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Ethiopia Tourist Visa is for People who want to visit Ethiopia for Vacation, to meet some relatives, or some other personal reason. Now, there are certain rules and regulations about Ethiopia Tourist Visa. We will talk about all those Rules in Detail. On the other hand, we will also talk about Ethiopia Tourist Visa On Arrival.


  1. What is Ethiopia Tourist Visa?
  2. What is the Validity of Ethiopia Tourist Visa?
  3. How to apply for Ethiopia Tourist Visa?
  4. Interesting Facts About Ethiopia
  5. Consequences Of OverStaying In Ethiopia
  6. Mandatory Ethiopia Tourist Visa Requirements

Ethiopia Tourist Visa

Ethiopia Tourist e-Visa was launched by the Ethiopian Government to accelerate the process of getting the Visa. Everything is now Online and now, you can get Ethiopia Visa easily by applying Online. Most of the Countries are eligible for this Visa. To get the Visa one must fulfil Passport and Visa Requirements.

If all the Mandatory Requirements for Ethiopia Visa are Fulfilled then Visa can be availed easily online. If any of the Requirements are not Fulfilled your Application will be Denied. To apply for Visa, one must first fill the Online Application Form. It just takes Few Minutes to fill the Form. After filling the form it is Verified by the Ethiopian Authorities. After the Verification process, the Visa is mailed to your Email Id.

Validity Of Ethiopia Tourist Visa

The Validity of the Tourist Visa is 30 Day or 90 Day. The most Importantly Ethiopia Tourist Visa is Singe-Entry Visa. Meaning you can use this Visa to visit Ethiopia only once. If you wish to visit Ethiopia again then you must apply for the Visa Again.

Consequences Of OverStaying In Ethiopia

Visitors who overstay in Ethiopia have to Pay Fines according to the Rules and Regulations Of Ethiopia. A fine of USD 50 and an additional fine of USD 5 per day is charged if you overstay for 15 Days. One must stay in Ethiopia according to the validity of their Ethiopian Visa. If things get worst you might not be able to visit Ethiopia Again.

You can’t leave the Country unless you pay all the fines. If you overstay for a long period you might face criminal charges. You will be Deported and will never be able to apply for Ethiopian Visa Again.

Countries Eligible To Get Visa On Arrival

92 Countries are eligible to get Ethiopia Tourist Visa On Arrival. The citizens of these can get their Visa via Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Visitors who want to visit for Business Purpose can also get their Visa only through Visa via Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. But, for Business Purpose one must have Offer Letter, Written application letter from the relevant governmental body, and much more. There are different Requirements for different Business Visa. 

Ethiopia Visa Requirements

  • Passport Valid For 6 Months
  • Recent Photo(Passport Size)
  • Return Ticket
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate is also a Requirement. You also need to have Polio Vaccine from Government Hospital.

3 Interesting Facts About Ethiopia

  • Ethiopia Geography: Many people don’t know this but, Ethiopia is five times the size of the UK. Yes, you heard it Right! The country has rich geographical diversity. You will find there Beautiful Mountains, Rivers, Valleys, Flat-topped plateaus. Also, you will find Animals that you will not find anywhere else.
  • BirthPlace of Coffee: You might not be knowing but, the Coffee that you drink in the Morning was Originated from Ethiopia. The Coffee that you drink in Ethiopia is Refreshing and you won’t get the same taste anywhere else! It is known for having bright, citrusy flavours. They are made from Natural Herbs. The Coffee is not strong but has a Mild Taste which helps you to Relax.
  • Ethiopia has their Calendar: Now, this might confuse many people but Ethiopia has 13 Months. I know this is shocking to know but, it is True! So, if you think Technically they are in the 2012 Year. But, I remind you that Ethiopia is Quite Developed.

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How to apply for Ethiopia Visa Online

First, you need to fill the Online Application Form

  1. In Ethiopia Application Form you need to give your details like Name, Address, Email Id.
  2. After that, you need to give the Necessary Documents asked in the Form.
  3. All the Passport and Visa Requirements should be Fulfilled.
  4. One must fill everything correctly and should not keep anything Incomplete. Your form will be rejected if you do so.
  5. If everything is correct you will receive your Visa via Mail.

How To Get Ethiopia Visa Online Quickly and Easily

See, when you apply for Visa through Government Website you might not be knowing which Documents you need. Which Visa is Right for You? You might not be able to fill the Online Application Form for some reason. In all these scenarios you will not get any assistance from the Government. In this case, Tourist Visa Online will answer all Your Questions and get your Visa in the Fastest Way Possible.

Visit Tourist Visa Online and you will be Impressed by the Services that we provide.

  • You will get 24x7 Customer Support. If you have any questions you will Get an Answer from Us Anytime you want.
  • The Online Application that you apply through the Ethiopian Government’s Website is Complex But, through Tourist Visa Online all the Documents are Simplified.
  • If you need Visa Urgently then don’t worry Tourist Visa Online will help with that Also. You can get your Visa in less than 48 hours.
  • We provide you 100% Secure Payment Gateways.
  • Just contact us once and you will get 100% Satisfaction!

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1) How can I apply for Ethiopia Tourist Visa Extension?

Ans: Ethiopia Tourist Visa can be extended for 30 Days by visiting the Main Department for Immigration and Nationality Affairs in Addis Ababa (Arada sub-city, Arat Kilo).

2) Can we travel to Ethiopia without Visa?

Ans: Only Citizens of Kenya(1 Year) and Djibouti(3 Months) can travel to Ethiopia without Visa.

3) Are Citizens of Australia eligible for Ethiopian Visa?

Ans: Yes, the citizens of Australia are eligible for Ethiopian Visa.

4) How Dangerous is Ethiopia?

Ans: Ethiopia is not at all Dangerous and very safe to visit.

5) Which Currency is used in Ethiopia?

Ans: The currency used in Ethiopia in Ethiopian Birr (ETB). 1 Ethiopian Birr equals 0.027 United States dollars.

6) Is Addis Ababa Safe?

Ans: Addis Ababa is very safe but you must be careful of pickpockets in the market. So, it is advised that you stay alert all the time but, most probably nothing will happen to you.

7) How long can you stay in Ethiopia on a Tourist Visa?

Ans: On Tourist Visa a person can either stay for 30 Day or 90 Day in Ethiopia. The Ethiopia Tourist Visa is Single-Entry Visa though.

8) Is Yellow Fever Certification necessary to apply for Visa?

Ans: Yes, the Yellow Fever Certificate is a Necessary Requirement to apply for Ethiopian Visa.

9) How many blank pages do I need in my Passport to apply for Ethiopia Visa?

Ans: 2 Blank Pages in the Passport are required to apply for Ethiopia Visa.

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