How to Get Visa for Azerbaijan from Ireland

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For those who will be traveling to Azerbaijan, some safety precautions must be taken seriously. According to a recent update, Nagorno-Karabakh has been declared a military-occupied space, and for safety and precautions; certain areas have been covered up by military agents. As the recent covid 19-pandemic era continues, public health is not a matter of joke, so vaccination is mandatory and is careful when you are traveling as your precautions are beneficial for your health.

Vaccination documents should not be submitted more than 72 hours before traveling through airlines. If it's more than 72 hours, then the passengers might be isolated and have to do the covid test on that isolation period. If the situation changes, the rules will again be updated.

E-visa related Documents for Azerbaijan

  • Ticket softcopy is required 
  • A passport-size color photo is required with biometric validation.
  • A valid letter from a foreign minister is required for traveling to Azerbaijan.
  • An application form for an e-visa is required.
  • Medical health check-up documents are mandatory
  • For this covid situation, proper dose certificate and covid test documents are required.
  • A passport with proper validation is required
  • If a person below 18 years of age is traveling to Azerbaijan, must carry their parents' permission letter or valid identification, birth certificate, and proper valid documents.

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Apply for an e-visa from Ireland to Azerbaijan

As per the requirements of the citizens of Ireland who want to travel, they can do so, by fulfilling certain criteria.

While traveling to Azerbaijan e-visa is required, for a single entry, it is valid for 30 days, and for multiple entries, it is valid for two years. Before 15 days a candidate must apply for an e-visa to Azerbaijan; for applying you have to provide legal documents like whether you have any criminal records or not. Without an e-visa, passengers will be stopped by the military corps and may have to go through legal action like fines. A traveler must provide the government fee and service fee at the time of applying for an e-visa. For Irish citizens e-visa is available in Azerbaijan, the validation period for the visa is 90days. For a better traveling experience learn the Azerbaijan citizen language so that you can become aware of the safe and tourist places to travel.

How to apply for the Azerbaijan e-visa?

For a quick and better option visit the tourist visa online website where you will find out all tourist-placed country-related booking ticket details as well as e-visa details. You need to provide your valid documents to the website and have to fill the form after that, move to payment options, and wait for your e-visa; they will check your details and will generate the visa. Without many headaches, your visa is generated.

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Do Israeli citizens need Azerbaijan visas?

For any kind of visa application, it's necessary to have a passport same goes for an e-visa also for traveling to the country. E-visa is mandatory as it is for Azerbaijan's government territory to have to keep citizenship valid details and records. For applying for an e-visa, your passport must have six months of validation.

Do Israeli Citizens Can Extend Their Stay In Azerbaijan

Yes, it's possible, but they have to fill out a form and have to get Ireland, a foreign mister, to write or apply, or if a person wants to extend his/her validation for the workplace or medical issues, they can generate the documents in that application form.

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Special entry

If a person having emergency cases like medical issues, a business purpose special visa facility is being provided to them with 48 hours visa is generated for them. 

Apply Azerbaijan Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

A person must apply two months before the travel date. If somehow any delays, your ticket can get canceled and as mentioned, no refund will be entertained if the ticket is canceled.

Yes, it is mandatory to send the passport for the stamp from the Azerbaijan government. No need to worry, all the privacy is maintained at that place. For e-visa, an original passport is required; without that, the process will not proceed.

Till now, e-visas for Indians have not been approved for Azerbaijan. The Indian embassy has not approved the passport applicant/ holders to have an e-visa for Azerbaijan. No reasons have been explained for this by the Indian embassy. 

According to reports, life in Azerbaijan is not very enjoyable as the salaries are quite low; they lead a very poor quality lifestyle, due to the high population, many consequences they have to face. Their education facilities are not well, and for that reason, many people are migrating to other countries. Well, it’s quite an attractive place for tourists; the city has beautiful places to travel and visit. It’s can be a good and attractive destination for tourists.

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