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Religion and Humans

Religion has been an integral part of the human society ever since the concept of living as a community took birth. From the moment humans gained the cognitive capability to think, the question of purpose of life and of good and evil has piqued their curiosity which somehow led them to religion. Even today, the word religion lacks a standardized and universally accepted definition and yet forms an indispensable part of lives of billions of people in the world. 
It is estimated that there are 10,000 distinct religions around the world with more than 84% of the world population ascribing to a particular religion. Christianity, Islam and Hinduism comprise the major religions of the world. In this article, we will learn about rastafari community ethiopia complete history. So read and find out. 



Rastafari, which is also called the Rastafari Movement, is among the religions that have emerged in the modern world which in this case is in the 1930s. The religion was born in the nation of Jamaica and also turned into a social movement in addition to being a religious movement. The religion does not grant the central authority of the movement to any individual or a group of individuals and there is an extensive variation in the practice of the religion. 

Rastafari Belief System

The system of beliefs in Rastafarianism is based on a particular interpretation of the Bible. It is a monotheistic religion where God, referred to as Jah, lives inside each individual. The religion holds Haile Selassie, the former Emperor of Ethiopia from 1930 and 1974, in significance with many considering him to be the second coming of Jesus or as a Prophet. The religion also places emphasis on Afrocentric perspective of things and on the oppression of the African Diaspora across the western world. The continent of Africa is considered to be the ‘Promised Land’ with a call to all African natives to return to their roots. 
Rastalogy refers to the entirety of the religious ideas and beliefs of the Rastafari people. The beliefs are heavily influenced by the Judeo-Christian religion and often overlap with Christianity. The Bible is believed to be written on stone in the Ethiopian Amharic language and that it has many hidden meanings. Rastas are believers of a single God who is known as ‘Jah’ and resides within each individual along the lines of “God is man and man is God”.
Jesus is also an important figure in the religion but it is believed that the depiction of Jesus as a white European is incorrect and instead Jesus is believed to be a Black African. Many Rasta out rightly reject Christianity holding the view that the God that Christians worship is actually the Devil and the Pope is Satan or the Antichrist.


Relation to Ethiopia

Rastafari is inherently related to Ethiopia and Haile Selassie, the former Emperor of Ethiopia who has been given a place of significance. Some consider him to be the second coming of Jesus and as the messiah who was prophesised in the Old Testament. Other Rastas see Selassie as the embodiment of Jesus’s teachings and not as an incarnation of Jesus. Essentially, Haile Selassie is perceived to be the messenger of God and not the manifestation. Even though Haile Selassie himself admits that he is merely a human and did not encourage the Rastafari Movement but the believers have not dispensed their belief. 
Some of the most distinctive features of Rastafari practices is the use of cannabis which is considered to be a sacrament. The movement argues that the Bible promotes the use of cannabis as it possesses healing properties. Another defining characteristic of the movement is the tri-colour comprising of red, golden and green which forms the national flag of Ethiopia in association with black colour to denote the black people. Lastly, there is a strong connection between the religion and music. The movement grew strong in the mid twentieth century where a unique Rastafarian culture has taken deep roots in Africa with its distinct flavour in lifestyle, Music, Language, Diet and Appearance. 


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