How to Apply Embassy Ethiopia visa application for Eritrean in America

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Ethiopia is a country in South Africa and it is in the northeastern part of the country. This country is with the second-highest population, and there are amazing views and there are monuments that are a delight to watch. There are so many tourist attractions that attract the tourist from all over the world. 

Ethiopia is often called the Horn of Africa, there are so many reasons a traveler would love to visit Ethiopia. This country is rich in flora and fauna nature lovers would love this place. Citizens from every country, need to obtain a visa to travel to the country otherwise few countries are visa exempted.  

The government of Ethiopia has made certain provisions regarding the visa policy of the country. Few countries are visa exempted, their citizens can travel to these countries visa-free. Some countries can avail the facility of the e-visa, few countries can enter the country using the “visa on arrival” facility.

The visa application process is very simple and easy when the person is applying for a visa through an online portal. The government of Ethiopia has made the e-visa application process very easy that a person can apply for an e-visa while they are at home. 

The validity of the tourist visa is for 30 days or 90 days stay in the country. The process of e-visa application is very easy and simple, the visa will be mailed at the email address given at the time of the visa application. While applying for the visa application they ask for some sort of personal information and passport details. The details provided at the time of visa application must not be fake or half information, if the information will be fake or half information then the visa application will be rejected. 


There are usually two ways to get the Ethiopian visa for an Eritrea citizen:-

Online visa application

This is the method that is usually recommended by the government of Ethiopia as this is the best method. The visa application will be done online and the visa fees will be paid online, so there is no hassle and the entry into the country will be smooth and easy. 

Some documents are required for the online visa application, after that the payment of the visa fees is done. This is the best method a tourist can use to travel to the country as this method is time-saving and it very easy and convenient.

Visa on arrival facility 

The visa on arrival facility is also available as the person can travel to the country and then, later on, ask for the visa. But for this visa, the tourist has to stand in long lines waiting for their turn. Then they have to arrange all the documents printed then show them to the immigration officer to get the visa on arrival. 

This is a time-consuming process and it is also more costly than an e-visa facility. In this process, the person has to wait in the lines for their turn to come. 

These are two types of visa facilities available for Eritrea citizens to visit Ethiopia. The embassy doesn’t recommend that the person book their tickets before they get the confirmation of the visa. 


The travelers traveling using the e-visa have to travel from “Addis Ababa Bole International Airport”. The tourist with the e-visa can’t enter the country from any other Airport. 

Documents required for the visa application 

Several documents are required for the visa application

  • Passport

The tourist must carry a passport, which has the validity of at least 6 months before the arrival in the country. 

  • Passport size photograph

The tourist must carry a passport size photograph, which must be 6 months old before the visit to the country. 

  • Two blank pages in the passport 

The passport of the tourist must have at least 2 blank pages in them for the entry and exit stamp of the country. 

  • Travel itinerary 

The tourist must show the travel bookings in the name of the tourist.

proof of the vaccination the tourist must show that they are fully vaccinated. 


Processing time for the visa of Ethiopia for an Eritrea citizen

The processing time for the e-visa is very fast and easy. The approval for the e-visa is done very fast and easily. The approval form will be accepted and completed within 24 hours of the applying.

There are rare cases where the visa application is delayed. This  the case where it takes up to 3 business days. The tourist should plan things ahead of time as there may be delay in  the approval of the visa application, the visa will be mailed through the mail to the applicant. 

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