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Medical Visa permits or allow  person or patients to travel from one country to another. Applicant applies for Ethiopian Medical Visa especially for medical treatment. The main purpose of travelling is they need medical treatment or want to recover in Ethiopia hospital. These applicants can apply for Ethiopian Medical Visa. The amount of the medical visa depends upon the authority. Medical Visa of Ethiopia is valid for 1 year.

How to apply ?

If you are applying for Ethiopia Airline Medical Visa directly from the office, then

  • You can receive application form for medical visa at the INVEA ( Immigration Nationality and Vital Events Agency).
  • If you are visiting Ethiopia for medical treatment then fill the application form for medical visa. Fill correct and accurate details in the form.
  • Attached all the required necessary documents and submit at the immigration desk.
  • Pay the Visa fee .
  • You will get your visa in 2 weeks.

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What are the important documents you have to attached for the Medical Visa?

1) Valid and verified passport of your country

2) Photos - Colored passport size photographs

3) Address Proof

4) Medical Certificate

5) Any ID proof

Application form details :

Personal details -

  • Write applicant full name .
  • Full address of the applicant.
  • Nationality of the applicant.
  • Birth date of the applicant.

Passport Details -

  • Passport bio page information.
  • Applicant Passport Number.
  • Applicant passport expiry date.

Medical details-

  • Medical Certificate.
  • Medical information about the patient.
  • Details about

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Medical Services Provided by Ethiopian Airlines:

Traveler or a patient who needs support and medical services by Ethiopia Airlines can ask for the help at airport .

MEDIF form

 MEDIF which is medical information form. Patients who require particular or extra special care during flight  should fill up the MEDIF Form. Patients should have valid and certain reasons for filling out MEDIF form.

Submit the application form for registering your Ethiopian Visa

If the passenger needs oxygen or any other medical support. They should inform the Ethiopia Airlines before , so they can do the arrangements. Inform and request for the facility you need within 48 hours before they departure of the flight.

Ethiopian airlines pay proper attention and admire passengers who are disabled and need extra care. It is their duty to provide special services and try to fulfill the patients needs traveling in their flight. If a passenger needs wheelchair then applicant must request for the wheelchair service while booking flight tickets. Give detailed information about why you need it ? And  do you need any other support?

Applicant can contact for special services by phone or by online.

Applicant has to select what kind of services are needed in the drop box under passenger information. Either the applicant has to select the required special needs online , after filling the application form . Or the applicant has to call at the reservation office.

If passenger needs oxygen supply during flight then it is important to inform within 72 hours before flight departure . And also check in before one hour.

Passenger or patients traveling through Ethiopian airlines and using their own personal ventilator, POC or any other respiratory machine . Should has to inform the Ethiopian Airlines within 48 hours before the flight departure.

Contact the Ethiopian airlines in advance and inform them in advance at least 48 hours before if the patient is travelling in stretcher and you need special seat arrangements .

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There are special seat arrangements for disabled people:

1) Buckle head seat arrangement which provides extra area and is more comfortable. The buckle head seat is located in first row.

2) For the easy in and out movement of passenger there are movable aisle armsets seating arrangements.

3) Special seat arrangements for passenger traveling with service animal , have injured leg or fractured leg and travelling with nurse or personal care.

Apply Ethiopia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Ethiopian staff help and provide proper care to disabled passengers. They also help the passengers who need their support for moving from one gate to another.

Yes , Ethiopia Airlines Staff provides facilities and care to patients before boarding the plane.

It is the smaller wheelchair then the regular wheelchair used for disabled passenger in flight.

No , person with disabilities does not need medical certificate. Passenger who needs special care like use of stretcher or needs some medical facilities needs medical certificate .

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