azerbaijan visa for singapore citizens

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Singapore now being eligible for an Azerbaijan electronic visa, apply for one through a Tourist Visa Online. It is through an Azerbaijan visa for Singapore citizens that all of the citizens of Singapore can travel to Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan visa that you apply through Tourist Visa Online will not only ensure a low-cost rating but will also have a fast delivery done to you. This means you will not have to wait for your visas and get on a plane after you get one. You can Apply Azerbaijan Visa anywhere and anytime and this is why this is absolutely beneficial to you! 


Q. What is required for a Singapore citizen to travel to Azerbaijan?

For a Singapore citizen to travel to Azerbaijan, taking a visa will be necessary. This is the first thing that you should make sure that you have before your travel commences. This is to ensure smooth travel to a foreign country. Travelling to a foreign country can actually be quite hard if you do not have this travel document. This is why tourist visa online will be here with you at each stage of your application. 

Q. When was it that this facility of an electronic visa made available for a Singapore citizen?

It was in the year 2017 in January that this facility was made available for the citizens of Singapore to get an electronic visa through Tourist Visa Online. This was allowed by the government of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 

Q. Is the ASAN visa and the electronic visa the same thing?

Well, an electronic visa is something that you apply through an online method and this is the same as an ASAN visa. This was first initiated by the Republic of Azerbaijan to make smooth travel arrangements for its foreign tourists. 

Q. Is it that Singapore citizens can only get this visa facility made available to them?

No there are other 95 countries that were added in the list of countries that could apply for an online Azerbaijan visa as of May 2018. 

Q. How many days could a citizen from Singapore stay in Azerbaijan after getting a tourist visa to Azerbaijan being issued?

After you get an Azerbaijan visa issued to you, you can stay for about 30 days in Azerbaijan if you are from Singapore. 

Q. Can an Azerbaijan tourist visa that is valid for 30 days be extended even after the expiry date is over?

You can definitely have an extension applied for. But this application for an extension must be applied for before at least one month than the expiration date has been mentioned. If it has been submitted this early then only will your extension request be processed? You must also have a good valid reason as to why you wish to stay in the country for longer. After this has been verified, only then a visa will be issued to you. 

Q. Is it possible to enter multiple times on an Azerbaijan visa?

It depends on which visa you apply for, if you have applied for a business visa with multiple entries then you can definitely enter multiple times into the country. However, if you have applied for a single entry tourist visa then this visa will only be valid for a single entry into the country. After this entry, your visa will become invalid and you cannot use this visa to enter Azerbaijan anymore. 

Q. Is a visa on arrival allowed for a citizen of Singapore travelling to Azerbaijan?

Yes, it was on the 15th of May 2018 that the Azerbaijan visa on arrival will be provided to citizens of Singapore decision made valid. This is why you can also get one after you arrive at the port. But this visa on arrival facility can only be made available through Baku international airport. Arriving through any other airport you will not be able to get one. 

Q. How many days validity will the Azerbaijan visa that has been applied on arrival have?

The visa that you get through visa on arrival will have a total validity of about 30 days once you enter the country. 

Q. Are there any restrictions that a citizen of Singapore must follow in order to get into the country of Azerbaijan?

No there are no restrictions, but you will have to follow not only all the visa policies that have been mentioned, but you will also have to follow the rules that have been laid down in Azerbaijan to stay as a legitimate tourist. 

That’s it now you can make way for Azerbaijan trip through an Azerbaijan visa for Singapore citizens while applying through Tourist Visa Online. 

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