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Language is the option that helps people in having communicated with others. It need not be particular with communications it can be of actions also. The main motto of language is to break the barriers between people by letting them express what they feel. Again it not only ends with speaking it involves writing too. The speeches, debates, lectures, gestures, writing, etc. come under the category of the word language. It is also not confined to finite numbers. There are lots of languages all around the world. There is no common language. Each country adopts its official language along with the language of English. As tourists are visiting their place they must have a simple language for communication. In the same way here we are discussing the Ethiopian language called Amharic. It’s considered that there are about six thousand languages approximately in the world. In which only about two hundred plus or little languages considered as official languages. In which the Ethiopian language is Amharic which is also the official language. There are even other languages used in Ethiopia but the official one is Amharic.

Ethiopia language:

The Amharic language is the language that is Semitic. Amharic comes under the same category as that of languages like Hebrew and Arabic. The Geez is the script where the letters of Amharic are built. They have about two hundred (200) alphabets. There are other languages used in Ethiopia other than the Amharic. They are Somali, Tigrinya, Oromifa, etc. Amharic is also the first language for Ethiopian citizens. They only use the Amharic language in education, the medical field, and many more. The general language used is English. At school and graduate-level they teach English. They communicate in English. Even the lessons are taught in English.

Origin of Amharic:

The 12th century is when the Amharic language emerged. Every communication involving military services, medical science, education, e-commerce, and everything use only Amharic language. The orthodox Ethiopian Tewahedo church religiously uses the script of the Geez letters. Amharic comes under the category of a mix of Asiatic and Afro languages. The language has a sequence of vowel and consonant. The letters and sentences that’s written from left side to right side. There are 2 gender differentiations. There are prefixes and suffixes used in sentences. There are separate derived and primary nouns.

Reach of Amharic language:

It’s considered the holy language for the religion of Rastafari. The meaning of the word is head is the meaning of ‘Ras’. The music of the Amharic language that’s considered a second language. They have books, poetry, and novels in the Ethiopian language. There are even journals, manuals, and dictionaries that are also present using the Amharic language. Just learn the basics before you visit Ethiopia. Not many people in the small cities in Ethiopia know English for communicating.

Ethiopia visa:

The citizens of the African country who don’t have the option of paying online can apply online. The amount for the visa that’s paid after arriving at the airports. The instructions and rules should be read carefully. The visa validity and the passport validity must be proper. The passport needs a validity of about five to six months. Once the visa submission is over and issues you cannot get the refund for any purpose. The visa is an important factor for entering Ethiopia. Do get the visa well in advance and enjoy your stay.

Visa applying online:

The method is very simple and easy. Just visit the Tourist Visa Online website and select the visa needed. Then do the payments accordingly to chosen visa. Then fill the form and details asked for. After that do the uploading process of required documents. Then do the submission. The process will get over with that.


There are details about the languages used in Ethiopia. The details that’s explained very clearly. We also knew about the languages used and the letter used in Amharic. The origin of the language is also explained.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is a wide range of languages used in Ethiopia. About 86 languages are available in Ethiopia. These are all used to groups of communities. Amharic is the main official language of Ethiopia. It is widely used in every aspect of the country mostly. The language used for communicating with tourists in English.

The passengers who visit Ethiopia need a visa to enter the country. There is a possibility for an arrival visa. But it is better to get the visa in advance so that you can avoid the last-minute chaos. The time that's saved for getting the visa. Online work is simple and easy also.

The Ethiopian country wanted the country to be free from alcohol. The ads related to alcohol are banned. Smoking in public places like government places, health institutes, etc. not allowed. The citizens or visitors below the age of twenty-one (21) years cannot drink alcohol.

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