10 years multiple entry visa scheme for us passport holders introduced by bahrain

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We can finally say that the wait is over for all those US travelers who wish to travel to Bahrain for the purpose of their choice because there is now a 10 years multiple entry visa scheme for US passport Holders introduced by Bahrain. The visa scheme is only valid for US passport holders who wish to enter the country multiple times for the choice of their visit.

The beautiful country of Bahrain finds its place in the Arab monarchy on the western side of the Persian Gulf near Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The interesting fact about touring into the depths of Bahrain is, the country allows you to witness the Arab life with a modern mindset. The country breaks many traditional stereotypes and embraces a liberal way of living.

This modernity amidst the Arab monarchies is what attracts tourism the most and welcomes them with open hands. Bahrain, just like the other Arab countries, is one of the most traveled destinations. Being so famous amongst the travelers, the immigration authorities and the government officials of Bahrain have come up with the decision of 10 years multiple entry visa scheme for US passport holders.

This blog will help the readers gain an insight into the depth of the topic. It will also discuss how one can apply for a Visa to Bahrain. The blog will shed light on the documents which are required for issuing a Visa and the process of applying for the Visa of Bahrain. We at tourist – visa – online portal, aim to make the process of issuing the Visa simple and straightforward, and convenient for all those who wish to travel all across the world.


  • 10 years Multiple Entry Visa scheme for US Passport Holders introduced by Bahrain Required Documents for the application of Visa 
  • Procedure for applying for the Visa 
  • Frequently Asked Questions 

10 years Multiple Entry Visa scheme for US Passport Holders introduced by Bahrain 

The news that initially came up was that Bahrain and the US were in terms of extending the validity of Tourist Visas, which was earlier than 5 years. As per the reports, the two nations were all set to extend the tourist visas to 10 years.

Recently, the NPRA (Nationality, Passport and Residence Affairs) in Bahrain launched a ten-year multiple entry visa for US citizens on 10th October 2020. This new Visa scheme proves to be beneficial for all the US passport holders. As per reports, the US citizens who obtain the 10 years Visa, will be permitted to stay up to 90 days during each of their visits. The US passport holders, who wish to apply for this Visa scheme can apply through the website - https://www.evisa.gov.bh/ by paying the desired amount which is required for the processing of the Visa.

Required Documents for the Visa Application 

For the Visa application to be processed and granted eventually, it is mandatory for the applicant to submit a few important documents. These documents are extremely essential as they provide a validation to the authorities of whether the applicant should be admitted into the country or not. The following are the essential documents required for the applicant to submit for obtaining a Bahrain Visa:

  • The applicant is required to submit the scan of the bio page of their passport.
  • The applicant is required to submit a copy/scan of the return air ticket while applying for the Visa application.

Depending on the applicant’s nationality, the applicant will be required to submit some additional documents as well, they are

  • The applicant is required to submit or upload a scanned copy of their hotel booking in Bahrain. In case the applicant is staying with a relative or friend, they are required to submit a copy of their CPR Reader’s printout.
  • The applicant is required to submit or upload a copy of their stamped bank statement under their name which is dated within the past three months with an ending statement with nothing less than the equal of 800 USD. 

Procedure for applying for the Visa 

The E – immigration services offered by the immigration and government authorities of Bahrain, has made the process of issuing a Visa extremely simple and straightforward. Just by clicking on the website - https://www.evisa.gov.bh/index.html, you will be able to apply for the Visa of your choice. 

Following are the steps which should be undertaken while applying for the Visa application

  • The first step for the applicant is to make sure if they qualify for obtaining the Visa by reading and understanding its terms and conditions. The applicant is required to verify his or her documents before applying, after the entire verification process, in case the applicant is eligible then the following steps must be followed:
  • The applicant is required to click on the tab “Apply for E-visa”. Here they will have to fill the eligibility form, which will further lead them on to the Application form. The applicant is then required to select the type of Visa and apply for the same.
  • The applicant is then required to attach the essential documents
  • After the attaching of the documents, the applicant is required to pay for the application of Visa fees. Make sure to take a note of the Application Reference Number which is further provided.   
  • The application will be under the process of the NPRA and once approved, the applicant will receive a notification email and PIN.
  • Finally, the applicant is required to go to the website’s home page and pay for the application. They are required to fill in the information and enter the given PIN to retrieve their application. 
  • For all those applicants, whose application is not approved, receive a notification, wherein they are asked to contact either Embassy or the NPRA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Multiple Entry Visa?

A multiple Entry Visa is a type of a Visa when issued by the applicant it permits them multiple entries in a given time frame.

Q. According to the new 10 years multiple entry visa Scheme for US passport Holders introduced by Bahrain, how long can the tourists stay in Bahrain?

The new Visa scheme of the 10-year multiple entry visa in Bahrain is limited only to the US passport holders which permits the visitors multiple entries for 10 years and a 90 day stay in every visit.

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