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Too lazy to apply for a visa beforehand? Then don’t worry as Azerbaijan visa on arrival has you covered on that matter! With a visa that allows you to stay as a tourist in Azerbaijan, you can easily apply for this one when you get to the airport. There are not many things you need to do in order to get one. However, you can have the option of applying for a visa in advance so that you save your time for standing in the long queues at the airport.


  • Countries that can avail visa on arrival facility
  • Documents required for a visa on arrival at Azerbaijan
  • Application procedure for a visa on arrival
  • Eligibility for a visa on arrival
  • Cases of visa on arrival denial
  • Cons of having a visa on arrival facility
  • ASAN visa

Countries that can avail visa on arrival facility:

There are about 16 countries that can avail this visa on arrival facility and they can be listed as follows:

Bahrain China Hong Kong Indonesia Iran Israel
Japan Kuwait Macau Malaysia Oman Qatar
Saudi Arabia Singapore South Korea United Arab Emirates    

The citizens of the above-listed countries can easily apply for a visa on arrival at the airport. The condition that a US citizen must however follow is that they should have a direct flight taken from New York City to Azerbaijan to avail of this opportunity.

Those residents of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and UAE who have a resident permit can avail of this opportunity but can only stay for a total of 30 days.

Documents required for a visa on arrival at Azerbaijan:

The following documents might have to be submitted in order to get a visa issued to you at the airport on arrival:

  1. A valid passport with at least three months’ validity after you enter the country.
  2. Two photographs to be attached on the application form
  3. A proof of the address you will be living at after reaching Azerbaijan
  4. A proof of the inward and outward flight tickets
  5. Other documents may include a medical insurance certificate or a letter of invitation issued by the sponsor.

Application procedure for a visa on arrival:

You can apply for a visa on arrival even through an online method if you have all of the documents that have been mentioned above. The process can be given as follows:

  1. Log onto
  2. Choose the country you are going to, the type of visa applicable.
  3. Enter the details in the form
  4. Then attach all the documents after which you can pay the fee
  5. You will get the visa in about three to five days

Once you get this visa you can easily go on to get a printout and go on a trip!

Eligibility for a visa on arrival:

If the foreigner fulfills the following conditions then they can have a visa on arrival being issued to them. The conditions are:

  • The traveler in no means should have a bad intention while entering Azerbaijan and must also have a valid reason.
  • There must be sufficient funds available to the foreigner to take up all the expenses needed throughout the stay.
  • You must also have a valid reason to return back to your country.
  • No criminal records must be found and the foreigner must have a good character. A Police clearance certificate can also be attached to prove the same.
  • Must have good health for both traveling and entering the country and must meet the basic medical conditions.
  • You must be a genuine tourist with the intention of only coming for tourist purposes and must also have plans that will support this idea.

Cases of visa on arrival denial:

Your visa on arrival can be denied if you have visited Armenia before entering Azerbaijan. This will lead to a cancellation of your visa on arrival. You may visit Azerbaijan and then enter Armenia and the vice versa procedure might not work.

Cons of having a visa on arrival facility:

While a lot of people might think that visa on arrival is boon for the people, you might not think so when you’ll be sitting in a long line at the airport to just get the visa. This long line can up to four to five hours. Not only that the visa on arrival can be quite expensive than the ones that you apply for through an online method like an ASAN visa. This may be due to the various payments of fees at different locations after arriving at the airport. To avoid this extensive money expenditure you can also apply for one through an online method.

ASAN visa:

These are electronic visa which can be accessed by the foreigners who wish to enter Azerbaijan and can be done easily with two options if you are applying from Tourist Visa Online.

Thus by having an Azerbaijan visa on arrival facility being opened up to your country, you can either apply through an online method or even go for an arrival at the airport method.

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