
  3. Hotel booking details or Azerbaijan ID of friends or family members, as per the stay.
  4. Flight booking both sided. 

proceed towards the application form to fill the basic details, upload the documents and pay the fee for acquiring the Visa. 


British nationals must have a Visa to visit the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijan visa application for UK citizens is a quick process that just takes a few minutes and three steps to complete: 

  1. Complete the online application form at the portal Azerbaijan visa org.
  2. Pay the e-Visa processing fee.
  3. Submit the application and receive approval by email.

When the British national gets the eVisa, it must be printed and submitted on arrival in Azerbaijan. 


US citizens must have a visa to enter the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijan e-Visa system at the portal Azerbaijan visa org is fast and efficient and so there's no need to visit an embassy or consulate. US citizens can visit the portal, fill in the application form and simply upload an image of the passport’s biographical page when completing the online request. Check the status via the portal and the Visa will be delivered through your email. 






A visa is required for Americans travelling to Azerbaijan on US passports. Visa criteria can change at any time. It is advised that you obtain your Azerbaijan visas before departing the United States.

But the best way to apply for the visas is through e visa that enables US citizens to get an Azerbaijan Visa from the comfort of their homes just by filling out an application form and providing necessary documents. Americans can get Azerbaijan visa through the website Azerbaijan Visa Org.

Azerbaijan's consulate has yet to be built in Bangladesh. As a result, inhabitants or nationals of Bangladesh could only request an Azerbaijan visa at the Azerbaijan Consulate Abroad. Because of the Embassy's distant area, obtaining an Azerbaijan visa from Bangladesh is difficult. All Bangladeshi citizens must currently apply for this visa through their consulate in New Delhi. But to get rid of all the hassle and discomfort, the simplest solution to attain a visa is to apply for an E visa which can be offered just by applying digitally from the comfort of your home. For acquiring any further information regarding documents and online visa procedures one can find the information on Azerbaijan Visa Org.

A visa is required for Canadians to enter Azerbaijan. If anyone plans to travel to Azerbaijan, they will need to obtain a visa before entering the nation. One can register for an e-visa through Azerbaijan's online e - visa website. Do so at least three days before your scheduled expected arrival. Electronic or digital -visas are single-entry and have a 30-day validity period. If you want a different form of visa, you should register for it in advance at the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

  1. Traveling or tourist visa: Needed
  2. Transit or passage visa: Needed






Despite the fact that Iran and Azerbaijan share a demarcation line, Iranian people are unable to enter there without a permit. Even the visa on arrival comes with some restrictions, but then you can register for an electronic visa instead. Iranian nationals are permitted to visit this country for a total of 30 days. This visa can only be used for tourist or commercial reasons. For acquiring any further information regarding documents and visa procedures one can find the information on Azerbaijan Visa Org.


Omani citizens require a visa for Azerbaijan. Omani nationals are eligible for an Azerbaijan visa on arrival or e visa. The stay period is one month. Omani nationals just have to submit an online application at Azerbaijan Visa Org.


Indeed, now that Pakistan has already been re-added to the list of approved nations, all Pakistani travelers seeking to enter Azerbaijan must first obtain a visa. Pakistani nationals can submit the e visa application at Azerbaijan Visa Org. Then after that they have to upload the passport and other documents. Pakistani nationals will be able to stay for 30 days in Azerbaijan after obtaining e visa.

Citizens of Qatar who wish to visit the Republic of Azerbaijan must obtain a visa. Obtaining an Azerbaijan visa has gotten simpler and faster in recent times. Qataris now can apply for an Azerbaijan e Visa from the comfort of their own homes. The procedure is finished promptly and without incident. Qatari passport holders can register for an electronic visa in Azerbaijan via the internet. The registration form is the first step in the visa procedure. Following that, you must submit a few essential papers and submit the visa price. For acquiring any further information regarding documents and procedures one can find the information on Azerbaijan Visa Org.


Syrian nationals need an Azerbaijan visitor's visa. The visit is generally short, lasting no more than 30 days. When filing for an Azerbaijan visitor visa, the applicant must be there. For just an Azerbaijan visitor visa, paperwork is necessary. One can also get advice from other visitors.

  • Syrian can travel to the Azerbaijan embassy to obtain a visa.
  • Complete the Azerbaijani immigration application.
  • Present the application and travel documents to the immigration department, together with the applicable visa fees.
  • You will be issued an Azerbaijan visa depending on your purpose of visit.
  • After receiving your entrance stamp, you may visit Azerbaijan and reside for the period of your visa.

Yes, Turkey citizens require a visa to visit Azerbaijan. Turkish citizens get the option to file for an Azerbaijan digital visa online rather than visiting a consulate. This new method, known as e visa, is quite valuable, which is why many countries are joining this automated service as time goes on.


A visa is required for British citizens flying to Azerbaijan. All British citizens can now obtain the ASAN Visa (e-Visa) program. E-Visas are typically processed in 3-4 days. For an extra cost, emergency support is given. E-Visas are usually good for 30 days and can only be used once. You also can obtain a visa through the Visa Service Centre linked with the Azerbaijan Consulate in the United Kingdom. You must obtain a visa through the Visa Service Centre affiliated with the Azerbaijan Embassy at least one month before your anticipated trip date. For acquiring any further information regarding documents and procedures for UK nationals or citizens one can find the information on Azerbaijan Visa Org. UK nationals can apply for the visa from the Azerbaijan Visa Org site.

Armenia is a part of the Commonwealth of the Independent States, which includes nearly all old Soviet countries, notably Armenia and Azerbaijan. Nevertheless, because this visa-free status is temporary, there still may be rejections. As Armenia is a visa free country therefore there is no need to obtain Azerbaijan visa for visiting the country.


Here is another quick approach to getting an Azerbaijan e visa from Dubai. The advantage of applying for a visitor visa digitally is that you don't have to compile a lot of additional paperwork or wait in huge lines in front of the consulate. The following are the entry requirements for Azerbaijan.

  • A current passport.
  • An email address. Your e-Visa will be sent to the email address you gave in your registration form. In your submission, be sure to include a genuine and correct email address.
  • Mode of payment the payment must be made online. You can utilize both credit and debit cards.
  • For acquiring any further information regarding documents and procedure for getting Azerbaijan visa from Dubai one can refer the information on Azerbaijan Visa Org.


Yes, an e-Visa allows Australian citizens to remain in Azerbaijan for 30 days. Travelers who want to remain longer must apply for fresh online travel authorization from anywhere other than Azerbaijan.


A legitimate Azerbaijan E Visa, it allows you to cross the country's border, is required to visit such a gorgeous nation. The Azerbaijan e-Visa is a one-time electronic visa that allows qualified individuals to visit Azerbaijan for a limited period of time. Azerbaijan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs manages the country's digital access. The E-Visa system was created to make traveling to Azerbaijan easier. 

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