Requirement for Bahrain Transit Visa

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The Islands of Bahrain

With a history as old as the Bronze Age, the Kingdom of Bahrain is a tiny island nation located in the Arabian Peninsula with modern cities with skyscrapers decorating the skylines. By virtue of its natural oil and gas resources, Bahrain is a fast developing country that has retained its legacy from 9000-year-old history and yet has embraced modern Arab culture. Majority of the land in the Kingdom of Bahrain is covered by deserts with majority of the population residing in the northern regions of the world.
In geographical terms, the Kingdom of Bahrain is an archipelago – a term used to refer to a group of tiny islands that together comprise a bigger landmass. Bahrain is a group of 70 natural and 33 artificial islands. Of these, the Bahrain Island that makes up 83% of the country’s land area is the central island that also houses the capital of Bahrain, Manama. 
The other important island is the Muharraq Island that holds the Bahrain International Airport. As a part of the middle eastern part of the world, Bahrain also serves as an intermediate stop for long flights travelling between the eastern and the western worlds. If you happen to have an opportunity to visit Bahrain in the near future, apply for your tourist visa at Tourist Visa Online for availing outstanding visa services with minimum turnaround time. 

Tourism in Bahrain

In the recent times, the heritage of the Kingdom of Bahrain has been propagating that has attracted numerous visitors from the Arabic world. The kingdom brings together the five thousand years of archaeological heritage and the modern Arab Culture. The history of the Bahrain can be experienced through the numerous forts spread across the landmass which have been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The National Museum has artefacts as old as 9000 years from the first human settlers on the island. 
The country is also rich in terms of biodiversity with over 330 species of birds recorded on the islands. One can witness millions of migratory birds who travel over the Persian Gulf during winter and autumn seasons. Activities such as Bird Watching, Scuba Diving and Horse Riding are particularly popular in the region.

Bahrain Visa

Despite having a considerable air traffic, the government of Bahrain does not issue a transit visa. Thus, it is not possible for passengers to visit the country for short duration such as 2-3 days’ unlike cities such as Dubai. Nevertheless, many visa options are available for tourists who intend to enjoy the delights of the Kingdom of Bahrain. 
The options available for Tourist Visa on Tourist Visa Online are as follows:

1. 14 Days Multiple Entry Visa, with a validity of 90 days from the date of issue with charges of 202 USD as visa fee and 26 USD as processing Fee.

2. 30 Days Multiple Entry Visa, with a validity of 90 days from the date of issue with charges of 270 USD as visa fee and 26 USD as processing fee. 

Both the visas have been listed to take about 5-7 Days for processing. 


How to Apply for Bahrain Visa?

Tourist Visa Online is an around web platform that has solution to all your visa needs regardless of your destination. The website caters to the visa needs of nationals of almost all countries in the world for their travel plans. Having more than 1 million approved visa applications in its track record, the team is highly professional and competent. The process has been made fast and simple to maximize your convenience in getting 100% authentic visa and the lowest visa fee. To ease the process of application, all facilities are available online which means there is no need to visit the embassy or the consulate. To address all the queries that you may have, there is an option for chat/email/call assistance available throughout the day 24X7.
Visiting Bahrain is a unique experience as it is close to both its rich history and its bright future. Being an island country, you can enjoy any of the numerous beaches and soak up the sun. If you arrive at the right time, you can be a part of the Bahrain F1 Race which takes place at the Bahrain International Circuit. If you do not mind getting wet, you can go diving for pearls where you can gather up oysters and keep any pearls and gems you may find. For the history heads out there, Bahrain has several forts and museums that are home to artefacts dating back thousands of years. Another popular tourist attraction is the 400-year old Tree of Life that continues to grow despite not having any vegetation around. These are few among many avenues of adventure offered by the Kingdom of Bahrain. 
Do not miss out from the opportunity to indulge in the Arabian Culture with a touch of modernity by visiting Bahrain. Apply for your Bahrain Visa at Tourist Visa Online and enjoy their outstanding services.

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