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The Kingdom Of Bahrain is known for the rich history, verdant groves of date palms, shopping, delicious food, and definitely for its crude oil production. There are many unique tourist spots in the Kingdom Of Bahrain. Visiting this place will open doors of happiness for sure! But, to visit this country you need to have a Bahrain Visa. Certain nationalities may get Bahrain Visa-Free entry. Now, if you come under Bahrain Visa On Arrival service then read this article. Today, we will talk about Bahrain Visa On Arrival Countries.


  1. Bahrain Visa On Arrival Countries
  2. Is Bahrain a Mandatory Requirement?
  3. What is Bahrain e-Visa?
  4. Procedure For Obtaining Bahrain e-Visa
  5. How To Get Bahrain e-Visa Without Any Complications?

Bahrain Visa On Arrival Countries

Visa on Arrival is a great service where you will get the visa on the port. You must get the visa before proceeding to immigration control.

Countries Eligible to Get Visa-on-Arrival are as follows:

Andorra Argentina Australia Austria
Belgium Bolivia Brazil Brunei
Bulgaria Canada    

These are the Bahrain Visa On Arrival Countries.

Is Bahrain a Mandatory Requirement?

The Bahrain Visa Policy states that citizens need to apply for a visa to visit Bahrain unless they come from some visa-exempt countries.  You cannot enter Bahrain without a visa. Entering without a visa is considered as illegal. If you enter without a Visa then strict legal actions will be taken against you. It is always better to apply for a visa beforehand. Bahrain Visa Requirements differ depending upon your purpose of the visit, stay duration, and your nationality.

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What is Bahrain e-Visa?

The Bahrain e-Visa is a service provided by the Government of Bahrain to provide visa online. Bahrain e-Visa is basically an electronic visa through which you can enter Bahrain easily without any difficulty. 120 nationalities can get the e-Visa. You don’t need to have a visa stamped in your passport prior to your arrival in Bahrain. The process of getting an e-Visa is completely online and you don’t need to visit the Embassy. The e-Visa is issued for Tourism and Business purposes. Now, you may get a single-entry visa or multiple-entry visa depending upon your nationality.

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Procedure For Obtaining Bahrain e-Visa

The process of getting an e-Visa is straightforward. The process does not take much time. As said earlier the e-Visa Application is completely online.

  1. First, you need to fill the Bahrain Online Visa Application Form.
  2. Upload the Documents Required for Bahrain Visa while filling the form. Make sure you upload proper scanned documents that are clearly visible.
  3. Then you need to pay the Application Fee.
  4. After paying the fee the visa application is sent for processing.
  5. Pay the Visa Fee.
  6. After you get the visa you need to print the visa.

Make sure you provide all the correct documents. If you provide any wrong documents then your application will get rejected. Also, don’t keep anything in the form incomplete. Submit all the documents on time.

How To Get Bahrain e-Visa Without Any Complications?

The visa application process is quite complex and you might get confused while filling the form. Also, filling the form does not provide any guarantee that you will receive the visa. To get a visa easily visit Tourist Visa Online. Tourist Visa Online has an experienced team of visa experts who verifies all your documents before sending it for processing. So, if they find anything wrong in your application then they will correct it themselves. The probability of your application getting rejected is very less. We provide 24x7 Customer Support and give Secure Online Transaction. We provide accurate visa information and do all the hard work for you. We provide excellent  Fast Forward Visa Service. If you want a visa on an urgent basis then you can avail this service and get a visa in less then 48 hours. We have processed more than 2M+ Applications! Trust us and you won’t be disappointed for sure.


1) For how long can I stay in Bahrain with a Tourist Visa?

Ans: One can stay for One Month in Bahrain with a Tourist Visa. You can also apply for an extension for 2 weeks by visiting NPRA in Bahrain. Some nationalities can stay for a longer period of time.

2) How long does it take to get the visa approved?

Ans: The visa is not approved immediately after you apply for the visa. The visa takes 3-5 working days. After verification, you will receive the visa via your registered email address.

3) How many Bahrain Visa types are there?

Ans: There are three types of Bahrain Visa: a)Tourist Visa b)Business Visa c)Visit Visa.

4) Can I get Bahrain Visa on Arrival?

Ans: There are Ten Countries that can get the visa on arrival. If your country is on the list then you can apply for the vis on arrival.

5) What are the reasons for my e-Visa Rejection?

Ans: Most of the time your Bahrain e visa rejected because you have submitted unclear documents or have given wrong information. If you give any wrong documents or don’t give the documents on time then also your application can get rejected.

6) Is it compulsory to print anything?

Ans: After your application gets approved then you can print the copy of the approval if you want. However, it is not compulsory. Your e-Visa will be accessible to the passport officer when you arrive in Bahrain.

7) I am an Argentina National can I get the Visa On Arrival?

Ans: Argentina comes under the Bahrain Visa On Arrival Countries list. So, yes Argentina National can get the visa on arrival.

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