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Some of the countries remain unknown to the fact, that travelling to Bahrain and getting an e-visa for Bahrain can be a lot easier if you’re a GCC resident to that particular country. In the term of understanding the fact about getting a Bahrain e-visa many residents forget to check their GCC residency which should be looked up as a priority check before getting your Bahraini Visa. First, let us understand the concept of GCC residency :


What is GCC residency? 

At the point when you are in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council ) residency, it is essential to know certain fundamental rights and benefits related with the GCC-gave home grant in your identification. Certain nationals are banished from entering GCC nations by means of the visa-on-appearance route. The GCC comprises of UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. 

These rules permit GCC occupants to go in these nations with no commitment to look for a visa from a consular post. Be that as it may, the ongoing special case remains Qatar, which isn’t available now to the inhabitants and nationals of UAE and Saudi Arabia following the cutting off of strategic ties in June 2017. Further, Saudi Arabia forces consular visa preparing on all inhabitants in the GCC locale with the exception of GCC nationals.


Eligible countries for Bahrain Visa 

Eligibility might vary due to the type of GCC residency status or because of various purpose to visit Bahrain. 

113 Countries are eligible to apply for E-visas 

Remote nationals (residents of non-GCC nations) dwelling in GCC nations (Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE) may apply for an e-visa by transferring a duplicate of their GCC visa notwithstanding the fundamental application archives recorded on this page. 

Residents of every single qualified nation (if it’s not too much trouble discover the rundown above) need to give: 

  • Sweep or computerized photograph of the bio-information page of the candidate’s visa 

(Explorers from India will be approached to give: Copy of the photograph page of the candidate’s visa, in addition to a duplicate of the identification last page for Indian travel papers.) 

  • Duplicate of return/ahead ticket 

Residents of specific nations (indicated in the “qualified nations” list) may require extra reports, for example, Verification of an inn booking in Bahrain. On the off chance that the explorer is remaining with a family member, it might be important to give a duplicate of the relative’s CPR Reader’s printout 

Duplicate of a stepped bank proclamation under the guest’s name covering the most recent three months with a present equalization of at the very least what could be compared to USD800 at the very end. 

For foreign nationals being a part of GCC have to submit  these documents for Bahrain e-visa 

  1. computerized photograph of the bio-information page of the candidate’s identification 

  2. Duplicate of return/forward ticket 

  3. Duplicate of an inhabitant card from one of the GCC nations


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