how to check azerbaijan visa status online

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Check Azerbaijan visa status online as we add a feature of  “Track visa status” option in our formal site, With this newly introduced option, you can easily Track your Azerbaijan visa status online and so that you can keep yourself updated with the visa status. While applying for an Azerbaijan visa can be easy with the steps given to the people, the hard thing is locating where your application has reached. While there are a lot of people who open up and show the entire process, there are some other companies where the location of the application is unclear. This is when people have one question arising in their minds and that is how to check Azerbaijan visa status online! To solve this query it is important that you come to know how to check the whole process after applying. Let’s first see how to apply then we will proceed onto checking of the application!

When applying through tourist visa online all you need to follow is some simple steps that will lead to the result and these can be given as follows:

  • Entering the nationality of the foreigner
  • Then you will be led to a new page where you need to select the Azerbaijan visa type you will be opting for.
  • Then you need to give personal details, passport details and the security question also needs to be answered.
  • Then the documents which will support the details provided will be submitted.
  • Then the last step will be the submission of this application and paying of the fee which has been mentioned.

With this, the application process will be successfully completed and the next step that comes into the role is the checking of the status.

Checking of the status:

Tourist visa online helps a foreigner to check their visa application status without any problems from anywhere in the world. This is done through an online process. As the entire process of the application verification is done through only the online method it becomes quite easy to be transparent to the public to see the entire procedure being carried out. 

1. Opening tourist visa online:

First of all, you need to go to the website link:

2. Entering the passport number:

Once you follow the link given above you will be entering the main page. This is where you will find the option track visa status online. Once you press this option you will be led to the page where you will be entering your passport number and the application number which will help you log into your account.

3. Taking a look at the status:

Once you enter your account then you can check the status. The following options will be visible:

An incomplete application: if you see such a message being displayed then it will probably be because you have either not entered the details or you have not attached the documents that are required or you have not paid the fee for the application form. If any of the mentioned steps are missing then it will be considered as an incomplete application.

An application has been received: if this message has been displayed then that means that your completed application has been received by us at tourist visa online. This completed application will now be processed further which will show the next status.

The application is being processed: if this message has been shown then that means our team at tourist visa online is currently working on the processing of the visa application.

The application has been forwarded to government: this means the application has been processed further to the government and the approval is being waited. Once the approval is fulfilled then the next status will be shown.

The process is complete: this message means that both the processing and the verification has been completed and has been mailed onto your mail address where you will be able to download it and print it for further processes. 


1. If my application has not been processed then will a mail be sent to me?

We at tourist visa online will let you know about all of the stages of the visa processing so if there is an application that you have submitted and has not been processed then you will definitely get a mail that will inform you about it.

2. Is there any possibility that my visa application will be denied?

Your Azerbaijan visa application will be denied if you have not attached any required documents or if you have given invalid information or if you have given the copy of a passport which has exceeded its validity period. Apart from these reasons, there is no way that an application form will be denied.

3. Will there be an assistant to help me fill in the application form?

There will be an assistant who will be at your service always and you can also select the language in which you are comfortable. With about 16 languages and more, you can choose the one with which you are comfortable.

4. How to know if there is a mistake in my application form?

If there is a mistake your application will either be shown as incomplete or your application form will be returned back to you. If any of these things happen then you can know that you have made a mistake.

5. How to check the visa without any issues occurring?

With all of the above statuses in place, you can check which one has been displayed to you and you will get an idea of how to check the Azerbaijan visa status online.

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