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Baiyan (guardian) is a young democratic nation that was just established in 1991. The Guardian of Fire is Azer (fire). This architecture combines Persian, Russian, Islamic, and modern lush architecture like the Christian Dior and Tom Ford shops. It is a lovely medieval building. The Caspian Sea's booming oil company attracts business people and industrialists alike. In this article, we have discussed Azerbaijan Visa Types that you must know about if you are planning to visit the nation.

You need a visa to travel to Azerbaijan if you are a US passport holder. While it is relatively easy to choose common visas, the Azerbaijani Government uses Travisa Outsourcing, a courier service, to collect applications for visas. It is responsible for the acceptance and return of applications. Click here for more detailed information.

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Azerbaijan Visa Types

Tourist Visa

For tourists or for persons visiting Azerbaijan, for personal reasons, this Visa is valid for three months or one year. A single entry or double entry visa can be applied for a period of three months or one year for a multiple entry visa.

Business Visa

This Visa is for everyone in Azerbaijan who does business. Please note that you need a letter from the Company to the Azerbaijan embassy stating your business and any company you visit.

Diplomatic Visa and Official Visa

These two types of visas are intended for anyone carrying on with the Azeri government diplomatically or officially.


Documents Required for Azerbaijan Visa

While many people want to visit Azerbaijan, there is just one question they have to ask: What documents are required for the Visa to Azerbaijan? This is somewhat a difficult question if you don't know when to send papers! Some documents may be necessary for a certain form of Visa, while other documents may not be necessary. That is why it is essential to know exactly which one is needed. Or otherwise, it would only be a waste of time to send unsolicited papers.

Azerbaijan Tourist Visa Documents Required

If the foreigner does not reside in Azerbaijan, a tourist visa should be applied to explore the nation. So nobody can carry them into Azerbaijan. There are no sponsors. This means that a tourist visa can be used by an individual. But you can encounter huge difficulties if you don't know which document you need to do this! The following documents can be issued that you need to obtain a Tourist Visa:


By scanning it and submitting it along with other documents, the passport must be issued as a soft copy. The date you intend to leave for Azerbaijan should not be six months old. To receive the stamp when you reach the Azerbaijani border, two pages should remain blank. The passport must not be squeezed, signed or torn, ripped, and in good condition.

Flight Tickets

The requisite tickets are required and must be submitted with other documents to and from Azerbaijan. It must be checked and only for an entire round trip.

Visa Application Form

A request form must be sent with all of the information. Not all should remain blank on the key marked questions. This form is the one with the documentation you provide.


Certificate of Medical Insurance

Unless the sponsor already applies for one, a health insurance certificate from the foreigner is required.


The applications shall be sent with two colored copies of a photograph. The foreigner should not wear a hat or any other type of covering in this picture and, if it is essential, it should be used when identifying the foreigner.

Valid Email Id

The online agency will contact you and let you know about visa details at this email address.

Hotel Details

The place booked, for example, in a hotel, or maybe even in the place of your friends in Azerbaijan, must be provided with the address of this place.

You may apply for a tourist visa via an embassy or an online form using the above-listed documents.

Azerbaijan Business Visa Documents Required

A business visa is a visa to enter into business in Azerbaijan for foreigners. There must be a sponsor, however, to receive this Visa. It may be an entity, a private company, or a public company. The requisite document list can be given as follows:


The validity of this passport must be six months before you reach the country. Two pages that are left unused in the event of a visa stamp should also be included.

Flight Tickets

To obtain the Visa, a copy of the tickets for the flight must be issued.

Invitation from the Company

You must obtain a business visa by letter of invitation. The approved person concerned shall send this letter. This will allow a leader to manage a private sector or a public company. However, it is essential to mention the company name clearly and to give the stamp as well. The object of the visit can be illustrated only with the aid of this text.

So this is all about Azerbaijan Visa Types. For more details, you can check out the Tourist Visa Online website.

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