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Planning a trip on a budget is a really hard thing that one needs to endure. However, it is now possible for you to get to know the prices of the visa. Traveling to Azerbaijan can also be a headache if you are planning to apply for an Azerbaijan visa through an embassy. Not only do you have to go through some complicated procedure but you will also have to get some extra money in your pocket to pay for the officials at the embassy to get your visa quickly. Getting to know the Azerbaijan visa cost through Tourist Visa Online is one of the best things that will happen to you!

Still, confused as to who tourist visa online is?

Tourist visa Online is your savior who will be assisting you in the difficult path of this complicated visa application. You need not worry about how and when you need to do and what all do you need to do. Tourist visa online will always be here to assist you in all your cases of complications that come your way!

About Azerbaijan:

Azerbaijan as most you might have not heard of is a hidden gem in this world. You can discover a lot of different cultural activities here. Not only is it a rising tourist place, but it is now also a highly demanded business area among the entire world. Apart from the war threats that happen between Armenia and Azerbaijan, this place is like a heaven of good things to be tested. One who will be going to visit this country will never run out of things to do! Right from historically significant places to modernized civilization, one can find it all. This is exactly why people tend to go to Azerbaijan without any hesitation.

Fun Facts about Azerbaijan:

Here are some interesting facts you would like to hear before you plan your budget trip to Azerbaijan:

It is also known as the land of the holy fire as Azerbaijan itself gets translated to Guardian of fire or “Azer” and “baijan”.

Here you get tea with jam! Well, now that’s some fascinating thing we have here. While most of the countries prefer tea with toast, here in Azerbaijan you can literally have tea with jam making it a unique combination that is found nowhere else.

If you didn’t know this, here it is! The birthplace of Nobel Prizes! Azerbaijan is the birthplace of the Nobel Prize where the families who funded these prizes made money through the most famous oil digging and trading which is the most resourceful way in this country!

Here oil being the main here in Azerbaijan, you can find a lot of therapeutic crude oil spas which will help in both massage of body and mind alike.

You can find a lot of mud volcanoes here in Azerbaijan. In fact, almost 83 percent of the mud volcanoes are found here in Azerbaijan. One can even enter these volcanoes to enjoy the healing properties!

Don’t you think these 5 facts are enough of a reason for you to go visit the hidden gem of Azerbaijan? Well, if you think that’s enough of a reason then here are some other things you might want to know before you plan your travel!

Cost of visas:

The visa cost as mentioned before is the only thing that stops most of you people from roaming around the world freely. This cost factor should never be a thing that stops your ambitions and dreams and hence to fulfill them we at, Tourist Visa Online, try our best. 

With two options being available to you, you can find the ones that are most feasible to you for your travel.

1. Standard option:

This standard option for applying for a visa will take about three to five days to be processed. This option is the most suitable for those who need not get an emergency visa and have quite a lot of time to get it issued. This visa option will cost you about 45 US dollars and the visa will have a validity of 90 days but the stay period allowed will only be for 30 days.

2. Urgent option:

This urgent visa option is for those people who will be rushing their visit to Azerbaijan. Such as due to the sudden death of a family member living in Azerbaijan or due to a sudden business meeting being kept in Azerbaijan which needs to be attended in about 1 or 2 days, then this visa will come in handy. This visa option will have a processing time of 3 hours and will cost you about 48 US dollars. While the validity period will remain the same as the above-given option.

With these two options of Azerbaijan visa cost, you can easily apply for one and go for your trip be it for a fun trip or on an official one!


Q. Are there any other types of visas available for me to apply while going to Azerbaijan?

A foreigner can easily access to the various Azerbaijan visa types available to get their desired visa which will suit their visit the most!

Q. Will there be any additional charges that will be needed to pay apart from the ones given above?

We, at tourist visa online take care that no extra money is taken without any consent. The prices that are mentioned above are the only ones you need to pay while paying for the visa.

Q. will tourist visa online give a notification once the visa processing is over?


We at tourist visa online will send a mail through your registered email id and will let you know about the completion of the visa as well. you can also check the asan visa and the Azerbaijan visa cost which is the online version of the visa for Azerbaijan. 

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