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We have heard about Ethiopia a lot and it is also a very famous place for tourist attractions. Tourist and other professionals come to Ethiopia to visit for different purposes be it for business purpose or for volunteer purpose or for travel purpose or for investment purposes. So, for all of them there are different types of visas available. And everyone can travel by opting for their own kind of visa they want to take. There are so many visas so you might be wondering that which visa might be the correct one for you. You don’t need to worry about that. We are here to help you with all the proceedings and to tell you that which kind of visa will be apt for you. Tourist Visa Online is always there beside you to help you out with all your problems and do not hesitate to call us whenever you are facing problems while applying for a visa to Ethiopia via tourist visa online.


Different kinds of Visas that are available when you plan to travel to Ethiopia

  • Tourist Visa – This visa is for those people who plan to a holiday in Ethiopia and it is one of the most popular kind of visas among the travellers.
  • Business Visa – This kind of visa is for the professionals who want to expand their business or or want to set up a completely new busines.
  • Non Governmental Visas – This is for those people who work for the non governmental organizations in Ethiopia.
  • Journalist Visa – This visa is mainly for those people who are interested in film making and journalism and want to visit this place for the same.
  • G Visas – This kind of visas are mainly for the foreign officials Who travelled to Ethiopia for business purposes and they must have a diplomatic visa.
  • Investment Visa – Visa is mainly for those people or businessman who want to invest their money in Ethiopian companies.
  • Government employment visa – This is for those officials who work under the government of Ethiopia but they live outside Ethiopia and any other country so they need this kind of visa in order to work in Ethiopia itself.

Documents required for applying a visa online for Ethiopia provided that it is a G-Visa

  • The most important requirement is the two copies of passport sized photographs of the applicant provided the photos are recent photos. 
  • While applying for the visa, the applicant is bound to give all correct information otherwise their visa will get cancelled. 
  • The government of Ethiopia should approve the international organization so that they can apply for G-visa. 
  • The applicant must carry with him or her the original passport as an identity and the passport should have validity of six months.
  • The applicant must show the copies of airline tickets which will have both the arrival and departure dates.
  • The professionals must show the cover letter that is issued by the certified organization that the person is working for.


What is a G-Visa?

There are many foreign people who travel to Ethiopia only for work and they must have a diplomatic visa. They are not allowed to use any other visa or apply for any other visa online such as tourist visa or journalist visa. There are generally 4 categories of G-visas.

G1: This visa is used by the Permanent mission members of a recognized government organization and also a designated international organization and it is also issued to their immediate family members.

G2: This type of visa is designed for the Representatives who are attached to the recognized government traveling temporarily to Ethiopia. They generally take the visa to attend meetings of a designated international organization and it is also issued to their immediate family members.

G3: This is mainly issued to the representatives who belong to the non governmental organizations of Ethiopia or does not work under the government of Ethiopia. It is also issued to their immediate family members.

G4: This is designed specifically for those who come to Ethiopia to take up an appointment in the International Organization of Ethiopia. It is also used by their immediate family members. Almost half of the G-visas that are issued are mainly G4 Types.

The G-Visa is actually issued to the representatives and their families as well provided that they abide by the rules of the Government of Ethiopia and come only for the above-mentioned conditions. 


Who do not qualify to get a G-Visa?

There are many people and other professionals who cannot get G-visa. The people who work under or with the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) should opt for specific NATO visa. Head of state should opt for an A visa. On the other hand, if an international worker wants to visit Ethiopia other than work purposes then he or she should never opt for a G-Visa. For such cases, they should also apply for the tourist visa.

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