Azerbaijan Visa for Ghanaians

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Azerbaijan situated in South Caucasus is a beautiful land rich in natural resources.

Its history, natural beauty, and traditions could fascinate every tourist.

If you are Ghanaian planning to visit Azerbaijan, then here's everything you need to know about your Azerbaijan visa.

Do Ghanaian citizens require a visa for Azerbaijan?

Yes, Ghanaians must apply for an Azerbaijan visa to enter the country.

The Azerbaijan visa will serve as an approved letter for easy travel to Azerbaijan. This visa will provide proof of your correct identity to the government, as well as travel, leisure, and vacation permission.

How does Ghanania apply for an Azerbaijan visa?

Ghanaians need to be present while applying for an Azerbaijan visa. The visa allows them to stay for 30 days. All you need to do is provide supporting documents with your visa application to Azerbaijan visa.

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What are the types of Azerbaijan visas, Ghanania can apply for?

Ghanaians can apply for mainly two types of Azerbaijan visas.

One is the Azerbaijan Tourist visa. This visa allows Ghana citizens into Azerbaijan for leisure or touristic purposes.

The other one is the Business visa. This visa allows Ghananian for work or business purposes. Ghanaians will need an invitation letter to apply for this visa.

Azerbaijan Visa requirements

  • Azerbaijan Visa application form
  • A Ghanaian passport with a validity of 3 months. Minimum 2 blank pages are required to be in your passport.
  • A clear copy of your Ghana passport with detailed information on it.
  • Valid health insurance, that can cover health or medical emergency expenses when in Azerbaijan
  • Invitation letter. This letter could be from your relative or company inviting you to visit. This letter should state your purpose of stay, how long will you stay and whether they would be taking care of your travel expenses.

You need to visit the embassy with the above documents and application to apply for your Azerbaijan visa.


Do not book your hotel before you receive your visa. Azerbaijan Embassy suggests against it, wait for your visa to arrive and then you can easily make your reservations at reputable hotels by using your valid visa.

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Local laws and customs of Azerbaijan

  • Azerbaijan is a secular society, you are needed to respect all religions, cultures and traditions of Azerbaijan.
  • Do not offend any religious belief.
  • If found in possession of any illegal drugs you could be fined or even imprisoned for 3 to 7 years.
  • Try not to wear short clothes outside Boku.
  • Azerbaijan is a conservative society, try not to get into a public display of affection.
  • Homosexuality is a crime in Azerbaijan.
  • Visitors could be questioned by the officers in authority.

Currency and Money

To avail of the local services and goods, you need to pay using the local currency that is the Azerbaijani Manat.

However, you can easily transact using ATM, debit or credit card using in big reputable hotels, supermarkets and restaurants.

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Covid 19 restrictions

Before 72 hours of leaving, you must perform a PCR test. When you arrive, your temperature will be checked again, and if positive, you will be quarantined for 14 days.

Apply Azerbaijan Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

You have to use local currency for buying goods and services in Azerbaijan, however, you can use your credit or debit card for transactions in Supermarket or Hotel.

Yes, you would require a visa and a passport for getting entry in Azerbaijan.

No, an Azerbaijan visa is straightforward. With the correct information and supporting documents, you can easily apply for your Azerbaijan visa.

Yes, Azerbaijan is safe to visit. If you follow the given guidelines by the Azerbaijan government then you could be worrisome.

Yes, Islam is the most practised religion in Azerbaijan. Hence you are required to remain very respectful towards people and their beliefs.

You need to fill your work visa application correctly and provide documents that support your statement.

Your work visa requirements are:

  • Invitation letter by the company
  • Employee's Id
  • Certificates that displays your work history

The Mountain ranges of Azerbaijan makes it an attractive tourist spot.

Ghanaians aren't eligible for Azerbaijan e-visa. Nonetheless, if you are an eligible citizen for the Azerbaijan e-visa. Then all you need to do is get an e-visa application, attach your documents, pay the fee and wait for your e-visa to arrive through your mail. Once it arrives, take a printout so that you can get it stamped in the entry port of Azerbaijan.

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