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There are many types of visas issued in Bahrain. Here we are mainly going to discuss the employment or working visa in Bahrain. Bahrain maintained a relationship with the organization and the employee by giving them the best and remarkable environment. They know the requirements of their people. Bahrain has a plan to expand the employment facilities. This means selecting the employee who is capable in every means. We will know about the types of visas for working in Bahrain. The details about Bahrain visa employment requirements needed for submission. The details about the process to apply for a Bahrain employment visa.  

Bahrain employment visa requirements:

For getting the work visa the owner of the organization or Bahrain citizen must sponsor the applicant. Only by getting that you can apply for the Bahrain employment visa. The organization's capacity of issuing the visa based on the organization’s physical size. It also depends on the quotas for foreign decided by the officials of Bahrain.  The official details like the job offer letter, the capacity of the employee, duration of the job contract are documents submitted by the sponsors. The few documents like the application of visa, passport original and scanned is a must. Along with that the health records and the details from the hospitals that’s authorized are a must. The payment proof of one hundred (100) BD is a must. There will be the documents required for processing the Bahrain employment visa. 


How to check the status of the visa:

The process starts after collecting the documents mentioned and submitting them. The LMRA (labor market regulatory authority) is the one who processes the visa. They will verify all the documents submitted and will approve the visa. They check all documents like the reports of medical analysis, the certificates of the education, and the contract. For all this processing it may take the time up to four to five working days. By visiting the official website of Bahrain you can get to know the status of the work visa. The details asked are the passport number of the applicant, nationality to which they belong, the birth date, and the reference number if possible. After entering the above-mentioned details click submit. Then the processing details of the visa and status that’s displayed on the screen.


The employment or the work visas are only given on three to four conditions. They are applicant must be sponsored by the organization, or they must hold a share in the organization, local company offer letter. The final one is by buying some Bahrain real estate land. There are the conditions on which one can apply for an employment visa. The process to apply for the Bahrain employment visa in detail that’s mentioned above. Not only for work there is also a tourist visa available for visiting Bahrain. The salaries for the job mostly depend on the work and education. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, drinking in public is prohibited. But the alcohols are available at restaurants and hotels to people except for the Muslims. These are maintained by the people who own private alcohol licenses.  If anyone is found drinking in public places they will put in jail.  

Yes, there are limitations of age for working in Bahrain. The range starts from twenty years (20) to a maximum of sixty-five (65) years. But once the person gets over 60 years he/she must renew the visa. 

The answer to the question is yes. But it’s restricted to only immediate family members. Like the spouse or husband and their children. After getting the work visa they have an access grant to stay in Bahrain. The rest family who accompanies them must get a family visa. For getting the family visa there are few documents required. The documents like the certificates of education, marriage, birth, and degree. By submitting these documents the entire family visa that’s granted to the families. 

The wages for people in Bahrain depend on the educational qualification of a person. The number of degrees completed by the person the wages increases accordingly. If the person holds a bachelor's degree he/ she will get a wage of four hundred (400) BD. if the person holds the diploma degree they can get a wage of three hundred and fifty (350) dirhams. All the other people who only have graduated from high school can have a wage of two hundred and seventy BD or below. 

In Bahrain, there is an employment visa allotted for working people. The fees for the employment visa are twelve (12) dollars. In terms of Bahrain dinar, the cost of an employment visa is 5 BD. The people who get the tourist or visitor visa can’t involve in getting the job. Even if there are job opportunities you can’t apply for them to get a job. This is applicable if you get a tourist visa and visit Bahrain.

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