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While a lot of people want to go to Azerbaijan, they are cuddled up with only one question, which are the documents required for Azerbaijan visa? This question is kind of a hard one if you do not know which documents to submit when! Some of the documents might be required for a particular type of visa while some other documents might not be required. This is why knowing exactly which one is required is very important. Or else the submission of unwanted documents will just lead to a waste of time. 

Each and every visa will require only a specified amount of documents. So let’s take a look at the documents which are necessary for a type of visa and the ones that are not:

1. Documents required for Azerbaijan tourist visa:

A tourist visa is applied when a foreigner does not have any acquaintances in Azerbaijan. This means there are no sponsors who will be taking him or her to Azerbaijan. So that means that a tourist visa is something that a person can apply for themselves. But if you do not know which documents you need for that purpose then you may fall into a huge trouble! The documents that you need to apply for a tourist visa can be given as follows:

A passport:

The passport must be submitted as a soft copy by scanning it and sending it along with other documents. It should have validity before 6 months of the date you have planned to leave for Azerbaijan. There should be two pages left blank in order to get the stamp when you reach the border of Azerbaijan. The passport must not have any scratches, marks, or should not be torn, ripped, and must be in good condition.

An air ticket:

All the tickets necessary for going to and coming from Azerbaijan are necessary and must be submitted along with other documents. It should be confirmed and must be for a complete round trip only.

An application form:

An application form with all the complete details must be submitted. All the main marked questions should not be left blank. This application form will be the one that is submitted with the documents that you give.

Medical insurance certificate:

A medical insurance certificate applied by the foreigner is a must unless the sponsor has applied for one already. 


2 colored copies of the photograph of the foreigner are to be submitted with the application. This picture must not have the foreigner wearing a hat or any other form of covering and if it is an important one then it should be worn while identifying the foreigner at the border.

A registered email address: 

This email address will be the one through which the online agency will contact you and let you know about the information on the visa.

An accommodation address:

The place that has been booked such as at a hotel or it may even be at your friends’ place in Azerbaijan, the address of this place must be provided.

With the above-given documents, you can either apply for the tourist visa through an embassy or an online method.

2. Documents required for an Azerbaijan business visa:

A business visa is a visa a foreigner gets in order to be able to conduct business in Azerbaijan. However, to get this visa there must be a sponsor. It can be a person or a private firm or a public firm. The list of the document which is needed can be given as follows:

A passport:

This passport should have validity which will go for 6 months before you will enter the country. It must also contain two pages that are left blank in case of a stamp of the visa.

Flight tickets:

A copy of the tickets for the flight which will be taken must be provided in order to get the visa.

A letter of invitation from the company:

The letter of invitation is required to get a business visa. This letter will be given by the authorized person who is concerned. Thus authority person might run a private firm or a public firm. However, the name of the firm should be clearly mentioned and the stamp should also be given. Only with the help of this document is it possible to prove the purpose of the visit.

3. Documents which are required for an Azerbaijan visit visa:

A visit visa is given to the family members of the foreigner who is currently living in Azerbaijan. However, this visa is a sponsored visa which means a sponsorship letter becomes important while applying for a visa. The documents can be listed as follows:


The passport of the relative or the family member must be submitted to get this visa. The copy should also be submitted. Especially both the first and the last page of the passport.

A booked and confirmed flight ticket:

A copy of the confirmed flight ticket which will be taken by the family member must be submitted.

A letter of invitation:

This letter of invitation will be different from the one mentioned for business purposes. While it is for official purpose, this one will have all the details which mention the relation of the person who will enter Azerbaijan with the person who is already residing in the country.

With the documents required for the Azerbaijan visa being completed, you can now book a visa easily without getting confused as to which document is necessary and which one is not!

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