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Visas that are meant for leisure traveling and tourism purposes are called Tourist or Travel Visas. Under these permits people are allowed to visit the designated country for a predetermined amount of time- which is according to the Visa, whether it is a one month visa, three months visa, or any other. Most countries have strict rules that people having tourist visas should not do any activates other than tourism, hence it is recommended not to engage in business or any other unauthorized activities.

Need for Ethiopia Visa

The purpose of a visa is simple- to have the permission of the government to enter the desired country, for the authorized amount of time. Hence, the need for a Visa depends upon the country we are planning to visit and the relation it has with our home country. Some countries have pacts under which the people of these countries don’t require any authorization, while others offer relaxations of some kind. Thus, needing a Visa generally depends upon the factors-

  • Home Country.

  • Destination Country.

  • Valid purpose of the Visit.

  • Relations between the two countries.

  • The time required for the visit.

Visa Policy of Ethiopia

Unless you are coming from a Visa-exempt country or from a country that is allowed to have E-Visa or Visa on Arrival, you must obtain a visa from one of the Ethiopian Diplomatic Missions.

Countries which do not require a Visa:

  • Djibouti (3     months)

  •  Kenya (1 year)

  Visitors having diplomatic or service passports of some countries, do not require a visa for up to 3 months. 

In 2019, some Visa agreements were signed with Uganda, South Korea, and Indonesia regarding diplomatic and official or service passports, however, they are yet to be confirmed. 

Land Border Arrivals

All visitors, except Kenya and Djibouti nationals, are required to apply for the Visas and be obtained from one of the Ethiopian diplomatic missions. 

Visa on arrival

Tourist visa which may be valid for up to three months can be issued on arrival. However, such services are only available at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, to nationals of some countries and territories. Few countries are Algeria, China, Israel, Russia, Egypt, and India. Visitors having invitation letter for attending meetings, seminars, or workshops organized by the African Union participants of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa conferences and other meetings can be granted Visa on arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.

Transit Visa

A 12-hour window is given to travelers in transit, irrespective of their nationality, with the conditions that they arrive by air and remain in the assigned area.


Ethiopia’s electronic visa platform was launched on 12 June 2017. As of 1 June, 2018 nationals of all countries except Pakistan and Syria are eligible for E-VISA. As Entry from other ports is prohibited Travelers with E-VISA must enter Ethiopia via Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.

Documents required for Ethiopian visa

  • Original valid passport for 06 months from the date of travel with an old passport.

  • One visa form duly filled in.

  • Original passport.

  • One colored latest photo.

  • Covering letter from applicant home organization in the home country.

  • Copy of return air ticket.

  • Yellow fever vaccination certification must for applying for a visa.

  • Polio vaccine from government hospitals is mandatory at the time of applying for a visa with effect from 1st March'14.


Steps to Apply for an Online Ethiopia Visa | Tourist Visa Online

  • Select Country: Select a country for which you want to apply for the visa.

          • Select Citizenship Country.

          • Select Current Country.

After selecting and clicking on apply for a visa, you will be redirected, where you will get the required visa information and documents required for the visa. 

  • Select Visa Type

Now you need to select the visa type and the duration of the Visa. 

Note: - Visa fee, their documents, and processing time may vary according to visa types. We charge only for visa fees but while processing for payment, fees can be changed sometime as some third parties may charge service and tax charges for the transaction.

To fill the Visa Application Form, you need to select the country which you are applying for the visa then you have to fill other details:-

    • Personal Details: Here you need to fill the personal information such as: - Name, Mobile Number, Email-ID, Marital Status, etc.

    • Professional Details: This part of the form needs the professional information such as Education, your Profession, and other information such as passport details.

    • Upload Documents: After that you need to upload other important documents such as passports, photos, etc.

    • Pay Online: After completing the form you need to click on the play button to finalize the Visa application.

    • Track Visa Application: This option is available to fast track the processing of the Visa application.

    • Offline Visa Application: We also provide offline visa applications.

You can contact the customer support at any point for further assistance.

About Ethiopia

Ethiopia ranked 22nd among Africa’s most competitive countries for tourism and travel. Ethiopia is one of the most popular countries for tourists and travelers alike. Located in East Africa, Ethiopia is a country famous for its ancient culture and civilization which is more than a million years old. People who are fans of great ancient History, as well as fans of beautiful natural sites, are welcomed by the country which is full of gems and marvels. The Blue Nile Falls which has a monastery, hundred years old churches at Lake Tana. Danakil Depression is also a beautiful spot. The Church of Saint George, Erta Ale where you can find a Volcano, a desert, and camels as well, is also a sight worth seeing. The country has a unique cuisine and Modern-day Ethiopia has many seemingly dissonant things. It’s a Yin and Yang combination for backpackers as well as history buffs, alike. Its ancient Christian rituals give a medieval outlook with a contrasting effect caused by the ancient structures and tombs of Aksum. Another amazing fact about Ethiopia is that it is home to seven UNESCO World Heritage sites, which you can visit for an informative and fun-filled expedition. The landscape of this wonderful country is no less varied with lakes, rivers, Rocky Mountains, grasslands, and lowlands. The cherry on the top, the incredible wildlife, amazing tribal people, delicious food, and wonderful weather. All these things together make Ethiopia an ultimate tourist destination that will never cease to amaze you throughout your journey.

  • Do I need a Visa while only transiting through Ethiopia?

In this case, there is no need for an e-Visa. Just remain in the airport transit area. To avoid any inconvenience it is recommended not to leave this area.

  • Do children who are below 12 years of age require a Visa?

Yes. All children above the age of 12 require a visa, irrespective of having a passport or not.

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