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Bahrain a place of unknown a place full of adventure is always the best to travel to if you are an adventure-seeking and a curious person in nature. This place with its pearl diving activities to horse riding activities and other activities that include tasting food that is local here, visiting the big mosques, and having a visit to the camel farms as well can come across as the perfect getaway destination. so here is the Bahrain visa for GCC residence for all those residents who are from foreign and are currently residing in Bahrain. Tourist Visa Online makes it quite easy for you to get a hold of this visa without having much to do!


  • Who all are valid to apply for a Bahrain visa as GCC residents?

Those people who are residing in any one of the GCC countries and are having a residency permit being held in their passport will be eligible for this visa and can apply for one.

  • What is the period that is allowed for a stay in Bahrain for GCC residents?

A stay of about 14 days can be made available on a Bahrain visa for GCC residents.

  • Are there any conditions to be followed in order to be eligible for the visa?

The following conditions are a must to be followed in order to have a Bahrain visa issued to you as a GCC resident:

  • You must not be a dweller of Bahrain and must be a resident of any other GCC countries
  • You must be travelling only through the Bahrain International airport as the visa issued will not be valid for entry through King Fahad Causeway.
  • You must hold a valid passport and must have a validity of three months. The validity was initially supposed to be six months after entry but has now been changed to three months for easier travels.
  • Must be able to support yourself when visiting Bahrain, which means a statement of financial means must be shown.
  • You must be able to use the visa within its validity period after its approval.
  • There should be no other visa that is active or the other visas must be expired in order to use this visa.

With all of these conditions being followed you will be able to get the visa issued.

  • How long will it take for my Bahrain visa to be issued?

The visa for GCC residents can take for as long as seven days and can also be made available within five days depending on the time needed for it to be processed and issued under your name.

  • How much is the visa for and how do I pay for the via?

The Bahrain visa cost that is issued for a GCC resident to travel to will be about 105.0 US dollars and will also have a service fee attached along. You can pay for the visa through any of the online payment processes available according to your wish.

  • Can a GCC resident travel to Bahrain without a visa?

No, only citizens of GCC countries can travel to Bahrain without a visa while those residents who live in the GCC countries as ex-pats will be needed to take a visa before they travel.

  • How long will the Bahrain visa for GCC residence be valid and can I use it for any business purposes?

The Bahrain visa will be valid for a total of 90 days which will also allow you to get multiple entries within this period. This visa is purely a tourist visa and hence using it for business purposes will be prohibited. However, you can issue a business visa for any business purposes.

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