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The Kingdom of Bahrain's visa policy lays out the rules, regulations, and restrictions that must be followed by any foreign visitors who seek to visit, enter, or stay in the nation. For Bahrain, there are just a few visa-free zones. Except for Qatari citizens, who must get a visa, nationals of all Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries can enter the region without a visa by just producing a valid ID card. Citizens of foreign countries must get a visa based on their nationality, the purpose of their travel, and the length of time they plan to spend in Bahrain. Visitors should familiarize themselves with Bahrain Visa for People Visiting Kingdom Saudi Arabia criteria so that they may apply for the appropriate travel permission, which could be an electronic visa or an embassy visa.

Bahrain's Tourist Visa Policy:

Those considering a tourist vacation to Bahrain may need to fulfill various visa requirements depending on their nationality and Bahrain's tourist visa policy.
If coming by plane and staying for a short amount of time, foreign tourists from roughly 120 countries can travel to Bahrain for tourism or business by getting an electronic visa (eVisa).
Eligible applicants can apply online for an authorized Bahrain tourist visa that will be electronically attached to their passport. 

Tourists who do not qualify for an eVisa must apply for a standard embassy visa to visit Bahrain. This type of visa must be secured well in advance of the desired date of arrival in Bahrain from a Bahraini diplomatic government office.

Applicants must attend a consular appointment and furnish a variety of supporting papers to apply for a tourist embassy visa.

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To enter Bahrain with an eVisa, you must meet the following requirements:

To submit a Bahrain electronic visa application form, eligible candidates must complete the following requirements:

  • Have a valid passport that is valid for either the duration of the traveler's stay in the nation or the duration of the visa, whichever is longer.
  • Upload a photo of the passport's biographical page.
  • Upload a photo of the passport's last page (Indian passport holders only)
  • A copy of an airline ticket for both arrival and departure
  • A photocopy of your GCC residency card (if applicable).

Visas for the Kingdom of Bahrain are divided into numerous categories based on their characteristics:

1. The goal
This is your reason for requiring a Bahrain Visa (eg. general tourism, business, work, visit family, etc).

2. Sponsorship is available.
The majority of Bahrain visas require sponsorship. Unsponsored visas are available, but only for particular nationalities and specific purposes.

3. Visa type: standard or eVisa
Some visas are considered "standard" because they are visible as a stamp or label in the passport. The phrase "eVisa" refers to a visa that does not have a visible stamp or label. The visa is electronic in this scenario, and the validity will be verified at the border when you enter Bahrain. The Visit eVisa, which is an electronic visa that can be purchased via this webpage, is an example of this.

4. Single/multiple
The amount of trips you can make is determined by this. The majority of visas are single-entry, though some nationalities get multiple-entry visas.

5. Issuer's location
Some visas are accessible on arrival in Bahrain; however, visas must be obtained in advance, either through a sponsor or through an embassy.

You must pay a charge for the original grant and any future renewals on all visas (if any extension is permitted):

Each visa has its own set of requirements. These are the rules that determine whether or not it can be granted in a certain circumstance and whether or not you will be allowed to enter Bahrain once you arrive. Some terms and determine the maximum length of your stay and advise you on what is a permissible activity for a visa holder in Bahrain. 
Visitors who do not qualify for a Bahrain Family Visit Visa must apply for an embassy visa, which can be issued for a variety of reasons and varying lengths of stay. It is recommended that applicants apply well ahead of their intended arrival date to enable enough time for the visa to be accepted. Foreign individuals who require a visa to enter Bahrain but are not eligible for an electronic visa must apply for a traditional embassy or consular visa before leaving.

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Currently, nationals of over 120 countries must apply for an embassy visa through their nearest Bahraini government diplomatic office, regardless of the reason for their visit or the length of time they intend to spend in the Kingdom.

Applicants must schedule a visa appointment with the diplomatic office and print and complete an embassy visa application form to get a Bahrain consular Tourist Visa Online. Travelers will be asked to select the sort of visa they require while filling out the application form with personal and passport information, whether it is a tourist visa, business visa, work visa, transit visa, study visa, or another visa choice. Depending on the type of Bahrain visa the applicant seeks, additional supporting documents may be required. It is recommended that travelers register for an embassy visa well in advance of their intended arrival date in Bahrain, as approval can take up to two weeks or longer.

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