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Visiting Azerbaijan needs a visa unless he is a citizen of Azerbaijan. This visa is issued under Azerbaijan's visa policy and is extremely necessary in this regard. In order to maintain fundamental order and assign visas to foreigners, the Visa Policy of Azerbaijan provides for rules laid down by the Republic of Azerbaijan. People originating in some countries where a visa is not required to go to Azerbaijan may also go to Azerbaijan without a visa. In this article on Do I need a Visa to Azerbaijan, we will check out the necessities that you must have to fulfill to get an Azerbaijan Visa.

Requirements You Must Fulfill to Get Azerbaijan Visa

In order to obtain an Azerbaijan visa, there are some general conditions to be met. The following can be specified:

  1. A passport that is six months valid before the expiration of the visa, which is applicable, must be available to all the people who are to fly to Azerbaijan.
  2. Where the passport is found to be valid for less than three months, no one shall be awarded the Azerbaijan Visa.
  3. Each country whose names are indicated on the visa list shall have the right to a visa, or they will be denied entry on their own borders before entering Azerbaijan.
  4. An alien has different choices for applying for a visa, such as a Republic of Azerbaijan Embassy or Consulate. Or, once they enter the border, foreigners can also apply for one.
  5. An online method can also make the visa application possible, which makes it a more feasible way.

Countries with Visa Exemption

Some visa exemptions for foreign countries have been made. Some 11 countries are included in the list, and the list can be given as follows:

  • Belarus
  • Georgia
  • Kazakhstan      
  • Iran     
  • Kyrgyzstan      
  • Moldova
  • Russia 
  • Tajikistan        
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan        

A visa-free tour of Azerbaijan is available to all of the countries listed above. The length varies, however. E.g., a stay of only 15 days for Iran is only available in Nakhchivan. And the other countries could remain for 90 days in Azerbaijan.

Diplomatic and Service Passport Holders

Such holders of diplomatic or service passports who have the names of their country indicated in the following list also do not need to enter Azerbaijan with a visa. The country list can be given as follows:

  • Albania
  • Argentina        
  • Austria
  • Bulgaria          
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina           
  • Brazil
  • China  
  • Colombia         
  • Croatia
  • Cuba   
  • Hungary          
  • India
  • Indonesia         
  • Iran     
  • Israel   
  • Italy    
  • Jordan 
  • Kuwait
  • Latvia  
  • Libya   
  • Lithuania        
  • Mongolia         
  • Montenegro     
  • Morocco
  • Pakistan          
  • Peru    
  • Portugal          
  • Romania          
  • Serbia  
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia          
  • South Korea     
  • Switzerland     
  • Syria   
  • Turkey
  • Turkmenistan
  • United Arab Emirates   
  • Uruguay          
  • Vietnam          
  • Belgium          
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France 
  • Germany         
  • Greece 
  • Japan
  • Laos    
  • Luxembourg    
  • Malta  
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands     
  • Norway
  • Palestine          
  • Poland 
  • Qatar   
  • Spain   
  • Sweden

All countries in which the visa waiver agreement has been agreed but has not yet been enforced have except the countries mentioned above. The following countries may be specified:

  • This visa waiver agreement for service passengers was concluded with Benelux on 23 November 2017.
  • For diplomatic and service passport holders with Bolivia in August 2017.
  • For those diplomatic and service passport holders with Chile in September 2018.
  • For the diplomatic and service passport holders with Paraguay on 24 March 2019.

E Visa Facility for Azerbaijan Visa

Some countries can now access the Azerbaijan government's electronic visa facility launched in January 2017. Also called ASAN, this electronic visa allows citizens to receive an Online visa without leaving their homes. This visa will only be approved and distributed electronically to the individuals. However, this visa and the valid passport that the foreigner holds must be shown at the border. The issuance of the visa can differ depending on the choices made by the citizens. It can take from 3 hours to avail the emergency Azerbaijan Visa, and for a normal visa, it takes upto five days.

There are a total of 95 countries that can avail of this facility and explore the nation. ASAN visa has also been voted one of the most convenient visas in the world. Electronic visas are now possible, even upon arrival, for people from Bahrain, Indonesia, China, Iran, Japan, Israel, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. However, only at Baku International Airport was this facility opened up until now. It began on 15 May 2018. 

The Easy Azerbaijan Visa Process

The agreement between Azerbaijan and the European Union on visa facilitation was concluded. This agreement does, however, exempt countries like Denmark, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. This agreement states that the countries of the European Union do not need to have several documents in order to qualify for a visa, but only a few which can be prevented. That will mean that the costs will both be reduced and it will be easy to apply.

Final Words

So by now, you must have gotten the answer to the question, Do I Need a Visa to Azerbaijan. You must have obtained all details regarding the visa policy of the nation; therefore, you must plan a trip to the country, and for availing of the Azerbaijan Visa, you can visit Tourist Visa Online.

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