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The first step to get your visa applied for is to get to know which documents are necessary and how do you need to present them! Not only do you have to know the names of the documents but also the different conditions that it must follow while it is being submitted. All you need to know for these are the Cuba visa requirements which will let you know about the various documents and the conditions that must be followed in order for them to get accepted while they are submitted to the travel agency or the embassy. One thing to note that the requirements which are mentioned are always on a constant state of change as the documents needed for each travel agency or even by the embassy can change for the country to country. Needless you can still get a basic idea about which documents are the most important.

The next question that arises is whether I need all these documents for my travel to Cuba? While the travel to Cuba mostly needs the tourist to take a visa, there are some others who might not need to take one. This requirement list that will be put up is only for those who need to get a visa. While for those who do not need a visa these are not that important, apart from the fact that the travel will not be allowed unless you get a passport of your own.

Let’s take a look at the main list of documents that you need to prepare!

Requirements that have to be prepared for a Cuba tourist visa:

Traveling to Cuba needs a tourist visa card which has to be applied beforehand through an online portal or an embassy. The requirements are as follows:

  • The foreigner must hold a passport to get an authorized visit to Cuba. Without this, he or she might not gain entry. This passport must have a validity of at least 6 months after you reach Cuba. The passport must also contain 2 pages which are kept blank.
  • This passport-sized image of the foreigner that is to be submitted has to follow the specific conditions and must also be a recent photo, not the one that has been taken more than a year ago or so.
  • A flight ticket which has been confirmed and has a round trip.
  • A proof of the hotel booking done by the foreigner in Cuba or accommodation which has already been set must be submitted.
  • An application form that has been filled in and has all of the above-declared documents attached must be given.
  • The foreigner will also be asked to show proof of the financial status which may be a bank statement record.

Requirements that have to be prepared for a Cuba business visa:

Well, it is quite simple to apply for a business visa once you get to know the right requirements. They can be given as follows:

  • A business trip authorization letter which has been given by the company to you claiming the purpose of the visit to Cuba.
  • Apart from this letter all of the other documents will remain the same as given for the tourist visa.

Requirements that have to be prepared for a Cuba journalist visa:

The journalist visa is issued for those journalists who are from overseas and wish to work in Cuba. The requirements are as follows:

  • An authorization letter must be given which will specify the grant to the journalist to travel to Cuba to conduct work.
  • The passport must have a 6 month worth of validity when the journalist reaches Cuba.
  • The journalist visa application form must be filled in completely and submitted with the requested documents.
  • Apart from this, the document that needs to be submitted along with the application will consist of those specified in the tourist visa requirements.

The above-given article hence specifies all the three main types of visas and the requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to get them


Q. Will the family visa also need the same requirements?

The requirements for the family visa will remain the same just that you need to provide proof regarding your relation to the Cuban citizen or the sponsor who has taken the responsibility of your visit.

Q. Will the above-mentioned requirements be enough for me to get my Cuba visa form America?

Yes, you can get a Cuba visa with the above given Cuba visa requirements easily and without any issues!

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