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Budget based Cuba trip? Well, that is for sure possible, provided that you get to know all of the requirements and the application methods that are cheap! Well, it will be even better if you come to know about the pricing. Well, now that would be an icing on the cake, right? This exactly why tourist visa online is here to assist you on the matter of Cuba visa cost and how to plan your budget trip to Cuba!


Q. Is it possible to get a budget trip to Cuba by applying through tourist visa online?

Sure why not when you get to know all of the possibilities of saving your money how come you won’t get a budget based trip. By applying through tourist visa online, not only will you save money but you will also get to apply for the visa while still staying at the comfort of your house. 

Q. How do I apply for the visa?

It is quite a simple answer. All you need to do is follow some of the steps which are mentioned and then you will be able to get your visa applied. For more information, you can also take the help of Cuba visa application which will guide you through the steps in detail and without making a single mistake.

Q. Will the cost be doubled if I will be applying for two people?

The cost that has been mentioned is as per individual basis. So that means if you are applying for a single person the cost mentioned will remain the same and if you wish to apply for another person as well, the cost will be doubled. Similarly, the price will go on increasing with the number of applicants.

Q. Is there a possibility of getting a discount while applying for a visa through Tourist Visa Online?

Provided that you apply for the visa as a group there can be provisions made for a discount on the visa fees. But this will entirely depend on the number of applicants and the decision taken by the head at tourist visa online. 

Q. So is it possible to apply for multiple people in one go?

Yes, why not! You can apply for as many people as you want. Starting right from one applicant to about a big group you can apply for as many applicants as you wish. The process for the applicants is also very simple!

Q. How to add more applicants on a single visa application form?

As mentioned before it is totally up to you to add as many applicants as you want, but it will be better if you inform the customer care center before you do so if it is quite a large number. The addition is also quite easy. All you need to do is while filling in the Cuba application form; you will find an option with the “add more applicants” button. Pressing on this button you can select the number of extra applicants you wish to apply for!

Q. What are the rates for the Cuba visa on Tourist Visa Online like?

For people who apply through Tourist Visa Online, you’ll get two options and choose the one that matches your situation. The options are as follows:

1. Standard Cuba tourist visa: 

This option is the one that most people go for. This is the standard option available and will take a processing time of about 4 to 5 days. This means that the visa will be made available to you within a matter of a week or so if the conditions are unfavorable. This visa will cost you about 110.0 US dollars and will give you a single entry to Cuba. This visa, however, cannot be re-used once entered. It has a validity of only 30 days and this can be extended if you wish to stay for longer.

2. Urgent Cuba tourist visa:

This visa has the same specification the only change would be the service charges which will cost you 200.0 US dollars. This increase in the service charge is due to the urgent visa application. This visa will be delivered to you in a matter of 2 days.

Q. Will there be a service fee applicable alone with the visa fee when I apply for a Cuba visa through Tourist Visa Online?

A basic value of 26.0 US dollars will be applicable as service charges when you apply for a Cuba visa through tourist Visa Online. This fee will, however, be added to the end of the application process where you will be proceeding to pay the fee of the visa.

This wraps up the budget planning for your trip! If you have got any doubts regarding the Cuban visa cost you can reach out to us and well be happy to help you!

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