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In the era of globalization, to expand the business we need employees from around the world. Building a team, which can achieve greater heights, we need people from around the world. There are citizens from other countries that are willing to coming to work here.

With the help of a work visa, employees from around the world can come to Ethiopia to work. In Ethiopia they offer work visa to the people from outside the country, that will help them in improving the GDP. This will also help them maintain healthy relations with other countries.

With the help of a work visa, you can easily call employees from other countries or non-nationals in the country.

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Types of Visa 

As a business owner, when you need workers or employees from overseas or want to bring non-nationals into the country.  you need to have the appropriate work visa for the same.

On behalf of your employees you need to have a work visa, here are some types of work visas you will need:-

Foreign business employment visa :

This is a work visa that is given to a non-national, who comes to the country to work. This visa is only valid for one month, only a non-national-owned company can use this visa. 

NGO work visa

This is the visa for the non-nationals, who are invited by the Non- governmental organizations to work with them. 

Conference visa:

This visa is only given to the person, who wants to attend a conference, seminar, and workshop in the country. this is visa is only valid till the conference.

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International organizations/ embassies work visa:

This is the visa given to the non-nationals. Those are working for the embassies in the country or any other international organizations.

Ethiopian government employment visa:

This is the visa given to the non-national, that are employed by the government of the country. for work purposes

Journalist visa:

This is the visa that is given to filmmakers, professional journalists, or professional photographers. They are sent to Ethiopia to record something or to cover a story.

Investment visa:

This is the visa given to the potential investors, these investors are invited by the company for investment purposes.

Ethiopian private firm visa:

This is a short-term visa, that is sent for the employees that are working overseas. This visa is only applicable to the Ethiopian-owned company.

Government institutions short task visa:

This visa is given to the non-nationals, who are entering the country on behalf of another government.

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How to get a work visa for Ethiopia? 

There are various requirements for the different types of work visas. This depends on the employees’ work visas. It is best to start the practice to find the nearest embassy or the consultant for the work visa.

There is a difference based on the nationality of the worker, on this basis you will determine the documents needed to enter the country and to work in the country. in the nearest embassy, you will find the current scenario of the immigration policies and other information on the work visa.

This is a lengthy process as compared to other visa application processes, so the employer needs to apply early for the same. When you are taking employees from different countries you need to take into consideration the type of documents they might need.

There might be different documents that are needed for work visas of different nationalities.

The business owner needs to consult with the different appropriate embassy for the visa requirements of each employee:-

The owner of the business must be having all the correct information about the employee and the details must be up to date.

Then you need to submit the visa applications and all the necessary documents to the embassy.

Then, you need to wait for the approval of the application from the embassy.

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What else do you need to get after the Ethiopia work permit? 

After completing all the steps, after considering all the steps, when the employees enter the country the owner of the business needs to obtain a work visa. The business owner needs to start filling out the applications and start to submit them to the ministry of labors and social Affairs. The work permit is valid for 3 years and it requires yearly renewal requirements.

Under this policy of the government, the business owners must provide valid proof to the ministry of labor and social Affairs, that these employees have the skills for the job and they are crucial for the operations.

You also need to assign some of the Ethiopian workers to the job. The work visa is valid for 3 years and it requires renewal every year.

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