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A tourist needs to know how to apply for a visa and hence the Cuba visa application procedure becomes of utmost importance and the most important thing you need to pay attention to! well, not only the application but knowing the various types also becomes important, and hence it is always suggested to take a look at the Cuba visa types and their specifications before you actually go on to apply for a visa. Sometimes the visa you want is not available on the site you will be trying to apply from. This is why knowing the exact types and the website where you can apply from is really important. Normally a visa is issued from the ministry of foreign affairs located in Cuba. 

A small note on what a ministry of foreign affairs does:

This ministry is also known as MINREX is a government body that undertakes part in all of the foreign activities related to Cuba. It was first established in 1959 on December 23rd. this means this ministry was established about 60 years ago. It has its headquarters located in Havana. 

This application of the visa can however also be done through an online method. We will be discussing on how to do the same!


Q. What is a Cuba visa?

This is one of the most basic questions and needs to be answered first in order that you what it is and how does it work! Well, a Cuba visa is basically an entry pass for the foreigner to get into Cuba. This means by getting hold of this visa you can gain entry.

Q. How many types of Cuba visa can be accessed by the foreigner?

As of now, the government has approved of 12 visas. These are authorized and can be accessed by the foreigners if they are eligible for it. The details of these visas can be found out by following the link which has already been specified above.

Q. How to know if I am eligible to access a visa?

Getting to know the conditions is an important step in knowing the eligibility for a particular type of visa. This means some of the people can access a particular type of visa while the others cannot. To know more about this eligibility all you need to do is read about the visa policy of Cuba which clearly specifies who all can apply for a visa and who need not take one!

Q. What to do once I get to know I am eligible for a visa?

Once you know that you are eligible for a particular type of visa, you first need to check whether it is the right one for you and the visit you will be making to Cuba. If this visa is found to be the right one then all you need to find out is which site will probably give the visa to you. Most people would go for embassies, but as the processes are found to be too long, nowadays people opt for more of online visa applications.

Q. So where can I apply for my visa once I find the right type?

You can check the visa type you want on tourist visa online as well, here you might be able to find the option you are looking for. And if you find the right one you can go ahead and apply for it on tourist visa online.

Q. Why would I apply through tourist visa online?

Now that is a good question! You might think why exactly you need to apply through tourist visa online when there are other sites giving out a lot of options! Well, here’s a thing about tourist visa online, we as a team ensure that the visa reaches you within a short period of time. Well, when we say a short period of time it doesn’t mean that you will get the visa all unchecked. With the experts’ panel here you can get a wholly reviewed visa without a mistake. And the best thing? You get discounts when you apply as a group! Need more reasons? Well, don’t think so!

Q. How to complete the process for the application through tourist visa online?

You can follow these simple steps to get your visa application readied!

Step 1: Mentioning nationality:

You need to give details about your whereabouts such as which nation you belong to or are the national of.

Step2: Types of visas options:

Check the suitable types of visas available and choose the one that matches your trip to Cuba.

Step 3: Cuba application form filling:

You need to fill-up the form with the help of all of the details which are mentioned on your passport and the documents required. Also do attach the supporting documents.

Step 4: Payment:

Pick up a suitable method a pay the fee.

Step 5: Tracking:

You can track the progress of your Cuba visa and get the latest updates easily!

With this, the Cuba visa application gets completed and you will get the visa mailed to you!

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