ethiopia visa for algeria nationals

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Algeria Nationals need Ethiopia Visa to visit Ethiopia and make some Beautiful Memories. Algeria Nationals can get an Ethiopia Tourist Visa or Ethiopia Business Visa depending upon their Purpose of Arrival. But, there is a lot of big Processes that you need to Know for Applying for a visa. Are you wondering what is the Ethiopia Visa Requirements? What is the Process to Apply for Ethiopia Visa? Today we will discuss all these things and help you to get your Ethiopian Visa.


  1. Can Algeria Nationals visit Ethiopia without any Visa?
  2. What are the Visa and Passport Requirements?
  3. How can Algeria Nationals apply for Ethiopian Visa?
  4. Can Citizen Of Algeria get Ethiopia Visa On Arrival?
  5. Should Algeria Nationals Visit Ethiopia?

Ethiopia Visa For Algeria Nationals

If you want to apply for a Tourist Visa then you can get 30 Day or 90 Day Single-Entry Validity Visa. Also, you must note that the Validity of the Visa starts from the Date Of Arrival. Algeria Nationals can also avail Business Visa if they are Going to Ethiopia for Business Purpose.

Processing Time: Usually, Ethiopia Visa can be availed in 24 Hours to 72 Hours. Mostly you will get the Visa in 24 Hours if you submit all the Documents. We will talk about the Visa Requirements later.

Can Algeria Nationals visit Ethiopia without any Visa?

Unfortunately, Algeria Nationals cannot visit Ethiopia without Visa. Ethiopia Visa For Algeria Nationals is a requirement. They must apply for Visa BeforeHand. Although, applying for Visa does not take Much Time. We will also tell you a fast way to get the Visa.

Can Algeria Nationals get Ethiopia Visa On Arrival?

Yes, Ethiopia Nationals can get Visa On Arrival. The Visa can be Obtained at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. The validity of the Single Entry Visa is 3 Months. No need to visit the Embassy. Many Visitors tend to apply for e-Visa as then they don’t need to stand in Long Queues. Also, the e-Visa offers you more flexibility as you can either apply for 30 or 90 Day Visa. 

Though both the Vias(Ethiopia e-Visa and Visa on Arrival) you need to enter via Addis Ababa Bole International Airport Only. Entering from other port is prohibited and if you do so, you might land yourself in Serious Trouble!

Ethiopia Visa Requirements For Algeria Nationals

  1. Recent Photo
  2. Passport(Valid for 6 Months)
  3. Return Ticket Details
  4. Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate
  5. Polio Vaccine(Government Hospital)
  6. Passport must have 2 Blank Pages
  7. Online Application Form Must Be Filled

You must fill the Online Application Form correctly. Don’t fill the Form in a Hurry as the probability of Making Mistakes will Increase. If you make any Mistake in Filling the Form your Application will be Denied. Fill the Application Form without any Mistakes and Satisfy all the Visa Requirements. You will get your Visa easily via Mail. 

Should Algeria Nationals Visit Ethiopia?

This question would be in the Minds of Algeria Nationals.

Let’s understand everything. Talking about Safety, Ethiopia is very safe and you should not worry about anything. You will make Beautiful Memories if you visit Ethiopia. Also travelling to Ethiopia is quite Cheap.

The food, people, places everything is just Incredible! Whether it is an Adult, Children, or anyone everybody will enjoy. If you are a History lover then this place should be in your Bucket List! You will feel you have been transported to the past. I am not making things in the Air as some places in Ethiopia are Thousands of Years Old. Do you know they follow Calendar which has 13 Months rather than the usual 12 months? So, now they are in the Year 2012. This fact is Interesting and Shocking, Right? You will get to know more facts once you visit there.

Want Visa On Urgent Basis And Easily! What Should I Do?

Tourist Visa Online will provide you Visa in less than 48 hours. Also, when you fill the Online Application Form you will notice it is quite Complex. We provide you with an Easy to Fill the form and also provide you 24x7 Customer Support. You can ask us Question Anytime. We have processed more than 2M+ applications so, we are very experienced in this field. The Team will guide you through all the processes and make sure you get your Visa. We verify each Document and then send it Further for Processing. So, if you have made any mistake while filling the form we will Correct it.

Through Government you can make payment only through Debit/Credit Card but, we provide you with more payment options. Track Your Visa Status Online is another helpful service provided by us. We provide you with a 100% Secure and Fast Payment Service.


1) Can Algeria Nationals apply for Ethiopia Transit Visa?

Ans: Yes, Algeria Nationals can apply for Ethiopia Transit Visa.

2) Which language is Spoken in Addis?

Ans: the Amharic Language is Spoken in Addis.

3) Which is Better for Algeria Nationals: Ethiopia e-Visa or Ethiopia Visa On Arrival?

Ans: Ethiopian e-Visa is a Better option for Algeria Nationals as than they don’t need to stand in Queue after you land in Ethiopia. Also applying for e-Visa will only take a few minutes and all the process is Completely Online.

4) Can Ethiopia Visa For Algeria Nationals be Extended?

Ans: Yes, Algeria Nationals can apply for a Visa Extension for 30 Days. For this, they need to visit the Embassy and apply for Extension.

5) Do Children above the age of 12 Years need a Visa?

Ans: Yes, Children above the age of 12 Years need a Visa. Even if they travel with their Parents they would still require a Visa.

6) What Documents are Required if I travel with Children to Ethiopia?

Ans: If you are travelling with your Kids make sure that you carry a valid birth certificate /or adoption certificate.

7) What should I do if I have more then One Passport?

Ans: Choose only one passport to fill the Online Application Form and to travel to Ethiopia. Don’t use two passports as then it will create problems in the Future.

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