Bahrain Visa through King Fahd Causeway

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Bahrain International Airport is open to all travelers, including transit and transfer passengers, and UK nationals can get Bahrain Visa through King Fahd Causeway on arrival. Except for those transferring within the airport or those who qualify for the exemptions listed below, all arrivals aged 7 and up must present an approved negative PCR test documentation with QR code showed no more than 48 hours before parting and must experience and pay for PCR tests on arrival besides on the tenth day of their stay, as well as a quarantine for ten days in their residence (proof of residence or hotel booking is required).

The prerequisites for admission:

This page contains information about the most common types of travel and represents the UK government's understanding of the existing legislation. This information is intended for travelers who have a full ‘British Citizen passport unless otherwise noted. 
The authorities of the country or territory you are visiting are in charge of establishing and enforcing entry rules. If you have any questions about the entrance criteria or seek additional assurance, you should contact the embassy, high commission, or consulate of the country or territory to which you are traveling.
Check with your transportation provider or travel business to ensure that your passport and other travel documents fulfill their criteria.

Exemptions and proof of COVID-19 vaccination are required:

Arrivals who have not visited Bahrain's "red list" countries (currently India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh) within 14 days of arrival and can show official COVID-19 vaccination status from the UK (NHS App or letter), the EU, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, or Canada are exempt from quarantine but the need to present a pre-departure PCR test are exempt from quarantine and the need to present a pre-departure

Commuting Bahrain is a country in the Middle East:

Passengers in transit and on their way to or from King Fahd Causeway International Airport are not required to undergo testing. For the most up-to-date information, go visit Bahrain's visa portal.

On-the-spot testing:

Unless they can prove an exception as set out above, all visitors to Bahrain aged 7 and up must pay for and take a coronavirus test upon arrival and self-isolate until test results are obtained. The fixed charge also includes a coronavirus test, which is necessary on the tenth day after arriving in Bahrain.

Quarantine regulations:

All visitors to Bahrain aged 7 and up will be subjected to coronavirus testing and will be obliged to self-isolate until test results are received unless they can demonstrate an exemption as described above. Those who test positive will be subjected to additional quarantine measures and health treatment at a hospital or quarantine center, which will be provided free of charge. Those who test positive but show no signs or symptoms may be allowed to self-isolate at home or in their hotel. Five and ten days after arrival, two further coronavirus tests are obligatory, which can be arranged through the “Be Aware” app or by phoning 444.

Obtaining information:

All newcomers must give contact information and download the "Be Aware" Bahrain app, which will be used to track compliance throughout the self-isolation time. 

Visas are required for regular admission:

Before you travel, make sure to check with the Bahraini Embassy for the most up-to-date admission regulations.
From 4 September 2020, the Bahrain government will restore visas on arrival at all of the Kingdom's entrance gateways. Travelers can also obtain a visa in advance, either online or at the Bahraini Embassy in the United Kingdom.
  • Validity of a passport
  • From the date of entry into Bahrain, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months.
  • Emergency Travel Documents for the United Kingdom
Emergency Travel Documents (ETDs) issued in the United Kingdom are not valid for admission into Bahrain. ETDs, on the other hand, are accepted for airside transit and departure from Bahrain. If the prior passport was lost or stolen, a police report is simply required.

Exit conditions:

When you leave Bahrain, you must have legal status. If you are subject to a travel ban, are involved in legal procedures, owe money, or have a child who is the subject of a custody dispute, you may be barred from leaving Bahrain. Overstaying or failing to prolong your legal residency might result in a fine.
Bahrain citizens, travelers with a valid visa, diplomats, military personnel, airline crew, and holders of official, service, or UN passports, as well as those who are entitled to a visa on arrival, are all prohibited from entering. When you arrive at the airport, you must undergo a PCR test and remain segregated while waiting for the results which will be prior informed by Tourist Visa Online. A new test will be required 10 days following your arrival.
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