How to renew F1 visa in Ethiopia

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As we all know that Ethiopia is generally famous among the tourists for its ancient buildings and rich culture and history. Many students come to Ethiopia only For their higher studies and they want to excel in their life. For this reason, Ethiopia has developed F1 visa which is only for students who come to Ethiopia for higher studies. And now there is one more advantage that you can also renew the F1 visa to Ethiopia. Hardly any of us know about the Renewal of the F1 visa. Tourist visa online helps you to know about the processes and the application steps for  F1 visa renewal. If you have any kinds of doubts or any questions in your mind you may definitely ask us whenever you feel like we are always available and are always at your services. If at any case your student visa or the F1 visa validity expires issue can still renew it provided you follow some conditions and you have the required documents that are needed when you reapply for the F1 visa either online or in a consulate or in the embassy. You need to renew your visa if you want to continue your studies in Ethiopia.


Steps to renew your F1 Visa

  1. The very first task is that you should fill in your application form for your visa renewal either online or you can go to the embassy or the consulate. 
  2. If you are applying for the visa renewal from the embassy or the consulate then make sure you schedule an appointment to the embassy or the consulate after you have filled up the application form but if you are applying for the visa renewal online then it will not take so much time it will be done in a few minutes. 
  3. Then the next task is you should assemble all your required documents for your F1 visa renewal and all your documents should be correct so that your renewal does not get delayed. 
  4. And the next step is that you should pay your application fee for the visa renewal. 
  5. And at the end there will be an interview for the renewal of the visa and you need to attend that without any fail. 

You need to be aware that when you’re applying for the F1 visa renew world if it doesn’t get renewed then or it denies your access then you should return to your home country. 

Documents required for the renewal of the F1 visa

  • The Passport which you will carry us to have the validity for at least six months. 
  • If you are applying online then you need to upload your visa picture your own photograph and even if you are applying offline or online you need to carry your two passport size photographs with 80% of face coverage. 
  • You Need to take a print out of your application form for the visa renewal that you had filled. 
  • You should also bring with you your bachelors degree certificate or your high school certificate or university certificate or whatever is your highest education level you should bring that certificate so that it becomes easy for you to get the visa renewal as soon as possible. 


Can you renew your F1 visa Before its expiry date? 

You can definitely apply for your F1 visa renewal before its expiry date if you are staying abroad at that time and if at that time your visa validity expires. But generally, you need to wait for your visa expiry date and then you can apply for its renewal. 

How long or for how many days will The renewed F1 visa last for? 

The renewed F1 visa is issued to you for another more year. But if in any case your visa expires here also then you need to consult with the consulate or the embassy for your visa renewal again. But you should make sure that you renew your F1 visa only after its expiry date.


What Should you do When you are unable to get your F1 visa renewed or extended?

There may be some conditions under which you may not get your visa renewed or extended but for this the only solution is to change your status and there are some of the following ways via which you can change your status and get your visa renewed and also not to miss an opportunity for your higher studies in Ethiopia. Tourist visa online will help you throughout while you are applying for the F1 visa renewal.

First, Most easiest way to change status is to get a sponsorship. This way you can change your status to a non immigrant and get your visa issued.

Second, one of the best ways is to get married to a citizen of Ethiopia. Generally, it happens that a lot of F1 visa students find someone and then get into a relationship which finally leads to their marriage so in this case the student might get their F1 visa renewal. For this you need to submit to marriage certificate proof

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