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Ethiopian visa rules are different for every country. Anyone applying for an Ethiopian visa must check their eligibility first. Few countries are required to obtain their Ethiopian visa from the embassy and few can apply for Ethiopia e-Visa. And some countries which have very good relations with Ethiopia are eligible for Ethiopia visa-free entry. Kenya is one of the eligible countries for visa-free entry. Therefore, tourists and travelers do not necessarily need to apply for Kenya to Ethiopia visa.

It is an advantage for the citizens of Kenyan Citizens. As Ethiopia visa for Kenyan citizens is not needed, that does not mean there is no time limitation for staying in the country. Tourists and travelers can only stay for three months in Ethiopia. According to Ethiopia visa rules all over a long-duration stay of more than one year will not be accepted. They have to apply for a visa extension or an Ethiopia visa. Tourists generally do not apply for Ethiopian visa as they visit for traveling purposes which don't last for a much longer time. 


Important documents needed to enter Ethiopia for Kenyan citizens

It is important to carry some important documents for Kenyan citizens while traveling to Ethiopia. Important documents which one should have for Ethiopia visa-free entry are:

  • Passport -   Tourists and visitors from Kenya must carry their national passport which is a Kenyan passport. It should have all the details like name, nationality, and other personal details. Tourists must use their original and the passport which is having a validity of 6 months. It is the basic requirement that one must have to visit a foreign country. Your Kenya passport must be in good condition.
  • Travel details- Tourists and travelers will be asked to show certain details like hotel bookings. What will be the duration of their stay in Ethiopia? To ensure that you have a proper reason and place to stay in Ethiopia.
  • Flight tickets- Kenya to Ethiopia and from Ethiopia and Kenya tickets for proof.
  • Enough money and funds: It is important to have enough funds and money to travel to Ethiopia. For Kenyan citizens, a bank statement will be enough to prove that you have enough funds to stay and visit Ethiopia.
  • Yellow fever vaccination- The vaccination and medical requirements can vary. But, mostly Kenyan citizens are required to give the proof or certificate of yellow fever vaccination for Ethiopia visa-free entry.

According to visa rules, Ethiopia visa-free entries are only avalanche for Kenya and Djibouti. 

Travelers willing to stay in Ethiopia for work-related purposes or other reasons have to apply for relevant visas. If you are staying for work-related reasons you can apply for an Ethiopian work permit. The work permit for Ethiopia is provided and issued by the Ministry of labor. The validity of the work permit is three years. And it is important to renew it every year. 


COVID-19 rules and restrictions

All the visitors must present:

  • A negative PCR COVID test results to enter Ethiopia.
  • If the visitor does not have negative results for the PCR test then they have to quarantine themselves for some days.
  • Every visitor must also have a passenger health form.
  • Kenyan Citizens must also follow COVID guidelines while traveling to Ethiopia.
  • If the visitor who is tested positive for COVID can not enter the country.


Traveling from Ethiopia to Kenya

Kenya and Ethiopia both the countries are both situated in East Africa. Ethiopia and Kenya are neighbors and share common borders. If the traveler is visiting Ethiopia from Nairobi then the distance is 1164 Km. Kenyan Citizens travel to Ethiopia to visit the Blue Nile falls, beautiful tourists destination, and landscapes. Travelers can take flights from Kenya to Ethiopia. 


Kenya to Ethiopia visa is not required. And, similarly, tourists from Ethiopia do not require visas to visit  Ethiopia. Tourists from other nations who are not eligible to apply for Ethiopia visa-free entry can apply for an Ethiopia visa on Tourist Visa Online

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to check the requirements and eligibility criteria. If you are eligible to apply for or belong to the countries which must apply for an Embassy visa. Then, you must submit your Ethiopia visa application form at the  Ethiopian embassy. 

Some countries are allowed to and are not restricted to obtain an Ethopian visa to enter or visit. The government allows them to travel to Ethiopia without applying for the visa.

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