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Are you a travel freak? Bahrain is waiting for you to explore it. Bahrain is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It also has 33 islands which rule as the princesses of Bahrain Queen. This place with about 33 islands to visit is also a place that might seem like a dream. However, now it need not be a dream anymore especially when you have Tourist Visa Online to help you apply for a Bahrain visa for Lithuania nationals.

Bahrain is a small Gulf state which is rich in culture, traditions, history, cuisines, oil, and modern lifestyle which is situated on the southwestern coast of the Persian Gulf. Bahrain means two seas. Each and every island of Bahrain stands out for its own exquisite views. There is something exceptional in Bahrain to visit. Basically, it is a beautiful island as the cleanliness gives perfection to its beauty which makes the whole of Bahrain play a good role as a tourist place. One who has a Lithuania citizenship definitely love visiting Bahrain as the traditions, places, cultures, and cuisines bring attention to Lithuanians which brings them to Bahrain.


  • Hawar Islands
  • Bahrain fort
  • Manama
  • Visa requirements
  • FAQs

Hawar Islands:

Hawar Islands are one of the famous islands in Bahrain.

Tourists must visit this place without fail. It is a desert island in Bahrain that is situated near the west coast of Qatar. If you're a fan of birds, Hawar Island is the perfect place for it. You can enjoy by observing hundreds of birds and you can see different species notably, Socotra Cormorant. This island is recognized as a world heritage site because of its unique environment. You can also buy beautiful handwoven fabric here.

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Bahrain fort:

The Qal’ at al-Bahrain also quite famously known as the Bahrain Fort is an archaeological site for archaeologists to invest in Bahrain. This fort is present near the seashore. This place will be a very interesting place for people who have an interest in archeology since this place has evidence of the bronze and copper ages of Bahrain. The Fort was built on the northeastern peak of Bahrain Island about 3000 years ago. The present fort dates to be built during the sixth century AD. This place is termed as one of the “most important site in antiquity” of Bahrain.

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Manama is considered to be one of the largest city and is also the capital of Bahrain. It has a diverse population and it acts as an important trade center of Bahrain. Manama has many building towers and the largest harbor in Bahrain. It is a place one should never miss visiting as the exquisite night view of Manama is famous all over the world. You will definitely get addicted to the taste of Manama cuisine.

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Visa requirements:

The visa requirements for lithuanian citizens to apply for Bahrain visa:

  • Valid passport that has at least 6 more months before the expiration date when you will be entering the country.
  • Two passport size photos
  • Visa application form
  • Round trip flight tickets
  • Employment certificate and ownership document
  • Bank statements for the last three months.
  • Proper copies of hotel bookings in Bahrain or provide CPR reader's print copy if you are staying with a relative or friend.

Bahrain has a lot more places to visit. You'll be mesmerized once you explore the exquisite of Bahrain personally. The skyscrapers will make you to awestruck by its glorious height.

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Q. Can children apply for the Bahrain visa?

Ans: Yes. Children can apply online with their independent passport for a Bahrain visa.

Q. Is Lithuania on the eligible list?

Ans: Yes. Lithuania has placed on the eligible list.

Q. How can I extend my visa?

Ans: You have to visit NPRA (The General Directorate of Nationality, Passports, and Residence) once you are inside Bahrain.

Q. Is Bahrain safe for Lithuanians

Ans: Yes. It is safe for everyone

Still, staying at the home? Pack your bags! Get ready with Joy and curious!

Book your Bahrain visa for Lithuania nationals immediately on Tourist Visa Online and enjoy your vacation in Bahrain. 

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