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Bahrain is a place for its visitors with a range of activities. Regardless of with whom you go, be it with your partner, family or friends, you will never feel bored because the various things that you can do here when on holiday are endless. But to visit Bahrain, you need a Visa. If your journey is short, you can apply for a 14 days Bahrain visa. Let's have more information about this Visa type of Bahrain.

Bahrain is a gulf country comprising more than 30 beautiful islands. Most travel enthusiasts know with this one sentence that this place will be a treat to any walking soul. Bahrain is a city of rich culture and history, splendid temples, mosques, white sandy beaches, blue waters, etc. You should go to beaches if you are a lover of nature and many museums help you to satisfy your curiosity desires if you are interested in history and art.

14 Days Bahrain Visa Details

A Multi-Entry Visa is a particular visa form that allows a visa holder to enter Bahrain several times within a certain period. For example, holders of multiple visas can access Bahrain, return home and return to Bahrain on several occasions.

Need of 14 Days Multiple Entry Bahrain Visa

Each country has its own requirements to be fulfilled by multiple entry visa applicants. For a reason a person visits Bahrain temporarily, multiple visas are still listed. As an example, multi-entry visas may apply for tourist visas, work-related visas, etc. In order to be granted multiple entry status, the applicant will also be required to meet the basic requirements for that particular temporary visa category.

Eligibility of Bahrain Tourist Visa

A visa to visit the country is available only to a foreigner whose sole aim is to visit Bahrain, who does not have a residence or occupation and is free to visit Bahrain, to visit sightseeing, or to meet friends and relatives. No other tourist visa operation is permitted.

Bahrain Employment Visa

Bahrain Employment Visas are issued to foreign nationals employed by a Bahraini company or paid for by interns. International Bahraini citizens must first obtain residence visas and work permits before they can visit Bahrain.

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Should You Apply 14 Days Visa if Eligible for Visa on Arrival?

No, no need to apply for a 14-day multiple entry visa if you meet the eligibility criteria to receive a visa on arrival. However, to save you time, you are advised to get an E visa. Getting a Visa on Arrival is time-consuming as you have to wait at the airport for the checking of documents which is not the case with an E-visa.

Documents Required for 14 Days Bahrain Visa

When applying for a Bahrain visa, you will require the following documents.

  • Valid passport of at least six months validity and two pages blank.
  • The center should have two photographs of passport dimensions with a clear white background and your face.
  • Credit/Debit Card to pay visa fees online.
  • The proven travel agency can arrange and prove the accommodation such as your hotel bookings.
  • Flight ticket booked back.

Other Types of Bahrain Visa

This culturally rich place is an absolute destination if you want to know more about the Middle East, with lots of places to visit and choose from. The place also features a number of attractions from archaeological sites to fine restaurants, to pearl diving, and many more. But all this requires a visa, and that's the truth! So here are all kinds of different types of visas for Bahrain that you should know if you plan to travel to Bahrain next year. You do not also need to worry about all application processes and approval, as the Tourist Visa Online will meet all deadlines and let you have a happy journey.

The Bahrain visa types that you can avail of are listed below:

Bahrain Tourist Visa: A kind of visa issued to foreign citizens with a tourist permit entering Bahrain. You only have a tourist entry, and therefore you can travel in Bahrain only, which means that you will not be able to use this visa for any business or other job.

Bahrain Visitor Visa: This visa is for foreign citizens with sponsors and sponsors of the visit, who are nationals of Bahrain. The visit will not be extended or renovated until one month after. The visit will be valid. You will need a new one for this visa once it has expired.

Business Visa: The business visa in Bahrain is used for commercial purposes and allows foreigners to enter Bahrain for commercial purposes. It will allow the person to remain for more than one week and is usually valid for approximately three to four weeks, depending on the available visa duration.

Bahrain Work Visa: Visa for those who wish to stay in Bahrain and are employed in Bahrain. This is the visa for employment. This visa is valid for approximately one or two years but is longer.

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Final Words

So now you must be clear about the 14 Days Bahrain Visa and all other details regarding it. So apply for your 14 Days Bahrain Visa and explore the beauty of the nation.

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