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Cuba is known for its great cuisines and restaurants. Restaurants in Havana, Cuba, has excellent food that you can enjoy with your friends and family. So here is the list of Best Restaurants to Visit in Havana Cuba.

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10 Best Restaurants to Visit in Havana Cuba

Doña Eutemia

Tucked away from the main touristic route in Havana's old street, but busily enough to give you a taste of authentic Cuban street life, this homely paladar is a staple of ancient Creole cuisine. Laetitia, the proprietor, refuses to let go of her mother's culinary secrets. She prepares traditional Creole foods such as malanga fritters, ropa vieja and black beans, rice and salad along with plenty of fresh and exotic seafood. It is a famous haunt with large quantities at fair prices and hopes to eat in good company.

La Guarida, Havana

Initially, the setting for the acclaimed film Strawberry and Chocolate, La Guarida is currently a beautiful 'Hideaway' (as its name interprets in English) for both cinephiles gastro-fans. It is tucked on the third floor of a ratty stylish private structure where regular everyday life goes undisturbed by inquisitive guests. Climb the sensational marble flight of stairs to feast among the old film gear in the three little rooms. Or on the other hand, get a spot on the overhang for all-encompassing of focal Havana. Even though not very high by European capital principles, the costs coordinate the eatery's currently global distinction. However, there's a decision of fish tacos and fish steak, watermelon soup and frozen yoghurt on pineapple to compensate for it.

San Cristobal Paladar

This eccentric and welcoming paladar exudes retro elegance, a taster of colonial Cuba from the surrounding décor to yucca, malanga and shrimp dishes. Start with a mixed entrance dish and then transfer to the main house specialities, lobster or lamb served on China in the 19th century, surrounded by books and ancient antiques, and nostalgic images in black and white. The owner Carlos Cristóbal Márquez Valdés may ask for a brief introduction because he is glad to stop by your table. Try San Cristóbal's eponymous pudding before a spirit on the house and an excellent local cigar for smokers.


Bella Habana is an elegant manor house in the upscale district of Miramar. It offers Cuban cuisine a modern international emphasis on fish. Three Cuban Beauties are Tres Lindas Cubanas or rather the three distinct forms of fried fish to your gastronomical delight. Snapper with various 'aromas' in generous sections, Octopus Ceviche and smoked salmon, squeezers and red snappers, provides the tourist with a luxurious local experience that does not have to split up the bank. Take part in Cuban history with a glass of French wine or some fine Mojitos to decorate your ceiling and walls elegantly, and help you wash the ceiling.

Nao Bar – Paladar

Nao has a decoration imitating a galleon dated to the 18th century, with ship memorabils under the original wooden beams and Arabic arches of the structure near the waterside. Nao is a Latin navis, which refers to the ship. You will sample the Lechón Asado (Grilled Pork) house speciality here, as well as a variety of wines, pineapple Coladas and good mojitos, to make you feel like a modern conqueror. The restaurant staff still looks out for the perfect ingredients from around the world, but the result is always fair.

El Cocinero

El Cocinero is housed in the old kitchen oil factory in New York and has a roofs' lounge, but now is a chic venue for trendy crowds in Havana. The towering chimney still evokes the house's industrial past, but all food and the atmosphere are new, from melt-in-the-mouth duck confit and blinis to the delicious seafood deal. Sit down on the terrace and have a sprawling view of the town before you after dinner, order one of the expert prepared cocktails. El Cocinero is the ultimate place to start an unforgettable night in Havana thanks to the newly opened Fabrica de Arte Cubano.

La Galería

This fairly new addition of the Vedado Gallery Meets Restaurant often changes, as planned, its Cuban contemporary art surroundings. Consequently, the menu offers, depending on the quality of the ingredients that the team can provide. La Galería's Creole fusion plates start with the staple ropa vieja and sauce rabbit and go to Arabica's cocoon sausage through garlic crevasses and fillet mignon. Go to your outdoor terrace for a refreshing guava drink, daytime or night in the sunny (and air-conditioned) dining room for a romantic dinner.

Casa Miglis

Casa Miglis is encompassing the Swedish-Cuban owner Michel Migli's exotic blend of trendy in central Havana. It has become a meeting place for Havanese and worldwide creatives. Swedish chef Jonas Anderson, full of seafood casserole and nuggets a lo Cubano, designs the Nordic menu. For selected local fish and new avocados, Casa Miglis team is still on the lookout. The new restaurant leads the new wave of young arty restaurants, radicalising the conventional Cuba-based scene.

Cafe Laurent

Take the antique elevator to the fourth floor of Cafe Laurent, where an old penthouse apartment near the historic Hotel Nacional has been turned into an elegant minimalist restaurant with an atmosphere of 1950. Catch one of the more than 30 Cuban-sting fusion dishes from the Spanish-influenced chef Dayron Avilés Alfonso in Havana bohemia against an old-fashioned back wall. Its particularity includes fish, from green snappers to paella and shrimp. Take the opportunity to enjoy the scenic views of the Vedado, especially in the night on the balcony.


The studio's retro backdrop is a Spanish-style manor house in Vedado with two spacious rooftop terraces lined with decadent cushions and colonial furnishings in its main indoor lounge. You can select between lamb entrees, Conejo al vino (wine rabbit) and fresh duck, falafels, fajitas, flan and tarts from the hand-written menus, supervised by Niuris Higueras and managed by restless chef Enrique Edreida. You can find a more unpredictable selection of dishes and a convenient and sophisticated restaurant choice for visiting large groups with difficulty.

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Final Words

So these are the Best Restaurants to Visit in Havana Cuba. Get your Cuba Visa from Tourist Visa Online, visit this beautiful nation and enjoy its delicious restaurant's food. 

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