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Some places in the world are unique on their own.

Ethiopia is one of those places. It has all the ingredients that make up for a great vacation.

It has a scenic environment with a cultural hint that makes it a whole experience. The chimes of the Christian churches entangled with the sounds of the Mosques and the villages in between.

The food of Ethiopia and the people both have a lot of variety. Tribes, cities, towns come together to celebrate age-old traditions and the developing country. 

For a traveller, Ethiopia has everything required for an amazing trip.


Top Reasons to Visit Ethiopia


1. The Sceneries

The place is a collection of amazing natural sites.

The region has most of the mountains in Africa. The water bodies, grasslands, and the hilltops serve a spectacular view.


2. Variety of Food

The cuisine of Ethiopia is as diverse as it gets.

The food is filled with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. People of the region eat together as a sign of brotherhood and unity.

Tibs, Kitfo, Full are one of the most popular dishes in Ethiopia. Injera is the most common accompaniment served with various dishes.


3. Ethiopian Coffee 

Ethiopian coffee is also very popular among the locals. Having coffee together is a type of social gathering for the region.

It is a common belief that coffee originated in the country.


4. Amazing Festivals

In order to experience Ethiopian culture, you should witness the beautiful festivals of the country.

Religious festivals such as Timket and Irreecha give a sense of cultural solidarity. While social events such as Adwa give a chance to celebrate the diversity of the region.


5. Blue Nile Falls 

Blue Nile Falls is one of the most beautiful sites you will ever see. It is the largest waterfall in the African continent.

The foggy appearance of the falling water is breathtaking. 

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Best time for Ethiopia travel

According to travellers the best time to visit the country would be at in between the rainy season.

The region has hot summer days with slightly cold nights. And during the hot season, the environment may seem barren and uninteresting.

For the ease of travelling and enjoying the beginning of the end of the rainy seasons are preferred.

This will ensure lush green and moderate weather for you to enjoy the country.


How to get to Ethiopia


Through flights

Ethiopian Airlines is the most popular airline in Africa.

It is the only official airline of the Ethiopian region. The airlines have international services as well.

They provide direct flights to the USA, Europe, and many other countries. Bole International Airport situated in Addis Ababa is the centre for Ethiopian Airlines. It a major airport in the region and serves flights to most capitals of Africa and the world.

By car

Travelling by road is usually not recommended for foreigners especially in taxis.

Although rented cars are really popular. The nearby countries such as Sudan and Kenya have good quality roads. You can easily rent a car to travel into the country with some hours of driving.


By bus

Public transportation is easily available at borders that can take you into the country.

You can cross the borders by walking across to reach the bus stops.

However, you must avoid crossing the borders at night. You should spend the night in the current town in such cases.

Most of the bus services are only available in the morning.

Try to be on time otherwise, you will have to wait for the next morning bus.


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Ethiopian Culture



Ethiopia is a country that enjoys a diverse range of cultural and ethnic variety. Religion plays an important role in the day to day life of the locals. 

Orthodox Christians make up for more than half of the population. The second-largest religion is Islam. 

The Ethiopian Orthodox Christians share a great history and heritage.

The region has been dominated by Christianity in all aspects of life for centuries. It has been the official religion of the country before the colonization.

The capital has a less amount of Muslims as compared to other regions of the area. However, their contribution to the culture and economy of the country is significant.


Families in Ethiopia

Nuclear or small families are not part of the culture of Ethiopia. People tend to live together with both sides of the family. 

People are keen on making a support system for the family. Elders are respected and given importance in the family.

Marriages usually mean joining of the two groups to live together in harmony. They always look after each other and thus enjoy the benefits of joint families.

Ethics and honour is a trait people have to take forward and abide by. They give them respect and standing in society.


Getting around Ethiopia


By plane

If you have a limiting time on your hands for the vacation, you need a fast and efficient way to move through the country. 

In such cases, flights are the most reliable and time-saving mode of travel in the country. 

Ethiopian Airlines has a vast network of flights that connect all the major cities of the region. 



Buses are the most common and major mode of transport in Ethiopia. The bus facilities are in the country have three categories:

  • Luxury buses.

  • Ordinary buses.

  • Mini-buses.


This mode of transport is relatively cheaper than others. The rides give you a chance to enjoy the scenery while travelling through cities.

Fares of the public transports are fixed and the same for everyone. Although, some services may ask for extra charges which must be confirmed from the locals.

Bus services may come with extra charges for luggage and tend to be risky. So it is recommended to avoid travelling at night.



The railways of the country are under construction in some places. Because of the developing cities, the railways are also under continuous change.

The administration is trying to expand the railways further in subsequent years.

How safe is Ethiopia for travellers?

Ethiopia is of the countries which have been experiencing problems for a long time. Most of the African continent is going through changes that are dealing with the crimes and violence of the region.

Overall, Ethiopia is safe for people visiting the country. But visitors should keep up away from any protests or places of violence. 

You should always refrain from travelling through the border regions of the country. These regions are prone to criminal activities.

Remaining in the boundaries will work for you and visiting Ethiopia will be a pleasant experience. 


Travelling independently or with a Guided Tour

In regions like Ethiopia, it is a good idea to take the help of guides. 

This is because of many reasons:

  • It is a very vast country.

  • Learning the road map is not easy.

  • Regional languages are not easy to understand.

  • Guides know all the good places.

Tour guides are available in Addis Ababa and other major towns and cities.

Hence, it is recommended to use guided tours where possible. This will ensure that you have a good time without any hassle.


Best things to do in Ethiopia

  • Historical Churches

  • Danakil Depression

  • Simien Mountains National Park

  • The historical town of Harar Jugol

  • UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Apart from these beautiful sites, there are a lot of things you can do in Ethiopia.

Addis Ababa is a good spot for shopping in Ethiopia. You can take wildlife tours and trips to various towns and cities.

All in all, if you do it right Ethiopia will be one of the most memorable trips for you. 

This is because reaching the country is very easy with airlines and other services. The visas for Ethiopia are also cheap and readily available.

The country’s scenic beauty mixed with Ethiopian food and culture will make travelling the love of your life.

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